Presents, Promises and Privacy

By Lady Mari-chan

Levi X Eren Fluff. Will become "heated" in later chapters. Character injury and slight OOC with some characters. Rated M for later chapters. Multi chapter fic.

Don't own, don't sue, standard disclaimer stuff.

The night air was cold, too cold. Eren pulled the collar of his winter jacket up. He held the pieces close to his face as he made his way across the courtyard from the stable. He and Mikasa had just returned from patrol and he had made sure his horse was brushed, fed and had its coat on. Mikasa had finished and left to get inside. Eren always took his time with his horse and would speak to it and thank him for keeping him safe. The horse would huff in reply and chew on his hair for a moment.

Eren continued the short walk and got to the doorway. He opened the outer door and closed it behind him. He then moved to wipe the slush from the last flurry from his boots and to make sure they were dry before going inside. Levi would not be happy if his shoes tracked dirt inside.

As he opened the second door the heat engulfed him and he sighed. Knowing the various fireplaces inside the castle were all lit, the heat managed to warm the place nicely. As the door closed behind him, he unzipped the jacket and pulled it off. The heavier weight of the winter issue shirt served as a good barrier. A moment later, Armin rounded the corner with two mugs in his hands.

"Eren, welcome back!" He said holding out one of the mugs.

Eren took the mug and smiled. "Thanks Armin." He said as the warmth of the mug filled his hands. He could feel the heat traveling up his arms. He brought the mug up and inhaled the sent from the steam.

"When did you have time to make more blue jasmine?" He asked sipping the liquid.

"As few weeks ago I came across a small batch while on patrol. I made sure no titans were in the area and Jean kept watch while I gathered them." Armin replied.

"I love this tea." Eren said after taking another sip. He then looked to Armin. "Any news?"

Armin shook his head. "Not since Commander Erwin's last report 48 hours ago. Captain Levi fears the worst, even though he's not willing to say anything yet."

Armin looked into his cup. "We know Connie is badly injured and Sasha lost a leg trying to get to him. At this point, we don't know if the commander is alive or not."

"How's Levi holding up?" Eren asked.

"He's Levi. He's not going to betray any emotion to any of us, with the possible exception of you." Armin replied. "He's holed up in his office right now."

Eren downed the rest of his mug and handed it back to Armin. "I'll go to him, see what I can do. Thank you for the tea."

"Good Luck." Armin said as Eren walked down the hallway.

Levi sat in the chair by his desk. The papers in front of him hadn't been moved in hours. He just didn't have the energy. In front of him sat the latest report from Erwin. He had read it over and over again, but his mind wouldn't allow it to compute. A light knock on the door made him lift his head.

"Go away!"

A moment later the knock came again.

"I said go away!"

Eren's voice came from behind the door. "Levi it's me, open up."

Levi pushed his chair back and stood up. He made his way over to the door and unlocked it. He then turned the handle and pulled the door open.

Eren's eyes fell on the palest face he'd ever see on Levi. Immediately he was inside the door, simultaneously closing it with his foot and pulling Levi into an embrace. Levi's arms came up and encircled Eren's waist. His face leaned against Eren's chest and a few seconds later the mask fell and Levi was crying. Eren just held him. He rubbed small circles on Levi's back and kissed his hair.

"Its OK, I'm here. Let it out." Eren said.

"Stupid tears." Levi mumbled as Eren smiled. "Stop smiling too."

A short while passed and Levi pulled back to look at Eren. He lifted himself up to place a kiss on Eren's lips. "Thank you."

"No problem." Eren replied. "So tell me what's going on."

It had been five years since the trainees of the 104th had joined the survey corps. The last year had been the most stressful. Heavy losses had been sustained throughout the regiment with more than one hitting close to home. The small group of friends had become even smaller. Annie was still encased and showed no sign of life. Ymir had fallen in titan form while trying to defend a squad. Historia had fallen in the same battle trying to save Ymir. Bertholdt and Reiner were dead. No one was immune from the pain of loss.

One night while in a drunken stupor, Levi had professed his love for Eren and attempted to kiss him, which as Eren recalled with a smile went horribly wrong and ended up with Levi falling into Eren's lap and sleeping the rest of the night. Levi had woken up the next morning with a horrid headache and the memory that he said a bit too much. Levi had tried the confession again when there was no alcohol around and the two ended up spending the night together. Since then, they had been inseparable. Eren was the only one he showed his true feelings too and that was only when they were alone.

Levi moved to his desk and picked up the paper. He handed it to Eren and sat back down. Eren leaned against the table and looked over the paper, his eyes widening as he read.

"Dear gods." He said quietly. "So it is as bad as Armin said."

Levi nodded. "You don't expect to receive that sort of report."

Eren nodded. The paper reported that a third of Erwin's troops had been wiped out. The commander himself had been critically injured and could no longer fight. The commander had named Levi as his successor, effective immediately.

"I don't want it," Levi said. "I can't fill his shoes."

Eren looked at him. "I don't think Erwin wants you to fill his shoes; he believes that you are capable of taking command of the regiment. That's a big deal."

Levi exhaled. "I know, I just don't know."

"When do you have to give your reply?"

"48 hours, in person."

"Well then," Eren said. "Don't worry about it tonight." He took Levi's hand and placed the paper down. "It's late and I'm ready to head to bed."

Levi looked at him. "You just got back, I'm sure you're too wired to sleep."

Eren gave a devilish grin as he pulled Levi to his feet and headed to the door that connected the office to the bedroom. "Who said I was ready to sleep?"

"Brat." Was all that was heard as the door closed behind them.

Eren woke up first. His eyes adjusted to the sunlight shinning in from the window. Levi, as usual, was draped over Eren's bare chest. His hair moving slightly with each exhale. Eren smiled and wrapped his arms around Levi. He didn't want him to wake up just yet. In sleep, Levi's features relaxed. The permanent scowl replaced by a slightly parted set of lips. The frown lines were softened and the ever-perfect mop of hair was completely out of place. Levi looked cute.

Eren was sure the activities of the previous night had helped to relax him. Eren had taken the lead and allowed Levi to just lay back and enjoy. Levi had fallen asleep after the third or was it fourth orgasm. Eren had lost count. He thought about it as he watched Levi sleep. There had been the one from, and then the one with, followed by the one achieved by and, oh yeah, that one. It had been the fourth one that did Levi in. Eren smiled to himself.

"Stop Smiling." Came the sleep laced voice from Eren's chest.

"Good morning to you too." Eren replied with a smile.

Levi lifted his head and looked up at Eren. His eyes blinking to adjust. "What?"

"Nothing, just admiring the view." Eren replied.

Levi moved up and placed a kiss on Eren's lips. "Thank you for last night."

"You're welcome. I'm glad you were able to sleep."

Levi sighed and sat up, the sheet falling away from both of them. "I guess its back to reality now."

Eren sighed. "Whatever you decide, you know I support you 100 percent."

"I know." Levi said looking away. "I just don't know if I support myself."

By the time they made it to breakfast, most of the squad were already seated and eating. Eren went to get the food while Levi sat down next to Hanji. A few minutes later and Eren returned with two trays of food.

"Good morning lovebirds?" She said with a smile.

"Shut up, four eyes." Levi replied.

"Morning Hanji, how are you feeling?" Eren asked, picking up a fork of food.

Hanji sighed and looked down. "I'm getting there. Kinda sucks that I was injured doing what I love best, but I'll find a way to get past it and go back into battle."

"You're not fighting anymore, and that's it." Levi said.

Hanji made a face at him. "I can still grip the horse and use the maneuver gear. I just need to create prosthetics for my legs."

"No!" Levi said louder than necessary, causing half the room to look at him. "Its bad enough you lost your legs, I'm not going to let you lose your life"

"Levi," Hanji said with all seriousness. "It was my choice. As you like to say, no one can know the outcome of their actions before they happen, and mine just happened to go the wrong way. I can still help out. I'm not dead."

Levi was about to erupt but a hand placed on his forearm stopped him in his tracks.

"Why don't we take it one day at a time?" Eren said. "See how the process goes and maybe Hanji can return to something suited to her needs."

Levi looked at Eren. He exhaled and placed his hand over Eren's. Eren always did have a way of calming him down. "Fine."

Breakfast was finished in a relatively quiet manner after that and soon Eren and Levi made their way back to his office. Levi sat behind the large desk and Eren sat on one of the chairs opposite. Levi picked up the paper and looked to a series of maps spread out over the desk.

"What are you thinking?" Eren asked.

"It's a six hour ride to Erwin's position without any titan encounters." Levi replied.

"Right. So…" Eren said trying to coax info from Levi.

"So, we need to plot a route that will get us there with the least possibilities of running into them."

Eren thought for a moment. "Ride at night. The titans are less active and there will be a better chance of not interacting with them."

Levi looked up at Eren and thought about what he had said. "That would work. Tonight's weather is supposed to be clear, so the moonlight would provide enough light to not need torches. If I leave shortly aft…"

"We." Eren said. "I'm going with you."

Levi shook his head. "No." He said. "I don't want to put you in danger."

Eren smiled at that as Levi stared at him.

"What?" Levi said

"I put myself in danger every time I go out on patrol. You need me. If you run into titans you'll need the help and gods forbid something happens to your horse, where will that leave you? I can transform if necessary. I have control and I can carry you if needed."

Levi couldn't fight against the logic of what Eren had said. Where has he learnt logic?

"Fine. But just the two of us. I'll leave Armin in charge with Hanji while we're gone."

Eren nodded.

"We take as little as possible and don't tell Mikasa. In fact we're telling anyone but Armin and Hanji."

Eren nodded again. "I'll get them." He stood up and left the room, closing the door behind him.

Eren located Armin and the two walked to Hanji's lab in the dungeon level. They found her scooting around on a chair while she worked on what looked like a pair of legs. Hanji looked up.

"Hi guys!"

"Levi wants to see you and Armin in his office right away." Eren said.

"Ok." Hanji replied.

Eren and Armin watched as she fastened a pair of prosthetics to the bandage wrapped stubs and took a deep breath.

"Give a lady a hand here, will ya boys?"

Eren and Armin crossed over and helped Hanji stand up. She wobbled a bit before finding the correct balance. Then as Eren and Armin flanked her, she took a step, then another and continued.

"What do you think?" She asked.

Armin smiled. "It's awesome. You can walk again."

Eren looked at her. "It's very cool but I hope Levi doesn't blast you a new one."

Hanji laughed. "I can handle shorty, with or without the legs."

Eren smiled. "I'm sure you could."

Levi waited for Eren to return. He reread the letter over and over again and at the same time scolded himself for reading said letter over when it wasn't going to change anything. He was brought out of his thoughts by a knock on the door and the door opening to reveal Eren. He stepped inside and motioned for Hanji and Armin to come through. Eren then closed the door behind them.

Hanji took one of the chairs and Armin the other. Eren stood off to the side of the room.

Levi wasted no time. "I asked Eren to bring you here to advise you both of a situation that has recently arisen. We've received word that Commander Erwin's troops have suffered heavy losses and that Commander Erwin himself has been injured."

"How badly?" Hanji asked.

"Badly enough that he has asked me to report to him to take over command of the regiment."

Armin looked to Eren who nodded.

Levi continued. "Eren and I will be leaving after nightfall to make the trip to Erwin's location. I want you two to take charge of this unit while we're gone. Keep the patrols going and if the need to fight arises contact the closest unit for help."

"When will you be back, Heichou?" Armin asked.

"I don't know." Levi said. "We may not be able to come back."

Hanji looked at Levi. "Understood."

"One last thing, keep this under wraps. No one needs to know anything. Arlet, find some excuse to keep Ackerman off Eren's back until we leave and then more lines to stop her from asking questions. I don't need her following us."

"Will do." Armin said.