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"Eren Jaeger and I are engaged." Levi announced.

Eren sank down on his bench. He didn't think Levi would announce that.

The room went silent. Completely silent.

Hanji was the first to recover. She jumped up and hugged on Levi who grunted in surprise. She then turned to Eren and engulfed him in a hug. Soon the room was clapping and people were congratulating them.

After what seemed like an eternity the room was quiet and Eren and Levi were left alone.

Levi looked at his hands. "It's going to take a week to get all the germs off my hands."

Eren smiled, picked up Levi's right hand and lightly kissed the back of it.

"Ew." Levi said.

Six Months Later…

"By the power invested in me by the Sina district governmental office, I now pronounce you life partners. You may now seal your union."

Levi moved towards Eren. Both were dressing in Military dress uniforms with a long green shoulder sashes falling over one shoulder. Eren reached up to cup Levi's face in his hands. As they moved closer, Levi brought his arms up to wrap around Eren and pulled him down into a reclined position. Eren laughed in his surprise and was silenced as Levi's lips claimed his. Around them applause rang out.

Levi righted Eren back onto his feet and they turned to the small crowd. Mikasa, dressed in a flowing dress of green smiled and pulled Eren into a hug. She wiped tears from her eyes and held onto Eren. She then released him and hugged Levi. Eren was shaking hands and getting hugs from members of the 104th. Sasha and Connie were there, as was Jean and Erwin in his wheelchair. Armin hugged his best friend and shook Levi's hand.

Levi turned to the justice of the peace and thanked him. The crowd then moved to one of the fancy restaurants outside the justice complex. After hours of eating, drinking, dancing and general frivolity, Erwin called to make an announcement.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, First I want to congratulate Eren and Levi on their union. May you have a happy and long life together. Second, Congratulations to Levi on his successful completion of becoming the 14th Commander of the Survey Corp Regiment."

"Here here!" Someone yelled.

"And finally, what most of you don't know is that when Levi agreed to take over command, he stated that I owed him one, and I told him I would get him a room for his honeymoon…"

"Wedding night." Levi corrected.

"Anyway, I have reserved a suite for the two of you." Erwin said as he handed an envelope to Eren.

"Thank you, Sir. Eren said.

Several hours later, Levi decided he had had enough of celebrating with his comrades and wanted to celebrate with his love. He took Eren's hand and whispered to him. Eren smiled and nodded.

Levi stood up and looked to the room. "We want to thank all of you for being here to celebrate our day, but now I want to go and ravish my husband."

Eren turned a shade of red. "Levi!"

Someone wolf whistled.

"What!?" He said pulling Eren to his feet. "I believe you have this space for the rest of the evening, so please stay and enjoy."

He moved past the chairs pulling Eren along behind him. They hugged and shook hands once again before leaving the restaurant and heading to the inn that Erwin had booked. The innkeeper smiled as she showed them to the room. It was spacious and took over most of the third level. Eren noticed the roses on the table and the bottle of wine sitting next to it with two glasses.

Levi thanked the woman and shut the door, clicking the lock into place. He turned and looked at Eren who smiled at him.

"I meant what I said back there." Levi said in a whisper as he moved across the room. "I'm going to ravish you."

Eren opened his arms in a wide arc. "Go ahead."

Levi stepped up and captured Eren's lips in a heated kiss. Eren sighed as he felt the familiar shape of Levi's body fit against his. Levi swiped his tongue across Eren's lip and Eren gladly opened his mouth. They sparred momentarily before breaking apart. Eren pressed his forehead to Levi's and they stood silently for a moment.

"You're wearing too much clothing." Levi said.

"You too." Eren replied.

Levi reached up and pushed the jacket from Eren's shoulders, instead of letting it fall to the ground he peeled it down Eren's arms and folded it before placing it on a chair.

Eren moved to remove Levi's jacket and Levi pushed his hands away. "Didn't I say that I was going to ravish you? I'm doing the work, you just need to enjoy it." He whispered against Eren's ear, licking the lobe and biting lightly on it.

Eren shivered and tilted his head to give Levi better access to his neck. Levi placed kisses along Eren's neck and moved to start unbuttoning the white dress shirt Eren was wearing. With each button opened, Levi's lip's followed. Across Eren's shoulder and down his chest. Eren pushed Levi's jacket again and Levi shrugged it off, placing it on top of Eren's on the same chair.

Levi guided Eren back towards the bed and stopped when they were inches from it. He pushed Eren into a sitting position and reached down to lift one boot clad leg. He worked the boot off Eren's foot and placed a kiss on the top of it. Levi then repeated the move on Eren's other foot.

Eren leaned back on his elbows and watched as Levi worked. Each time Levi would remove an article of clothing from Eren, he would remove the same item from his own body.

Levi moved to kiss Eren again and his hand moved to the belt at Eren's waist. Deft hands quickly worked the leather through the buckle and moved to undo the clasp. Eren heard the zipper of his pants move and felt the warmth of Levi's hand as it traveled down his body. Levi kissed down Eren's chest and over his abdomen.

Eren released a sound that came out as a moan as Levi paused his hand. Eren looked at him. "Yes." He breathed out.

Levi smiled and moved his hand back to Eren's waistband. He slipped his hand inside and found Eren's hardening penis. Shifting to settle in between Eren's legs, Levi pulled the fabric towards him and Eren lifted his hips to allow the pants and his underwear to be slid down his legs. Levi wasted no time in placing his hand around Eren and stroking him slowly. Eren's breath hitched and he moaned again. Levi smiled and took the him into his mouth, placing his arms across Eren's hips to hold them in place.

Eren threw his arm over his eyes as Levi worked him. His breathing was now heavy pants and his eyes were closed. He was close, but didn't want to end this way. Levi knew Eren was trying to hold back and continued his actions until Eren shuddered and found release inside the moist demanding chasm of Levi's mouth. (1)

Levi moved up to embrace Eren and kissed him lightly. Eren looked at him, his face flushed.

"That's really not fair, you know." Eren said.

"Too bad." Levi replied. "I'll give you a few to catch your breath, but that was nothing."

Levi untangled himself and stood up. He removed his boots and the clothes he had on. Eren watched from his position on the bed. Levi was aroused and his penis stood proudly in front of Eren. Levi moved to pull the covers on the bed down and climbed in.

Eren moved up the bed to join him under the warmth of the covers. No sooner had Eren covered himself up when Levi started round two. He all but pounced on Eren, pressing him into the mattress and capturing his lips once again. Eren's arms came up to wrap around Levi's neck as they kissed.

They pulled away and just looked at each other.

Eren reached up to push a strand of hair from Levi's face. "Can't believe we're really married."

Levi smiled. "I know."

Eren leaned up and kissed Levi again and Levi shifted so they were both laying on their sides. Levi's hand brushed across Eren's cheek and he leaned into the touch. Levi looked over at the table.

"Thirsty?" Levi asked. "We could open the wine."

"Sounds good." Eren said.

Levi pulled the covers back and stepped out of the bed. He walked to the closet and opened it. Inside there were two plush robes. Levi pulled one out and wrapped it around his body. He threw the other robe to Eren. Eren pulled the robe on and sat up. He watched as Levi took the bottle and uncorked it. He poured the liquid into the two glasses and brought one to Eren as he stood up.

"To us!" Levi said.

"To us." Eren repeated as they clinked the glasses and drank.

Levi moved to sit in of the chairs by the table and looked down at his wine glass. Eren pulled the other chair out and sat down.

"Care to share?"

Levi looked at him. "Just thinking."

"About?" Eren coaxed.

"Everything. I would never have thought that I would be the commander of the scouting legion, married and so very happy in this life." He looked to Eren as he spoke. "You managed to turn my whole life upside down, three hundred and sixty degrees, and I thank you for it."

Eren smiled. He placed his cup down and stood up. He moved to stand in front of Levi and took his glass from him, carefully placing it down on the table. He then moved to climb onto Levi's lap, straddling him.

"You're welcome. And you have done the same for me. I didn't even imagine I would live to find love let alone marry it."

Eren brought his hands up to cup Levi's face and gently kissed him. Levi's hands moved up Eren's back and pulled him closer as he returned the kiss. His hands traveled up to Eren's neck and into his hair, holding him in place as he kissed him. The kiss grew heated, as tongues sparred and heads were tilted.

Levi's hands moved back to Eren's shoulders and down his sides. The front of Eren's robe pulling open as his hands roamed down. One hand found the thin sash and untied it, exposing Eren's toned abdomen. Levi's hands moved back to Eren's shoulders and began to push the plush robe from Eren's shoulders. The robe fell down his back but stopped as it was trapped by his arms. Levi kissed a row along Eren's shoulder, under his chin to the other shoulder and was rewarded by a low moan escaping Eren's lips.

Eren's head fell back as Levi continued to place light kisses on his skin. His hand moved down Levi's chest and found the sash at Levi's waist. He pulled the fabric and the sash gave way falling to the sides. Eren's hand snaked lower until Levi pulled his hand back up.

"Uh-uh." Levi breathed. "What did I tell you?"

Eren smiled again as he kissed Levi. "I want you."

"You have me." Levi said.

"You know what I mean." Eren said as he pressed his hips forward.

"Someone's ready for round two." Levi mused.

Levi moved his hand lower and wrapped around Eren causing his breath to hitch and his hips to buck slightly.

"Put your hands on my shoulders and don't move them."

Eren brought his hands up and placed then on Levi's shoulders. Levi lifted Eren slightly so he could pull the fabric of his robe open. He then set Eren back down and both could feel the heat from the others body. Levi's hands moved around to cup the flesh of Eren's backside and he squeezed the flesh. Eren moaned and his hands tightened on Levi's shoulders.

It was at that moment that Eren felt a finger against his anus, it was cold and slippery as it breached the ring of muscle.

Levi smiled against Eren's neck. "So warm."

Eren breathed out. "Stop teasing, Levi."

"As you wish." Levi said as he lifted Eren again. This time as he was lowered, he felt something bigger breach him and he moaned, loudly.

Levi was sure Eren's nails had drawn blood as his fingers clenched the flash in his hands. Levi waited before pushing Eren up again and setting a slow rhythm. The two moved in tandem, Levi's hip motion propelling Eren up and gravity bringing him back down. Eren's head fell back and Levi placed kisses along his chin. His breathing became faster and the heat began to coil in his stomach.

Levi pondered his next move. He wrapped one arm around Eren's back and the other under his ass. Staying connected, he managed to stand them both up and move to the bed. Gently he placed Eren down while climbing on the bed at the same time and once there he went back to the task at hand.

Eren still had his hands on Levi's shoulders and was moaning in incoherent patterns.

Levi felt Eren clench around him and moments later, Eren fell into his own bliss. Levi followed soon after. Once they had both floated back to reality, Levi separated himself and released his shoulders from Eren's hands and pulled the covers over both of them.

"I love you." Eren whispered. "And no matter what happens, we'll face it together."

"I love you too." Levi replied. "I know we'll manage."

"So how long do we have this place?"

"Erwin got it for a week." Levi said.

"That was nice of him." Eren replied. "We'll have to make good use of the time."

Levi smiled. "I think we can find ways to occupy our time here."

The two fell into a comfortable silence. Levi's fingers running lightly through Eren's hair as Eren rested his head on Levi's chest. Levi wrapped his arms around Eren and soon they both fell asleep in each other's arms, unmoving until the next morning.


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