Preface :

I read a lot of fanction on Naruto. Some of them presented some interesting points, and sometimes, I thought "Why is this NOT in the canon? It's logical..." And there were ideas of story changing that had a real meaning. I searched for this basic idea for a time, and I did not found what I wanted. So here is my attempt at it. I added some other ideas, some genuine, some I had reading other people's work, I will cite those I remember as much as I can, anyway, thanks to all those that write interesting stories (this does not include SasuHina SasuNaru, KakaSaku, KakaSasu, KakaNaru...).

I cannot assure you of anything in the story as it is writing itself most of the time, but I will try to keep it logical and coherent...

As a number of my (proof)readers might no be as familiar with Naruto as I am, I publish at the end of this chapter a list of terms that might prove useful for the reading. I will add missing terms in this chapter as long as the publication continues.

One last thing, I never pretended, and never would pretend to own Naruto or its Universe. I may create some character in this universe, but as much as I cannot disown the intellectual property, they will always be free to use for anyone, and I will consider them as the property of the Naruto Universe and not mine.



"Talking in mind-scape"

'Demon Thinking'

"Demon Talking"

Chapter 1 : R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement sleep, period of the sleep where you dream)

After a harsh day, where he has be fooled to steal a secret from Konoha by one of his teachers, Naruto has just received the hitai ate from Iruka, he is heading back to his home, a wide grin on his face.

"I did it! I am finally going to be a shinobi! Just wait Jijii, I'm coming for your hat dattebayo!"

After a bit of walking, the grin has faded as he is led by his toughts to what Mizuki told him earlier.

"It means that you are the Nine Tails Demon that killed Iruka's parents and destroyed the village."

'Iruka-sensei says that I am not the fox, that I am Uzumaki Naruto. But he said that I was the Demon. What am I really? If I was a Demon in the past, will I know it? Maybe I will be a Demon again, I might hurt people then. I don't want to hurt the village, I want to protect it, so the people will acknowledge me.'

His steps has brought it home without him realizing. He quickly washed and got to bed, still bothered.

'It is true that my cheeks looks like I have whiskers, like a fox would... After all I might truly be the Demon... I just have to stay nice to people and protect the village like Yondaime-sama have done, and then even if I am a Demon I will not hurt them. Yondaime-sama. I will be as great as you one day dattebayo!'

Clenching his fist, he falls asleep, focused as never before on becoming the Hokage.

That night, he dreamed of a strange figure, the face like a carnival mask, white and red, the allure of a man, but with furry tails, tall. It was frightening the people it crossed.

But it was not a nightmare... The body of the sleeping boy was not shaking, its face was calm, even a little bit smiling...

"Retake it!" said a pissed old man seated behind a table.

"Hell no! If I am a demon, then I shall be looking like one!"

"You are no demon Naruto, you are..." This sentence will never see its end coming...


Later that same day, leaving a clearing, a blond boy speaks to a black haired one.

"Starting tomorrow, I'm taking my first step as a ninja. But one day, I'll fight you for that Hokage title. I'll be looking forward to it, Konohamaru."

And then he left, thinking on his way home.

'This is really going to be tough, Konohamaru, your adversary is a mighty demon... He, I can even be sarcastic while thinking now...'

Arrived home, it was late.

"Tomorrow is my first ninja day, I should be top form. I might as well eat fast and go to bed."

And he did. Waiting for his instant ramen to cook and while eating, he thought about his next day...

'I hope I don't end up with this full of himself Uchiha Sasuke... Being with Kiba and Akamaru, or Shikamaru or Choji would be great, Shika is a bit lazy, but at least it will be fun.'

"Wait, there are 9 girls and we are 27... That means that there will surely be only 2 boys by team, and 1 girl to go with them... So I would like... Sakura-chan! Shikamaru would never bear her, she's way too loud... So I guess it will be Kiba... Well Sakura don't like him and Akamaru that much... She don't like much animals it seems... Erf, if she don't like animals, what about foxes?"

He prepared and got to bed.

'Geez that all Demon thing is crazy... If even having Sakura-chan to acknowledge me is that much of a problem, the whole village will be really difficult. I should not stop, or I will end up destroying the village, again... And there will be no Yondaime-sama to kill me again...'

Then he realized.

'Eh wait a minute! If I am the Demon that destroyed the village, then Yondaime-sama has not killed me... How could he make me a child when I was a Demon? Maybe if I find out I will be able to prevent being a Demon again. I will find out, so I will be able to protect everyone, even if they don't like me.'

On these mixed feelings, he drowned asleep.

At the same time, at the opposite side of the village, in the large Hyuuga compound, a young girl is leaning on her bed, staring at a picture of a blond boy looking her age.

'Naruto-kun... I hope you will be able to graduate next year... If only I could be in the same team as you.'

Turning her head to see another picture, of a splendid woman with white eyes

"Kaasan, what should I do? Why are you not there?"

She drowned asleep, forgetting to place the picture back in its box, in the drawer.

After a long moment, a figure began to form in her mind, blurry at first, clearing slowly. Its hairdo seemed impressive, spiky.


Its size was not that of a child. The figure started to walk away, still blurry. Hinata, in her dream, started to follow. The figure reached another one, with long hair. Once the first reached the second figure, it kissed it. A heavy beat sound started to ring in this empty mind-scape, it prevented Hinata from hearing what figures were saying to each other.

'Does that mean that Naruto-kun prefers long hair?'

A third figure, smaller, animal, was coming fast from the side. Looking like a dog. When the woman saw it, she turned to it, knelt and stretched her arms to welcome it. It was a big dog, bigger than Akamaru, maybe bigger than the dog of Kiba-kun's mother . And its tail, it was big, almost the same size as the rest of the dog. As the vision cleared a bit, Hinata frowned. It was not a dog, too thin, and it was not a giant tail, it was tails. Nine tails. And Naruto was petting its head. And then a ray of light appeared, illuminating the head of the woman. She was beautiful. Her hair was long as could be, flowing in the slight breeze. But it was not blue-ish hair. Plain bright RED!

She woke up in sweat, Naruto's picture torn in her hands

'Why was Naruto-kun petting the Kyuubi?'

'Who was that woman?' (grinding her teeth)

"Why was it not me?"

She sighed of despair, put the picture back in its hidden place and began to prepare for her last day at the academy

Naruto's sleep was not easy this time. His mind was full of questions.

'How did he do it?'

'Does demons eat ramen?'

'Why Jiji never told me?'

'Am I really a Demon?'

"You are no Demon, young boy"

'Who said that?'

He realized that the place was not empty anymore. It looked like a sewer, or a basement ankle-high filled with troubled water.

"Come here, I will answer what question I can"

The voice came from a room on the left, unsure, Naruto entered. It was dark, but it was huge. In the middle, visible due to a light dropping from the unseen ceiling, a giant tag was locking giant doors made from shining vertical metal bars. While approaching, the light started to bright more, lighting the other side of the door. It looked clearly as a cage. But this cage was large enough to put a building in it. Instead, there was an animal. twice as big as the young boy standing on the outside of the cage. It was loved on the ground, untouched by the water. It was surprising, the bars were too spaced for this cage to be restraining the animal. As the step sounds approached, the animal raised its head, then stood up.

"Welcome to my home, Naruto"

"You know my name? Where am I? Who are you?"

Then he spotted the tails. Nine tails. checking the ears, the whiskers, the eyes, he confirmed it.

"You are the Nine Tailed Demon, Kyuubi!"

"This is not completely the truth..."

"How come? How can it be partially true? You are or you are not, it is not possible to be and not be, no?"

"I am the Kyuubi no Yoko..."

"So you are"

"But I am not a Demon..."

"But the Kyuubi is the Nine Tailed Demon, no?"

"Can you please stop interrupting me, it is not polite. I am not a Demon, never was. It is just the human perception that is biased. At some time, when I was free, when I was wild, I destroyed human belongings and killed lots of them. They assumed I was a Demon because of my power. But I am not, and neither are the eight others so-called Tailed Demons."

"Eight others?"

"One for each Great Animal Clan. I am the Tailed Beast of the Kitsune Clan, and as such, the leader of the Clan."

"So if you are not a Demon, and me neither, what are you doing in this cage? and where are we?"

"We are somewhere inside of you. I was put here by your father, a great friend of mine, Minato"

"You know my father? Who is he? Where is he? How come he left me?"

"I knew him. I am sorry kid but he did not left you, he died, alongside my dearest Kushina, your mother, while they were protecting you, and saving my life from slavery, and your village from destruction. I am in this cage to be protected from the same threat that made me attack Konoha, and to help you grow stronger."

"I... see..."

"I know it is hard to handle, that's why I sought you in your dreams. I have seen what you have endured, how you fought, how you survived all these years, through your eyes. I could not call you til you knew I was there. Now we will try to make things easier. Your parents were my friends, my only human friends, and as such, I will take care of you as much as I can."

"Thank you Kyuubi-san"

"You can drop the honorific, and you can call me Kurama when we are here."

"Alright, Kurama"

"We will have to be careful. You should not change your behavior too much so the village does not notice I am talking to you, or they will try to destroy us."

"OK Kurama."

"Now, go back to sleep. After tonight, we will be able to talk to each other all the time. Sleep well, young Naruto."

"Good Night Kurama."

Some time afterward, a troubled Naruto emerged from the depth of sleep.

"What a strange dream."

"It was not a dream, young Naruto."


"Don't call my name out loud! In fact, don't speak to me out loud. Just think of speaking to me."

'Is it working?'



"Aren't you running late?"

"CRAP! The academy!"

Hokage Tower at dawn

In the office of the Hokage, stood 9 Jounins hearing their affected teams.

"Team 10, Sarutobi Asuma, Yamanaka Ino, Nara Shikamaru, Akimichi Choji. Now If you don't have any comments, you are dismissed. Meet your team at the academy by noon."

8 jounins turned to leave. The only to stand behind was Yuuhi Kurenai, a fresh jounin with bright red eyes, black hair and wearing a short dress made of a long strip of white cloth with a black band painted in the middle, wrapped a bit tightly around her body, over a mesh shirt.

"A comment Kurenai?"

"Yes, you know I wanted to create a specialized team on tracking, and I was hoping to switch Inuzuka Kiba from Team 7."

"Call back Hatake Kakashi please" said the Hokage to its secretary. Then to Kurenai. "As the team has been assigned, I can only accept if Kakashi agrees".

Knock on the door

"Come in, Kakashi. Kurenai if you mind."

"Yes Hokage-sama. Kakashi, I would like to create a specialized team for tracking, therefore, I would like to switch Inuzuka Kiba from your team against Uzumaki Naruto from mine."

"I kinda hope to work with him and his ninken and my summons...", replied Kakashi.

"Sorry Kurenai, but I can only allow it if both of you agrees to the change." Stated the old leader.

While she turned to face the Hokage, an orange book slid between two sheets of the cloth tape wrapped on her back, for only Kakashi to see, and said :

"I am sure we can find an agreement, Hokage-sama"

"I will try the young Uzumaki" said Kakashi sliding something into an inner pocket of his jounin vest and going for the door.

Dictionary :

Hokage : The chief of Konohagakure no Sato
Kazekage : The chief of Sunagakure no Sato
Mizukage : The chief of Kirigakure no Sato
Tsuchikage : The chief of Iwagakure no Sato
Raikage : The chief of Kumogakure no Sato
Mizu no Kuni : Water country
Kiri : Kirigakure no Sato, Village hidden in the mist, in Mizu no kuni
Kaminari no Kuni : Lightning country
Kumo : Kumogakure No Sato, Village hidden in the clouds, in Kaminari no Kuni
Tsuchi no Kuni : Earth country
Iwa : Iwagakure no Sato, Village hidden in the rocks, in Tsuchi no Kuni
Kaze no Kuni : Wind country
Suna : Sunagakure no Sato, Village hidden in the sand, in Kaze no Kuni
Ame : Amegakure no Sato, village hidden in the rain, in the rain coutry
Kusa : Kusagakure no Sato, village hidden in the grass, in the grass country
Taki : Takigakure no Sato, village hidden in the waterfall, in the warterfall country
Kawa : Kawa no Kuni, River country
Ta no Kuni : Rice country
Oto : Otogakure no Sato, village hidden in the sound, in Ta no Kuni
Uzu : Uzu no Kuni, Whirlpool country
Uzushio : Uzushiogakure no Sato, village hidden by Whirling Tides, in Uzu no Kuni
Hi no Kuni : Fire country
Konoha : Konohagakure no Sato, village hidden in the leaves, in Hi no Kuni

Gaki : "Brat" in Japanese

Jiji : Familiar term used for a grand-father
Jutsu : Techniqua
Anbu : Special Forces of a Ninja Village
genin : Low rank ninja
chuunin : Middle rank ninja
jounin : High rank ninja
shinobi : male ninja
kunoichi : female ninja
ninken : dog ninja

Shodaime : "First" surname of the first Hokage
Nidaime : "Second"
Sandaime : "Third"
Yondaime : "Fourth"

Juuken : Gentle Fist, Taijutsu style of the Hyuuga Clan
Ninjutsu : Ninja Techniques, real techniques allowing user to do almost anything
Taijutsu : Body Techniques, techniques involving martial arts
Genjutstu : Illusion Techniques, techniques allowing user to do almost anything but in an illusiory way.
Kenjutsu : Sword Techniques, swordmanship, techniques involving the handling of a sword of any kind.
Fuuinjutsu : Sealing Techniques, techniques sealing various things in another thing.
Bloodline : Special abilities transmitted by the blood.
Dojutsu : Eye ability transmitted as a Bloodline
Byakugan : Dojutsu of the Hyuuga clan, able to see chakra flow and all around the user.
Sharingan : Dojutsu of the Uchiha clan, able to see jutsu, predict movements and perform high grade genjutsu
Rinnegan : Dojutsu of the Sage of the Six paths

Suiton : Water Release for elemental jutsu
Fuuton : Wind Release for elemental jutsu
Katon : Fire Release for elemental jutsu
Doton : Earth Release for elemental jutsu
Raiton : Lightning Release for elemental jutsu
Hyoton : Ice Release for elemental jutsu (combination of Water and Wind)
Mokuton : Wood Release for elemental jutsu (combination of Earth and Water)
Yoton : Lava Release for elemental jutsu (combination of Fire and Earth)
Ranton : Storm Release for elemental jutsu (combination of Lightning and Water)

Futton : Boil Release for elemental jutsu (combination of chakra : energy used for jutsus
Bunshin no Jutsu : Clone Technique, a ninjutsu that create an intangible copy of the user.
Suiton : Suian no Jutsu : Water Realease : Water Bullet, a flow of water is expelled from the mouth of the user towards a target
Fuuton : Daitoppa : Wind Release : Great Breakthrough, a gust of wind that rushes forward.
Kaiten : Hakkeshoo Kaiten, Eight Trigram Palms Revolving Heaven, Juuken technique defending the user.
Juuho Sooshiken : Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists, a Juuken technique that creates a halo of chara takes the form a lion head around each hand of the user before he charges an opponent.
Hakke Sanjuuni Shoo : Eight Trigrams Thirty-two palms, Juuken technique used to close 32 tenketsu in the body of an opponent in waves (2, 2, 4, 8, and 16)
Hakke Rokujuuyon Shoo : Eight Trigrams Sixty-four palms, Juuken technique used to close 64 tenketsu in the body of an opponent in waves (2, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32)
Hakke Hyaku Nijuuhachi Shoo : Eight Trigrams Sixty-four palms, Juuken technique used to close 128 tenketsu in the body of an opponent in waves (2, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64)