Examination Day by passionlily (10/02/02)

Mitsu Sora Mai brushed her pretty dark locks back from her face and
bit her thumbnail anxiously. At fourteen, she was a very well-
developed and beautiful girl, but the fear that echoed through her
face masked this pulchritude.

Yesterday had been a happy day. Her birthday, a party with music,
presents, and the whole ninth-grade class. Of course, since
Crystal Tokyo was still recovering from it's second ice-over, the
ninth grade consisted of only twenty students, so having that
many students over hadn't been much of a problem.

Naturally, that little seed of anxiety had remained, but in the
celebration she had been able to block it out. Now, it consumed
her, silently growing as if a plant.

Her parents had tried to reassure her, but even they could not
completely block out the possibility, the chance that she would be
different, the first of her kind to emerge from her family in many
years, as far as she knew.

They called her name.

Not really her name, though. In all actuality, they called her

"0274293," the voice boomed over the intercom, and Sora Mai stood.
With a silent wave to her parents, she headed nervously towards the
brass doors.

Down the hallway, and through an archway, and she had reached the
registration machine. With the finesse of a businesswoman, she
typed in her identification number (0274293) and waited
apprehensively for her room pass.

There it was! Room 17. She paced to the room, then knocked
quietly on the door.

As it opened, she was lead to a table. Sitting on one side, she
listened closely to the intercom voice echoing from the walls.

"Subject 0274293 - please answer these questions truthfully. Do
all activities to your best ability. Do you understand me?"

She nodded, and the test began.

"Please concentrate on the intercom."


The Mitsu parents waited nervously. This waiting had been the same
with the twins, and they...

Mitsu Yuri turned her head. Tears squeezed out, silent tears for
the two she had lost before. The two that poor Sora would never
meet, had never know. They had taken the test too, and... oh,
how she would die for a chance to see ill-fated Migoto and Izumi
just one more time...

Her thinking was interrupted by a blonde nurse, who handed the
Mitsus' a slip of pure, snow white paper. Katsuo took it from her,
and, slipping his arm around Yuri, flipped it over.

It simply read: "Subject 0274293 has been detected with planetary
traces. Termination has been scheduled immediately. Remains will
be buried in the Roiyaru Cemetery for the fee of twenty dollars."

Yuri sobbed uncontrollably, and Katsuo crumpled the paper in his
strong hand. Luna, another daughter lost to Serenity's cause...


Sora Mai's body lay dormant on the examination table. Mercury
tossed the used needle into the trash, and began pulling off her
rubber gloves. Neo-Queen Serenity entered just as she turned on
the faucet.

"Luna, Serenity-sama... why must I do this?" she cried, rubbing her
hands furiously underneath the scalding-hot liquid. Her eyes were
red, and she was sniffling.

"It *is* only temporary, Mercury. But until you can find a way to
prevent these girls' senshi powers from emerging, it is necessary
that we freeze them."

Mercury scrubbed harder, trying to clean her hands of the sin she
had just committed. "Oh, Serenity-sama... this is almost as bad
as killing them. Did you see her parents faces? This is the third
child they've lost to us. Three girls, Serenity! Do you know how
that tears at someone?"

Serenity rubbed her temples. "Mercury. These are our reserve
senshi. Without them we could be helpless. Do not challenge my
authority on this." She moved to leave, then turned. "It would
not be wise of you to do so."

Mercury simply stared pasted the queen at the Mitsu parents, both
stumbling down the hall in a blind daze. She then turned to Sora
Mai, who would so soon be shipped to the crypto-freeze room to
live, possibly forever, in a state of icy silence with her sisters.

"Sometimes, Serenity-sama, I think it would," she whispered
quietly. "Sometimes, I really think it would be wise."


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Sailor Moon is copyright Takeuchi Naoko and Mixx Entertainment.

The title "Examination Day" and some brief plot instances in this
story are references from Henry Slesar's short story "Examination
Day" in the '100 Hair-raising Little Horror Stories' collection.

And in case you're wondering, I *may* do a little prequel piece
about Migoto and Izumi some day. I'm not sure about it yet - if
the inspiration hits, I'll wear it. ^-^;;