Holly, Gail, and Rookie Blue are not mine. Just the random ass conversation their having. Couldn't think of a better fic name. I do apologize for that.

"We need a name."

"What kind of name?"

"A name that signifies our relationship."


"It's a fangirl thing. Just go with it."

"I am limiting your time on the internet from now on."

"Just humor me?"

"I already do that!"


"No, it reminds me too much of Picard."

"Jean-Luc Picard? The bald guy from Star Trek that looks like Mr. Clean?"

"His real name is Patrick Stewart."

"See? It fits! You're Holly Stewart... We're his ancestors!"


"Yes, Holly. We. Don't you want to have generations of little nerds with me?"

"Does this make you the Crusher to my Picard then?"

"I'm a cop! Cops crush things... But she's a Doctor so you're the Crusher here which makes me Picard because I'm a cop and he's a Captain."

"So... Doctor Holly Crusher and Officer Gail Picard?"

"No Holly! I'm Officer Gail Stewart! Pay Attention!"

"You do realize that you just gave yourself my last name right?

"It fits. Why aren't you seeing the bigger picture here lunchbox?"

"Aside from learning that you're a Trekkie? Not seeing it."

"Captain Crusher! We will be unstoppable as Officer Lunchbox!"

"Gail, honey, are you proposing to me?"

"Took you long enough!"

I know it sucks but my brain just wouldn't stop messing with me on this one... Happy New Year everyone