Sorry for the wait, within the past month, I got sick twice and was unable to think about fanfiction, so I'm very sorry for the delay on these new oneshots and I apologize in advance if they're not written that well. Nevertheless, I hope that you all enjoy.

"Thank you so much for helping me make chocolates for everybody, Vice Prez."

"You know you don't always have to address me that way Coco." Doesn't it become a mouthful after a while?

"Then Erza-senpai. Who are you going to give those to anyways?" Coco asked, pointed to the truffles that Erza was currently working on. "They look really good!"

"Normally Mystogan bugs me to give him chocolate so I'll just give these to him." At some point in her life, she decided to not buy chocolates anymore mainly because those 'girls in love' are carnivores. Normally, Erza wouldn't give in to those girls, but it's a hassle to fight through that crowd to purchase anything so she forced Mystogan to tell her how to make these and she's been doing this method ever since.


"Yeah." Coco's hands stopped moving. "Is there something wrong? You won't finish if you don't move your hands."

"I've been wondering this for some time now, but what is your relationship with Mystogan-kaichou? Even though you two state that you're nothing more than childhood friends and longtime rivals, that's not all that's there." Seriously, even if you squint, you can see the sexual tension between them!

But where does that leave Erza? Should she admit the truth? Or will she only go with the half truth until the time is right? "Why bring this up Coco?"

"Because it's strange," she answered with her brown eyes wide and curious. "If you two like each other then why don't you just go out with each other? That way you both don't have to bother with other people trying to ask you out or find out your types or anything."

"Does that really seem like the easy way out?" she muttered under her breath. She already knew that there was no 'easy choice' for this situation. Heck, could there even be a choice?

"What did you say, Knightwalker-senpai?"

"Just something to myself. Don't worry about it Coco," she assured the girl.

But that question remained in her mind. What was their relationship?

If it was some random girl who was probably going to confess to Mystogan, she would say some guy who won't leave her alone.

If it was some guy, then she would say that bastard she lives next to.

If it was their friends, they didn't need to ask to know that it was complicated.

If she was asked to answer in a split second… Well, she'd ask why and ignore it altogether normally.

Really, just what was the answer to that question?

"You got quite a few chocolates again," Mystogan noted politely as he gestured towards her pile of presents. She snorted. It was nowhere near the amount that he had. Even in this she loses to him. Wait, why were they even competing in this?

"Are you going to eat them all this year?"

"It'd be rude of me not to, don't you think?" he answered. "But if other people want them, I won't say no to their request. One of these girls gave me this strawberry chocolate."

Erza looked at him. "Just because I like strawberry shortcake, doesn't mean that I like everything with strawberries," she pointed out. Still he just smiled and tried to find a better way to carry all of this chocolate. "Where are we?" Erza asked to break the silence and her heart's tension.

"The student council room?" Mystogan suggested. But from the look on her face, he knew the other side to her question. "What brought that up?"

"Coco asked me the other day."

"And why does it bother you so much this time? When other people asked, you didn't care about them or answer them." Because others can see it, to them there's more than just the title of childhood friends, something deeper, but many accepted that it was because they also lived very close together and their parents are related through work matters, so it's only natural that they were close right?

"Because it just does." Because Coco is not just any random person. That girl knows more and sees more.

"Was there something after that?" She mumbled a no, but Mystogan knew her better than that. "So what was it?"

"I said it was nothing!"

"So I can guess what it was?" Erza just looked at him. "Let's see. Would it be 'easier' for us that way?" Even without her moving, Mystogan could understand her. But no matter what, neither way was 'easy'.

"We've discussed this though," she stated, more for herself than to point it out to him again.

"Why did you want to bring it up again if you didn't want to discuss this again? What do you want to do?"

To be here is not to progress to the next level of their relationship. To be there means that they're officially dating. Neither choice is perfect. 'Here' has lasted them up to now yet 'here' is no longer enough to satisfy them. 'There' is the next level, it is something that can make their relationship deeper and closer, but it can also break them far apart.

"We agreed that it would be better to be here," she stated softly, not completely answering his question. They were both logical people. They knew that high school wasn't going to last a lifetime. They knew that they wanted to pursue different paths in life. They knew that they could easily drift apart.

"Since you wanted to go to police academy and I want to go to medical school," he reminded, even though they both knew all the facts to this scenario. "Do you want to go there now?"

"I…I don't know," she admitted. She wondered about it sometimes, what would it be like to be there? To more boldly express that kind of emotion? True, she wasn't the type to exactly be shy with her emotions, but she also wasn't the type of person who would openly make out with someone she loved. "What do you want to do?"

Mystogan remained silent, but in thought. After all, with her and that serious expression asking that serious question obviously deserves nothing less than a well thought out answer with a reasonable logic to back it up, no?

But when it comes to emotions… Does logic really have a place here?

Mystogan wants Erza to be happy, but what's the best way to do that? Is there even a good way for them? At this point, the easiest way is to remain, but just how long can they stay like that?

"What do you want?" she repeated.

Finally, he answered, "I'd like to take you on a real date once in a while."

"Hm… That's an annoying request." He chuckled. As expected of Erza. Mystogan extended his hand towards her. "What?" With just a look into his eyes, she sighed and understood, taking his hand in hers. "How are you going to carry all of that now?" she asked referring to the pile of chocolates.

"I'll deal with it somehow. Like a box or something." He's gonna need a big box since it's his and Erza's combined chocolates. "Did you make chocolates for me?"

"What's the point in me giving them to you at school?"

"So I'm getting a stomachache at home, that's always nice."

Erza's eye twitched. "You don't have to eat it if you don't want it, damn idiot."

"I'm eating all of it," he declared.

As they walked out with their bags and chocolates, their hands remained linked to each other's.