Avenging Harry Potter

Categories:Harry Potter, Avengers

Pairing: Loki/Harry, Steve/Hermione

Summary: After defeating Voldemort, Harry thought he'd be free to live his life as he pleased...unfortunately the Ministry didn't agree. Drugged and captive on a Helicarrier belonging to S.H.I.E.L.D, Harry's only hope of escaping and living a life is the Avengers and their old nemesis Loki.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, The Avengers, or any of the characters associated with the books or movies and I never have and never will make any money from the writing of this story.

WARNING(S): Ron Bashing


Scooping up the little first year who was huddled in a corner pale and shaking with fear, eighteen year old Harry Potter dodged the falling stones from the ceiling, running towards where Hermione was gathering up any and all students she saw to get them out of the crumbling castle.

"Hermione you need to take them and go! Get them out of here." Harry shouted towards the bushy haired female.

"We're going!" She shouted back, with one of the younger student's in her arm who seemed to have a broken leg. "Everyone stay close and stay behind me. We need to hurry and get out of here."

Watching them leave, Harry turned and sprinted out of the ruins of the Gryffindor common rooms, looking around for any other student that was still alive. While Voldemort had fallen at Harry's wand almost an hour ago, he refused to leave until anyone still alive was trapped in the crumbling school.

Rounding the corner, Harry stopped short at the sight of Minister Fudge and a small group of Aurors.

"Minister if you're here for Voldemort you'll find his body out in the forest." Harry said, moving to step around the Minister and continue his task, only to be stopped by the group of Aurors surrounding him and pointing their wands at him.

"What's this about?" Harry asked darkly, fingers clasping around his wand tightly.

"Mr. Potter we're here to take you into custody and to examine your wand for any dark curses as we've had concerns about you turning dark. You've defeated the current Dark Lord and can easily insinuate yourself into his place now that he is gone and our world is off kilter after this war." Minister Fudge said, looking gleeful.

Snorting, Harry said, "Really? How about instead of supposedly capturing a 'Dark Lord' to make yourself look good for the next voting season you make yourself look great by rescuing any and all people still alive and trapped in Hogwarts?"

Sneering, Fudge said, "Stun him, take his wand and take him out of here, but make sure no one sees you leave with him."

Not knowing what to do, Harry could only watch as multiple stunners shot towards him. As they connected, Harry's world went dark and the last thing he saw was a grin stretched across Fudge's face.

"Minister Fudge was it? Director Fury will be with you shortly. If you'd please take a seat and wait." Agent Phil Coulson said, watching the portly man who paled and looked slightly ill when he caught sight of the clouds outside of the window. "I'm sorry I should have told you how high we are in the air...you aren't afraid of heights are you?" Coulson added with a hint of a smirk.

Turning away from the window, Fudge walked to the table and sat down while dabbing at his sweaty forehead with a cloth he pulled from his pocket.

"While I'm not afraid of heights I prefer to have my feet on the ground." Fudge said. "I hate to seem impatient, but how long will it be before Mr. Fury is here?"

"I'm here now." The dark skinned man said walking into the room, coat flaring around him as he walked. "You're dismissed for now, Agent Coulson. Maybe you can go and try to convince Stark not to anger Doctor Banner."

"I'll get right on that, Director." Coulson said heading for the door, leaving the two men alone in the room.

"So Mister Fudge what can S.H.I.E.L.D do for you?" Fury asked, sitting down at the table across from the man.

"I would like to offer an alliance with my kind, Witches and Wizards and ask that you contain a dangerous criminal for us in exchange for our alliance. We fear that he might be able to contact allies if we contain him and would escape." Fudge said, looking away from Fury, avoiding eye contact.

"Who is this criminal and what are his crimes?" Fury asked.

"Harry James Potter, eighteen years of age. He caused multiple deaths and the destruction of one of our world's schools which also led to multiple deaths of children starting from the age of eleven. If you agree to contain him we'll be supplying you with potions that you can give him that will keep him subdued and also contain and block his magic so that he can't use it against you."

"You have proof that he's done what he's been accused of?" Fury asked.

"I have death records of how the innocents died and which wand was used to cast the spell. The core of the wand records the spells used and we extracted the records for proof. They all match up with Potters wand; Phoenix feather core."

"Do you have any of this proof or records with you? I'd like to take a look at them." Fury asked.

"Of course." Fudge said, pulling a shrunk briefcase out of his pocket and enlarged it. Opening it, he pulled out a file and handed it over.

Flipping open the file, Fury read over it and asked, "What's this other information? Yew and 13 ½ inches...and why is the section about the wand's owner and maker left blank?"

"We still need to fill in some of the information on there because we wanted to get Potter secured and away from any potential allies. We felt making sure he didn't escape to cause more deaths was more important than filling in a few minor details." Fudge said, wiping at his sweaty brow again.

"What's this alliance you and your kind are offering?" Fudge asked, setting the file down.

"We are wiling to offer our trained Witches and Wizards when you come against magic users. You contact us and we will send them to aid you."

Thinking about how easier Loki would have been to handle if they had other magic users, Fury nodded and said, "Alright. We'll accept your alliance and take point in securing your prisoner. Give us a day or two to set up a secure cell for him and then bring him and those potions you mentioned that will help us contain him."


AN: Okay here's the start of the extended story from the prompt(s) that you guys and girls chose. I hope you're enjoying it so far and that you continue to enjoy it.

Also I wanted to mention that I know that Harry's wand is Holly, 11 inches with a Phoenix feather core. The one I used is just a little twist that I'm sure some of you will pick up on. ;)