Mermaid meet vampires, Vampires meet mermaid.

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Prologue -Bella's Pov -Nine years old

"Come on Bella, let`s go swim in the sea." I shook my head

"No thanks mum."

A trip to Australia. Mum's idea. Been here a week already and something has already happened.

I love swimming, I`m good at it I have been for a few years, but since that trip to Mako.


Phil took us out to Mako Island the day after we arrived in Australia, and we went exploring. It was getting dark and we started to head back to the boat, when I slipped and fell down a hole

"Bella! Bella are you alright?" Phil asked from the opening

"Are you hurt?" Mum asked from the same place

"I`m fine, no I'm not hurt."

"Can you get out?" Phil asked

"No it's too steep and it's slippy."

"Try and find another way out, it could lead to sea, we`ll go back to the boat and meet you out there, be careful Bella."

"I will." I looked around and spotted some steps, I followed them and it led to a beautiful pool under a volcano. I spotted some ripples in the pool and knew it would lead out to the ocean. I took off my trainers and fastened the laces before hanging them around my neck, I then stepped into the pool and it started bubbling, I looked up and saw a full moon above me, some water rose around me. When the bubbling died down and the moon passed, I shook my head before taking a breath in and diving under water, there was an opening in the cave and I saw out of in and up until I broke surface, and took some deep breaths, before looking around and spotting a boat not too far away, guessing it was Phil and mum I swam over and climbed in

"Bella! Are you alright? Are you hurt?" mum asked as she wrapped me in a towel and started fussing over me

"I`m fine."

Flashback end

The next day I got a bath before our daily activities, a few seconds later, I grew a tail, I was in shock.

By the end of the holiday I found out that I could control water, freeze water, and heat it up.

I am a mermaid.