Avenging Harry Potter

Categories:Harry Potter, Avengers

Pairing: Loki/Harry, Steve/Hermione

Summary: After defeating Voldemort, Harry thought he'd be free to live his life as he pleased...unfortunately the Ministry didn't agree. Drugged and captive on a Helicarrier belonging to S.H.I.E.L.D, Harry's only hope of escaping and living a life is the Avengers and their old nemesis Loki.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, The Avengers, or any of the characters associated with the books or movies and I never have and never will make any money from the writing of this story.

WARNING(S): Ron Bashing, AU

-Chapter Eighteen-

The next morning the team plus Loki, Hermione and Harry were all sitting in the communal dining room eating breakfast when there was a rush in activity from a pack of owls flying into the room all bearing letters and one with a copy of a newspaper.

Acting quickly, Hermione threw up a barrier that kept the owls from getting on the table so they didn't knock anything down.

"Well I think something must have happened." Harry said with a fake surprised tone in his voice and widened eyes.

Snorting, Tony said, "I thought only I could pull that fake innocence off so well."

"You don't pull it off at all we just act like you do." Natasha said looking at him over the rim of her coffee as she sipped at it, ignoring the owls.

"Well I'm out of here I don't like that many birds." Clint said standing up, snagging a piece of toast off of the plate before he left.

"But you fit in so well! You should share your nest with them!" Tony called after him, ducking to avoid the crust of toast that the archer threw at his head.

One of the owls watched the crust as it bounced on the table and flew into the barrier trying to reach it.

Snorting, Tony let out a laugh and stood up, dragging Bruce up with him and said, "Well I am going as well. I don't do well with any animals."

"I happen to like animals so I'm going with why?" Bruce asked, looking amused as Tony dragged him behind.

"Because I said so."

"You actually haven't said anything you've just manhandled me." Bruce's voice said as it slowly got fainter as they reached the elevator.

Thor merely continued to eat, only watching the owls a little more as they eyed the food on his plate.

Pulling his wand out of his pocket, Harry spelled all of the letters and papers off of them and floated them over to the table before he ripped up a few pieces of toast and tossed it outside of the barrier. The owls instantly dove onto the food, gobbling it up before some flew off, apparently not needing a reply.

Reaching out, Harry snagged up the copy of the Daily Prophet and opened it up, Looking at the bold headline which proclaimed; BOY WHO LIVED REALLY INNOCENT! MINISTER OUSTED FOR FALSITIES. Underneath it there was a smaller title which read; Ministry to undergo complete reformation by the IWC ( International Wizard Council) with an entire new staff being brought in after atrocious behavior by shamed ex-minister Cornelius Fudge. Under that was the byline; Written by new head writer of the Daily Prophet, Rebeka Smith.

Scanning through the paper, Harry just glanced through the article about him until he got to the part about Fudge.

"Ex Minister Cornelius Fudge and his group of personal guards have been stripped of their titles and are awaiting trial in front of the IWC. They were held in a cell until bail was posted by an anonymous donor and it is assumed that they have since returned to their homes to avoid any confrontations. The trial is set for this weekend and is an open trial. There has been an outcry of support of blocking any and all of the guilty of their magic and banishing them to the Muggle world to suffer in a world they are unfamiliar with while others are in support of life in Azkaban.

Due to the breach of trust and rights done by the ex Minister and the wavering trust, the IWC has sent a proclamation that they will be removing everyone from their seat in the Ministry and will work to fill those seats with trustworthy and law abiding citizens. They will also be going over every law set in place, every trial ran, basically anything done by Fudge and will attempt to offer retribution to anyone he has wronged during his reign as Minister.

As expected, Cornelius Fudge was not available for comment on any of the charges that will be leveled against him. He seems to be in hiding in his home and will likely stay there until the time of his trial.

Stay tuned for the special edition coming out shortly after the trial to see what the verdict on Ex-Minister Cornelius Fudge will be."

"Want to read about what's happened to Fudge?" Harry asked, holding the paper out to Hermione.

"Oh definitely." She said gleefully, taking the paper and leaning against Steve's side so that he could read along with her.

"I'm kind of afraid of all these letters." Harry said to Loki as he used one finger to push one of the envelopes which had a scent of perfume wafting from it.

"A way to try and get into your good graces after their failure to defend you as true elders should defend the youngest." Thor said through a mouthful of food.

"Please brother, finish before you talk." Loki said with a disgusted look on his face.

Shoveling the last bits of his food into his mouth as Harry reached for one of the top letters, Thor then stood up and said, "I shall give you solitude while you read."

"You don't need to do that." Harry said, even as Thor disappeared out the door.

"Would you like some peace while you read?" Steve asked, looking up from the paper.

"Nah you don't need to do that. It's not like there will be anything worth while in these letters."

"Oh don't say that, Harry. There could be some good things in there." Hermione said with a frown.

"Oh yeah? Then you can help me read them." Harry said, shoving some of the letters towards her.

Rolling her eyes with a smile, Hermione took a letter and opened it up.

"Well I'm going to do some training downstairs. Would you like to join me for lunch, Mione?" Steve asked, standing up and gathering the plates to put them in the sink.

"Of course I'll meet you at noon on the dot." She said with a smile, leaning up to press a kiss against Steve's cheek.

With a smile, Steve nodded towards Harry and Loki and headed out of the room, eyes continuously moving towards Hermione the whole time until he was around the corner.

Reaching out and grabbing a letter himself, Harry opened it and started reading...sadly it was a bad letter to start with. It wasn't signed or addressed and was scribbled in an almost illegible scrawl.

"It is disgusting how a murderer like you gets off free and alive while many of us lost loved ones. Take a look at everyone dead because you weren't there to save them when you should have been."

Looking down, Harry paled at the long list of names. It was a long list of names and ages, starting with the youngest first. When he reached the sixteen, seventeen and eighteen year old people, he paled when he saw many familiar names of old classmates including Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood.

"Mione." Harry called softly, trying to get her attention as he dropped the parchment down on the table.

"Yes, Harry?" She asked.

"How many people died? How many of our schoolmates died? Why didn't you tell me about Neville and Luna?"

Putting the letter she was reading aside, Hermione dropped her head and said, "I thought you knew and just didn't want to talk about it. I shouldn't have assumed that you had known."

"No. I mean I knew people died, but I had no idea it was this many." He said, picking up the parchment and giving it a shake.

Shoving away from the table, Harry stood up and made his way out onto the balcony, ignoring Hermione's call and Loki telling her he would go after him.

"I am not going to ask if you are alright because you obviously are not." Loki spoke softly, moving to stand beside Harry.

Giving a sad snort, Harry asked, "Is it that obvious?" Running his hands through his hair, he said, "I need to be alone right now."

"Shall I escort you to your floor?"

"No I can't truly be alone in the tower." Harry said, shaking his head. Stepping away from Loki, Harry closed his eyes and disapperated with a loud crack.

When he landed, he opened his eyes and had no idea where he was. He only knew what his eyes told him; that he was surrounded by a sea of trees that towered over him.

Pulling his wand, Harry angrily started blasting the environment around him, causing rubble to replace the once tall trees.

He destroyed a large area before he felt drained and dropped to the ground, back against a tree, gasping and panting to regain his breath.

Back against the tree, Harry lifted his head and started transfiguring the rubble into stones and other materials and began to construct a monument.

He was finishing up about an hour later when he heard a sound above him and looked up, spotting Tony descending to the ground in his Iron man suit.

"I found him call off the others." The mechanical voice said.

"I figured you guys would have found me sooner." He admitted.

"Hermione got us to the forest with a 'point me' spell, but it wouldn't lead us any further. It kept turning us around until we were back where we started." Tony spoke before lifting his faceplate up, his face showing relief at finding him.

"Can you take a picture before we leave?" Harry asked.

"Of what? Your new hiding spot?" Tony teased.

"Of that." Harry said, pointing behind Tony.

Turning around, Tony asked, "You made that?"

"Yeah. It isn't much, but I'm going to have it built for everyone lost during the war."

"Jarvis snap a picture."

"Of course, sir." Harry faintly heard the AI respond.

Taking one last look at, Harry raised his wand to return the statue to it's normal items. As they walked back through the woods and met up with the others, Loki moving to wrap an arm around his waist as they moved back to the jet, he could still easily see what the statue had looked like in his mind.

It was three animals, a large black dog, a tawny colored wolf and a stag all lying in a field of lilies with four students around them, each dressed in one of the house robes. Behind all of them stood Hogwarts, standing tall and whole, no damage anywhere on it. Over the front doors was a banner that read, 'Never forget the lives lost on November 23, 2012.' Underneath beside the doors was a stone parchment which would hold the long list of lives lost.


AN: So I realized I never picked a start date for the story just that I've used/mentioned months briefly in other chapters. I tried to pick a date that would fit the story line from those brief mentions. Hopefully it fits. Anyway I hope you all enjoyed the chapter and more will be up soon.

Also the story is drawing to a close only about 3 left after this one. So I hope you all have been enjoying the story and you enjoy the ending of it as well.