Title: That Summer

Author: EllieWrites

Disclaimer: I do not own the Devil Wears Prada or the characters but I have taken the liberty of borrowing them for this story. Please forgive any injustice I do to them as I have tried my best to stay true to them.

Hello All, I apologize in advance but I just needed to see a story to completion. It is short, but here it is...

"Mmmmm" I can do nothing but moan as I feel light kisses on the back of my neck pulling me from my peaceful slumber, as a warm body presses even closer to me. "It's Saturday, and it's too early Miranda. I just know it is." I sigh but cannot help myself but turn over to greet the love of my life, which is a sight I am all too happy to wake up for, even early on a Saturday morning.

"Good morning, beautiful," is all I can manage as I take in her smiling face, and adoring look as if she would rather not lay eyes on anything else in the world this morning than me. My heart yearns to have her understand that I feel exactly the same way. From the look she's giving me I think she does. I kiss her softly and withdraw running my fingertips through her hair and I try to make sense of the smile on her face.

"What?" I ask a bit confused because normally when Miranda wakes me up she is quite direct about what she wants. This is somehow different.

I watch as she continues to gaze at me. She sits up, and then reaches under her pillow and before me is a small box. I scoot up on the pillows with my back against the headboard looking at her, and I'm equally as speechless as she has been. Immediately my eyes tear up, and I can only hope that what I have dreamt about for the past year is actually happening, and that I am not still in fact asleep.

I wait patiently for what would come next, not daring to assume anything or speak and ruin this moment. My patience is rewarded moments later as Miranda begins.

"It has been one year, Andrea. A year ago today I realized I wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you. A year ago today I accepted the fact that I had found true love for the first time. I have waited one year, but I do not wish to wait any longer."

Miranda opens the box carefully, displaying it before me, and I can only follow her teary eyes to stare at a diamond solitaire surrounded by a bed of velvet in the box. I bring my gaze once again up to meet hers.

"Andrea, you have brought happiness to my life that I never believed I would experience. I want nothing more than to share the future with you for as long as you will allow me. Will you, Andrea Sachs, do me the great honor of becoming my wife?"

I finally realize that I'm nodding and crying but have not yet responded, as Miranda is smiling a knowing smile just waiting for an answer. I can give her nothing more than "yes," and allow my body to answer any other questions there may be.

While I have been living in the townhouse for the past six months, it somehow never seemed permanent until today. After working for Nigel for half a year it made sense to move on from Runway, and move in with Miranda. Without him I would never have made it to Vanity Fair. In fact without him I would have never survived a week at Runway, and be where I am now. Miranda did not attend my send off, and people probably believe she doesn't even know I left. Nigel knows differently of course. I make a note to thank him as soon as possible, for everything.

Today of all days I sit down for breakfast and share my own inside joke at what an incredible turn of events my life has taken. Today confirms that all of it is actually real. Miranda and I have lived a very sheltered life for the last year, but it seems now that times will be changing.

The girls accepted us with enthusiasm when they finally figured out what was going on, and somehow this relationship, despite its secrecy when it came to the outside world had become our own version of normal. Now we are taking the next step. Miranda is leading the way and I am more than happy to follow. I cannot imagine being happier and feeling more love than I feel now for my new family.

I'm rolling my ring around on my finger with a stupid grin on my face but I can't help myself. Miranda and the girls are making omelets, and I'm waiting happily at the kitchen island to be served. All three of them were in on the secret, and this is the celebration breakfast. Caroline places an omelet with bacon and cheddar cheese in front of me, giving me a look that only a Priestly child could manage. "Andy, only you could get mom to make bacon," she laughs as gives me a quick hug after dropping off the plate. Miranda flips an omelet while Cassidy watches beside her, and then turns to check on me. I receive what is known to be a Miranda like glare as I finally realize she wants me to test her creation. I quickly stab a forkful of the steaming eggs in front of me, blow, and hmmm in pleasure as I take the first bite. She smiles and goes back to her work, and I giggle and chew with gusto.

Miranda and the girls and I spend Sunday together taking in the best of Manhattan. We have brunch at Pastis, and leisurely walk the streets in the Village for the rest of the afternoon. The girls entertain themselves while we discuss coming out to the rest of the world as it is and the implications. I assure Miranda that I am ready to take on whatever stands in our way, and I proudly wear the ring on my finger that is marking me hers.

Monday morning I text my boss that I'm taking a personal day. Miranda leaves for the office at 8am, but not before laying out an outfit for me and kissing me good bye. She will see me later she says, and reminds me to be on time.

When I enter the lobby at Elias Clarke I find visitors pass waiting in my name at the front desk. I take it and wish hello to the security guards who I have missed over the past six months. They recognize me immediately and greet me with well wishes. They too seem to appreciate the Chanel that Miranda has chosen for me. She knows I love Chanel.

As I open the doors to Runway I run immediately into Emily who is clearly in a panic. "Hey Em," I utter as she looks up in shock upon noticing me. "Andrea, how nice to see you," she says with sarcasm. We have been out a few times for drinks with the old crew since I left Runway, but not in the past two months. "I would love to chat but the staff meeting is in, well, actually I'm already late." She turns and practically runs the other direction in her four inch heels, grabbing Serena on the way. I follow behind and can only imagine Emily's reaction to what will take place shortly.

I walk into the conference room where Miranda is now seated with her back to me. The more senior staff are seated around the conference table, and a few others linger against the walls for the Monday meeting. My entrance interrupts something Miranda was saying as all eyes turn towards me in disbelief when I make my way into the room. Nigel who is at the other end of the conference table is the first to acknowledge me. "Six," he says in loud greeting, his eyes back and forth between myself and Miranda. Emily and the other staffers appear shocked that I would consider interrupting a meeting, and all eyes turn to Miranda now in anticipation of her reaction. "To what do we owe the pleasure…?" Nigel smiles widely knowing there must be something up.

"Hey Nige, I just stopped in to say hello to everyone." I say looking around at the familiar faces at the table. Emily appears as if she is ready to jump up and pull me out of the room any minute now. Nigel is already out of his seat and comes to give me a big hug, as Miranda watches silently. I step closer to Nigel and put my arms around him. Emily does not disappoint, as I splay my fingers widely on Nigel's back during the embrace. I hear her shocked intake of breath. "Andrea, did you get engaged" she dares to ask and then remembers she is in the presence of Miranda, and shrinks into her seat preparing for the wrath.

I release Nigel, who takes my left hand in his, admires the ring, nods at me and then kisses my cheek. He shakes his head and laughs and returns to his seat. I look at Emily, but force myself not to look at Miranda for fear that my eyes will tear and that is not what I had wanted for today. "I did Em, just this past weekend," I say, and everybody starts in on congratulations. They shower me with questions that I leave unanswered.

"Thanks everybody," I say quickly. "That's really why I wanted to come and share the news."

Realizing once again how odd this was, they quickly quieted down and awaited Miranda's response. It was still a staff meeting, and I no longer worked at Runway, and was clearly out of place.

I turned to look at Miranda, who had remained silent during this show. This had been her idea from the start, but by the look on her face she appeared to be having second thoughts. My eyes meet hers and the corners of her mouth turn upwards and I know it's all going to be okay. She stands and the room goes almost silent. "Congratulations Andrea," Miranda says and everyone seems to let out a breath. She walks towards me and takes my hand in hers to get a look at the ring on my finger.

"It's beautiful isn't it," I can't help but whisper. Her head tilts upwards and our eyes meet. I'm lost in her once again as this is yet another declaration of our commitment. "Yes, my darling. It was I who chose it after all." She cups my cheek as she continues. "The ring is beautiful, but its beauty is nothing by comparison to the woman wearing it." With that public declaration I figure it is now acceptable to kiss her and I do almost forgetting where we are until the silence is broken by multiple gasps and yelps. By the time we separate Nigel is clapping, and the others can hardly help but join and impart congratulations, aside from Emily who looks stunned into silence. I give one last chaste kiss to Miranda, who walks me out of the room, instructing her staff to carry on without her presence. We can hear them all the way to the elevators, clearly not discussing Runway.

"That went well," I say as Miranda presses the button to summon an elevator. "Are you okay?" I ask worried that she seems quieter than normal. She takes my hand in hers one last time and admires the ring on my finger. With one finger under her chin I lift her gaze to meet mine. "I am more than okay, Andrea. For the first time in my life I am much, much more than okay." I understand what she is telling me and cannot help but take her in my arms, placing a kiss on the side of her neck above her blouse. "I love you, Miranda. Forever," I promise and with that she relaxes into the embrace. "I love you, too Andrea. Never forget that," she says as she lightens the mood by patting me on the butt. "Now go. I need to get back to the meeting before someone in that room calls the Post. I'm sure it will be in the news this week but let's savor the last few moments of peace, shall we" she asks with a longing look in her eyes.

The elevator pings and opens forcing us to separate. We part ways with our hands attached until the last second. She watches me as the doors close and I cannot help but beam a smile at her that I hope reflects just how happy she makes me. I lean back against the railing of the elevator realizing today is the first day of the rest of my life. First stop Runway and next stop the world.