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If you are not familiar with Justice League the first season, I highly recommend watching episodes 37 and 38 "A Better World." At least watch that and then read this because it is based solely on those episodes and if you read this before watching or if you don't know about that world at all, you might be completely lost.

For those who have read my MoS short Kiss It Better, forget everything you know about Eve and everyone. This story is a completely different alternate universe, literally, and is based on the JL characters and personas. This a flashback format, where one chapter depicts the present and the following chapter is a flashback. I don't know if I'm going to continue it like that for the whole story but it's like that for now. I'm also not planing on this being a long story but another short.

Warning: TRAGEDY AND ANGST. this contains language, sexual content, abuse, mentions of death, an evil Supes and maybe more.

They had all been more than shocked when they were told of the alternate timeline, and by its own Martian Manhunter. They were even more surprised whilst walking through the portal, and finding out that Flash—the one there—was dead.

No, flabbergasted was more of the word.

They had come here in order to, hopefully, help prevent the two dimensions from collapsing on each other. It had seemed easy enough, and given that the Batman from the alternate world was the one who had personally requested their help, they all agreed to go. ...Just no one had expected it to be a trap, to walk inside of a giant electric box and shocked to unconsciousness.

"The Justice Lords," Hawkwoman had scoffed at the name. Neither of the members of this Earth had kept a straight face when hearing the name of their opposites—except Batman, of course. Wonder Woman had been horrified. Hawkwoman's jaw had slacked open; Lantern had been furious. J'onn had been taken aback by his doppelgänger's betrayal. Flash was still grasping the fact that he was supposed to be dead.

Superman, on the other hand, he was the one who came up with the plan to escape, surprising enough that it hadn't been Batman. The Justice Lords—the League in this dimension—had used the same portal to cross to the League's words just as when the originals had hoped over.

It shouldn't be hard; the plan was for the Justice League to blend in in this world as the Justice Lords to hide themselves, they were to pose as their counterparts whilst protecting Flash. They could each go to their double's quarters for a place to stay and to look for hopeful clues for a way to hop back home.

Better said than done.

So it had been settled. Batman, Flash and Lantern took refuge in Flash's old apartment, surprising enough that it was still standing and remained unoccupied. Wonder Woman, Hawkwoman and Manhunter scouted out Wonder Woman's place for the time being. Batman knew they could all hold their own and had divided the team into pairs to were they were strong. Superman, he knew, could handle himself.

Superman pressed the elevator button to the building's top floor. His duplicate had apparently occupied a penthouse in this Metropolis. The guards "protecting" each floor had been surprisingly easy enough to get by.

He nodded to the guards on either side of his double's door, making sure to look straight ahead as to not give away his confusion. Superman slowly opened the door to the penthouse and stepped inside to a large living room, praying that he was quiet enough and there weren't any crazy robots or metahumans.

The door clicked shut behind him and he jumped, the sound seeming very loud in the quiet room. ...Save for the soft sound of music playing.

'...Music...?' Immediately he became suspicious and readied himself for some enemy to jump out from behind a corner. He looked around, scanning the room, but then froze.

The lone woman had jumped from leaning over an expensive-looking bar countertop, from cleaning it, also startled. He could only stare back.

The woman wore what looked like a short dress, though its edges were sightly ripped. And the more he looked, the more dust he saw from her cleaning on it and that the belt around her waist did not make the fine-fitting dress any tighter on her. Her thick brown hair looked very disshelved and a thick curl hung in her face. Her wide eyes watched him, returning his bewildered look, hands still gripping the small cloth to her chest. She looked so much like her..

He was shocked, and hadn't moved where he stood.

She...this woman. ...She must be a double here, he thought. 'Hopefully..'

"...E-Eve...?" He couldn't stop himself from asking even if he knew the answer.

Her bare feet made soft patting sounds across the plush carpet. She forced a smile, abandoning the cloth on a nearby sofa as she came closer. "Did you have a long day?"

He watched as she came closer and placed her hands on his chest.

"I see that you changed back to your blue-and-red suit..." she stated, feigning interest.

He could tell her hands were shaking.

He then remembered her question. He shrugged. "Uh, yeah. Today was, um, tougher than usual," Superman lied. He he hoped his expression was impassive.

It must have worked: Eve looked up to him, her eyes widening. She looked down at her feet, hiding her sullen expression and biting her bottom lip before dropping to her knees. Her hands shook as she took hold of his belt.

Superman was startled, to say the least.

"So...Th-then here...? Or somewhere—-"

He stopped her, retching from her hands as he took several steps back. "No, Eve!"

Eve's hands hovered before dropping to her side. A look of understanding replaced the stunned one she had. "Oh. Okay..." Her down expression returned. Eve's hands shook as she began unbuttoning her blouse.

"Stop!" He pulled her wrists apart to stop her. "What the hell—-?!"

He was stunned to see her flinch at his yell; she had squeezed her eyes shut and reeled away as if to get away from his iron grip.

Superman released his hold on her wrists, his eyes wide. He was confused, worried and scared of how much more this world was different. Of how Eve, of all people, cowered from him like a hurt child.

Her bottom lip quivered. What had his double done here?!

"I'm sorry," his voice was close to a whisper.

She looked up at him as if he had grown two heads.

"You're upset," she was going to ask. But she was afraid. If he was upset again, she didn't want to repeat last time. Instead, she remained quiet.

He held her elbows, helping her stand. Eve was clutching the unbuttoned top of her dress. She was still shaking slightly and Superman caught her in his arms as her legs gave away. She stiffened against him and he quickly let her go, thinking close contact was not the best thing in this situation.

"Why don't you take a shower, you look a bit frazzled." He understood how the suggestion sounded wrong and could be taken negative as soon as it left his lips.

Eve looked him up and down. Sure, she didn't take that particularly well, but could't tell of he was trying to be genuine or if this was another one of his tricks.

He placed a hand on her shoulder, casting a small smile to her before she turned to walk down the long hallway to the bathroom. He watched until she turned the corner before picking up the discarded cloth she was cleaning with.

Even if this was one of his tricks, what more could she do anywho..?

She, like the other duplicates he's come across, was drastically different than what he and the rest of the Justice League have know; this Eve was very fragile, he could tell, and decided that he would wait to tell her that he wasn't the Superman from this alternate world. ...If it came down to him having to tell her.

He looked at the cloth and his jaw clenched. There were speckles of dried blood that had stained the small towel.