It took only took Gar a few seconds to locate the trail that had been left by the Gordonians and Killer Croc by using his unparalleled sense of smell.

"I need to make a call before we go." Gar stated confidently before moving away from the group and pulling out his Titans communicator. He was far enough away that the team could hear him but not see who he was talking to, and although the voices on the other end of the line sounded familiar to a few of them they couldn't place them.

"Who's there?" A voice shouted from the other end of the line.

"It's Changeling." Gar responded with a smirk. "I'm calling in that favour you owe me."

"Is it gonna be fun?" The voice replied.

"Brother where are your manners?" A deeper voice chastised. "We are ready to help whenever you need us."

"I'm sending you my coordinates." Gar said thankfully as he punched some buttons on his communicator. "We're gonna need a distraction."

"Oooh a light show!" The first voice cheered. "We'll be there in a few minutes!"

"Thanks guys, we'll see you soon." Gar stated before hanging up and making his way towards the group again.

"Who was that?" Cyborg asked curiously.

"You'll see." Was all Gar said in response.


"How long must we wait?" The Gordonian general whined. They had been standing a clearing in the woods for what felt like hours now, waiting for the green shape shifter to arrive.

"He will be here soon." Killer Croc hissed in response, he had heard that the Gordonians were supposed to be great warriors but as far he was concerned they were all just a bunch of whiney bitches. "He must be close by now."

"You guys look boring!" Came a nasally voice from above them. All of the Gordonians and Killer Croc looked up quickly to see a tall, skinny and, oddly enough, yellow skinned man standing beside a much larger grey skinned man in what appeared to be overweight samurai armour. "We were told you guys would be fun." The yellow man whined while smirking at the lizard man below.

"Careful brother." The larger man added.

"Who are you?" The Gordonian general demanded.

"My name is Lightning." The yellow man stated with a mock bow. "And this is my brother Thunder." He said as he motioned towards the grey skinned man. "And we will be your distraction for today."

Just as he finished talking he raised his hands and conjured a huge ball of electric energy, with a loud grunt he through the sparking ball at the villains below.

Thunder followed up by slamming his palms together creating a mighty shockwave that completely dispersed the invaders.

None of the villains seemed to notice that one by one their numbers were stealthily being dwindled. They didn't notice a supersonic blur of black and purple whip through the clearing and speed off with one of the Gordonian soldiers. They didn't notice a human-bee hybrid float down from the sky, shock another Gordonian and then fly away with the body. They didn't notice a bat shaped boomerang fly through the air and take out six Gordonians with a single pass only for their bodies to be whisked away by the same black and purple blur from before.

But they did notice what came next.

Thunder and Lightning continued to through attack after attack at the remaining Gordonians and Killer Croc who were only barely managing to stay in the fight. And then they came. With a mighty roar a huge green T-Rex erupted from the trees surrounding the clearing, making a b-line directly for Killer Croc and the General. Next a heavily armoured man appeared, using the two newly mounted massive cannons on his back to blast away foes left, right and centre.

Soon they were all in. Jinx was throwing hexes all over the place, causing Gordonian weapons to malfunction everywhere. Kid Flash darted between enemies punching and kicking at every opportunity. Batman and Cyborg attacked everything they could using their skill at ranged combat to overwhelm their opponents. Up above Raven and Bumblebee were taking on the airborne Gordonians and were cleaning house.

The Gordonian General would have been defeated a long time ago if it wasn't for Killer Croc. Gar was switching between animals faster than anyone had ever seen. Using his natural speed to his advantage he was able to wear out the general before he could do any harm, and after taking on his favourite form (The Bengal Tiger) and with a powerful swipe from his huge clawed paws he struck the general across the face leaving him down for good.

Gar turned to Killer Croc who looked around in disbelief. The Gordonians had been defeated and now he was surrounded by nine of the best heroes that had ever existed on the planet, and one of them was the son of his last two kills… he was fucked and he knew it.

"I surrender." Killer Croc hissed as he raised his hands in defeat.

"Coward." Raven yelled angrily. Cyborg grit his teeth in anger whilst the other just glared daggers at him, all apart from Gar. Gar signalled Batman to cuff the deranged reptilian hybrid.

They watched as Batman led the freaky lizard man towards the centre of the clearing, then after pushing a button on the cuffs they watched as the murderous villain disappeared in the Justice League's famous teleportation light.

Raven turned to Gar to see him glaring at the ground. "Gar?" She whispered softly.

"We did the right thing but…" He paused and released a massive sigh before looking back up at his girlfriend. "It didn't feel like it was enough you know?"

Raven smiled at him before kissing him warmly. "As long as you know it was the right thing, then you shouldn't worry too much." She said reassuringly.

"Titans." Batman stated suddenly, grabbing the attention of everyone gathered. "The League are sending down some people to help me with the Gordonians, I suggest that you all return to your homes to rest." He stated confidently. The Titans all nodded and turned to Raven, waiting for her to open another portal to get them home. As Raven readied herself; Garry flew down and landed on Gars tail.

"Sorry I couldn't be more help." The little bird said solemnly.

"Don't worry Garry." Gar said kindly. "You did more than any pigeon has ever done."


A shot from a laser rifle echoed throughout the clearing. The Titans and Batman all looked around frantically in search for the shooter or its target.

They found the shooter quickly enough, a single Gordonian who had apparently regained consciousness… but for some reason he now looked scared shitless.

The heroes turned around slowly and froze at what they saw. Gar was standing in front of Raven protectively, obviously the shot was meant for her but had hit Gar… only he wasn't Gar anymore.

Standing fifteen feet tall with four massive arms and sabre like fangs was a gigantic green behemoth. Its eyes held nothing but pure unadulterated rage as it stared down the attempted murderer of his girlfriend/mate.

"Oh shit." Cyborg breathed.

"What is that?" Bumblebee whispered as she cowered behind the cybernetic hero.

"It's-" Cyborg was interrupted.

"I. AM. LEVIATHAN!" The massive creature bellowed as it lunged towards its prey at speeds that were almost invisible to the naked eye.

Leviathan snatched the petrified alien from the ground with one of its four massive arms and held the cowering creature right in front of its snarling face.

"Changeling don't do it!" Batman yelled, he was to first one to come back to his senses after the hulking creature emerged.

"Gar stop!" Raven screamed. For the first time since its appearance the creature paid notice to someone around him. "Gar it's ok, I'm not hurt." Raven stated as she moved towards the giant creature.

"Raven wait a sec." Kid Flash tried to stop her but she ignored him. Thunder placed one of his large hands on the speedster's shoulders to stop him from interfering.

Leviathan looked intently at the demoness. Suddenly the great green creature tossed the helpless alien towards Batman for him to deal with. Slowly the creature known as Leviathan began to shrink down until he was back to being the tall, lanky green man they had all come to know and love, mind you he looked absolutely exhausted and promptly proceeded to pass out.


With a grunt and a groan two green eyes groggily opened, only to come face to face with a black jaguar.

Gar screamed and scurried away from the inquisitive creature.

"You're awake!" The jaguar shouted happily as it bounded around excitedly. "Cool I always wondered what it would be like to meet you."

"What the hell?" Beast Boy shouted confusedly. He looked around the strange area he now found himself in. He recognised the tall grass and the floating rocks instantly; he was in the Sateda-Nevermore amalgamation. "How did I get here?"

"Dunno." The jaguar answered playfully. "But it'd be great to find out huh?"

Gar looked at the strange cat for a few seconds before he started remembering the description of an aspect of himself that he hadn't met yet. "You must be Curiosity?"

"Bingo!" The jaguar cheered. "We have a winner!" It shouted in its almost childlike voice.

Beast Boy looked about again. "What's going on?"

"Well." The black cat began as it sat down in front of the shape shifter. "After you passed out you turned up here but none of us knew where you were, but Honour said that if anyone could find you I could and bada-bing-bada-boom here you are!"

The green nineteen year old looked at the aspect of himself curiously. "So where are the others?"

"Beast(Loyalty), Anger, Sly, Love and Cunning are all exhausted after Leviathan took over so Honour, Smarts and Raven's emotions are looking after them. You're Brave and Raven's Brave got bored so they went off to spar with each other." Curiosity answered excitedly.

"Ok…" Gar began. "So how long have I been here?"

"Three days."

"What?" Gar shouted. "Three days?"

"Yep." Curiosity answered. "Your body is at the NY Tower in your room. But the others are getting worried; Ravens emotions said that Raven hasn't left your side since you got back and they're getting worried about her so you should leave soon."

"How do I do that?" Gar asked exasperatedly.

"Just think about waking up." Curiosity answered playfully. "Goodbye! I'm off to see Ravens Knowledge, she's so interesting!" He cheered before he bounded off to investigate other things. Gar chuckled at him.

"Ok so just think about waking up…" He said to himself.


For the second time that day Gar struggled to open his eyes. His body felt heavy and he was still extremely tired. He lifted his head as much as he could and looked around the room. The alarm clock on the bedside table on Ravens side of the bed said that it was 2:47pm; however the curtains were closed so the room was pretty dark. He looked down and saw Raven snuggled in close to him, her eyes were closed but Gar could tell by the rate of her breathing that she was still awake.

"Rae?" He whispered in a voice so hoarse it sounded like a zombie's mating call.

Ravens head whipped up, her hair flying all over the place as her eyes locked onto his.

"Oh Azar!" She shouted as she leapt at her boyfriend, wrapping her eyes around his neck and holding him close. "You're awake." She added in between sniffles.

Gar used all of his strength to wrap his arms around the obviously exhausted demoness and returned the tight embrace. "I'm back Rae." He whispered softly to her.

He heard her heave a deep sigh and whisper something about thanking Azar, and then he heard her soft little snores as she fell asleep in his arms.

'Probably the first time you've slept in days huh?' He thought to himself as he stroked his lover's hair lovingly. He laid himself back again and looked up at the ceiling. He was tired but not tired enough to fall asleep but there was no way he was going to move Raven. So instead he let his mind wonder as he laid there silently, stroking Ravens hair as she slept.


A few hours later Raven awoke to find her boyfriend wide eyed and completely awake but obviously content in just laying with her for however long she had been asleep.

"So who's here?" He asked softly.

"Thunder and Lightning left about two days ago." She began. "They said that they were happy to help and would like to work with us more. Kid Flash and Jinx left yesterday, they had to get back to protecting their own areas. Bumblebee is still here with Cyborg. And obviously you know that Nightwing and Starfire are here." She growled the last sentence but calmed when Gar started rubbing her back softly.

"I don't think I'll ever forgive them but we have to make it work." He said quietly.

"How can you not be mad?" Raven whispered in astonishment which made the green teen chuckle a bit.

"It's not in my nature." He whispered in response. "I don't like being angry and I can't stand hating people. And they may have made the wrong choice but they're still family."

Raven looked directly into his eyes and saw nothing but compassion. She smiled at him. "I love you." She said softly and happily.

He leant up and kissed her. "I love you too Rae." He replied with a warm smile. He smirked. "But I seriously need a shower."

"Yes you do." Raven answered with a giggle. She slid off of him and out of the bed. She offered him her hand to help him up which he gratefully accepted. "Come on." She said playfully. "I'll join you."

Gar smiled on of the largest smiles he had ever smiled as he raced off after his girlfriend.


After what was a very long 'shower' the two teens made their way to the common room of the tower hand in hand. The door swished open to reveal Cyborg and Bumblebee making out furiously on the couch. The noise of the door opening caught the attention of the randy couple causing Bumblebee to 'eep' as they jumped apart blushing. The blushes quickly faded into smiles as they noticed the green teen up and about and Raven out of their room, they had only discovered a few days ago that they were sharing a room.

"BB!" Cyborg cheered as he leapt at his lanky green friend and bringing him into a bone crushing hug.

"It's good to see you up!" Bumblebee yelled as she buzzed over to them.

"Guys I just got him back." Raven intoned playfully. "Can you please not break him so soon?"

"Could you please not break me at all?" Gar wheezed as he was released from the metal man's constricting embrace. "Thanks dude."

"You must be starving!" Bumblebee announced loudly. "Let us make you two something to eat!"

"Err Bee, remember BB is a vegetarian." Cyborg reminded her.

"Yuck!" Bumblebee shouted before she could stop herself. "I mean… we'll sort something out won't we Sparky?"

"Sure…" Cyborg whined as he followed Bumblebee towards the kitchen.

Raven and Gar made their way over to the massive crescent shaped couch and collapsed on it. Gar wrapped his arms around her as she snuggled in close.

"Do you think it's over?" Raven asked quietly.

"Doubtful." Gar responded. "They still want me. They don't give up easily."

"I hope you're wrong." Raven whispered. "You're probably right but I can still hope." She added as Gar kissed her chakra stone lovingly.


"You fools!" An abnormally large Gordonian shouted at the only two Gordonian soldiers who had returned from Earth. "You should have known better than to underestimate the Earthlings!"

"Forgive us my lord." One of the bowing soldiers begged. "The human hybrid that the general contracted led us to a perfect location for them to ambush us."

"Unacceptable!" The Gordonian Emperor shouted. "You will return to Earth with a full company of specialised soldiers and you will bring me the green one!"

"Yes my lord!" Both of the Gordonian soldiers shouted in unison.

The Gordonian Emperor turned and walked away from them. "He will be mine."


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