I will try to to hopefully touch more on the episodes in the coming chapters. For now, here is another like I promised. It is a flashback.

Eve laid on her side. Her eyes had fluttered open seemingly hours ago from the sunlight flittering through the window, but she hadn't moved. She just lay on her side in bed, not even thinking. Just watching the pair of birds on the wire outside the large window. She just lied there.

She listened, and found that the apartment was silent. It was empty; Kal was no longer here. She had known he was earlier—she had heard him typing on one of his computers before she fell back asleep some time ago.

She hadn't moved for some time—she doesn't know how many days have passed either. Eve still hasn't moved since Kal left home.

No, that is not the same word. This was no longer a home. She came to realize that a long time ago. But sadly, she knew she could do nothing about it.

Eve sat up, the covers falling from her frail frame. She was shaking again. Though, luckily she was clothed even if it were only panties and a bra. One could easily see the blue marks along her back.

For a moment, her mind was blank, but then the events of yesterday that flowed into the late of night came flooding back. And Eve wrapped her arms around herself.

Her gaze drifted to the lone record player on the far corner of the room, and _unwantingly, many thoughts came to mind. It was the same record player she had gotten him seemingly long ago for a present, back when he had only been know as Clark Kent to her. Back then, he would have taken her hand on a rainy day when she had been reading and danced with her across the room. The songs "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" by Micheal Henry & Justin Robinett or "Hallelujah" by Justin Castro were the two he played the most on that old contraption. Even today, Eve found herself playing a song or two on it and dancing alone when Kal would leave. She found herself urging to the do the same now. ..

She winced as she stood and placed a hand on the nape of her neck. It still stung from his wound from last night. She unconsciously rubbed her arse, it still red.

Eve fingered through the records he had made and found one specifically. It had been one she had put on increasingly now. Her fingers ghosted across the label, adjusting the needle to the track she seemed to be playing more and more often. The label read 'STATELESS,' the name of the artist.

She went to the closet waiting for the song to play. And once the few tunes of the song "Ariel" began to play, she threw on a long red robe and began moving abut the room.

Eve had been a gymnast once upon a time, from elementary to late high school. That was when she began taking her interest in reporting to heart and it became her main focus instead. Her arms flowed and legs bent into movement she could could not remember but her body knew. Her body still ached tremendously from last night's torture, so her movements were slight and very careful.

The balls of her toes twisted into the carpet as she spun a few times to rid herself of sleep and way of stretching. And immediately regretted it.

One any normal day, she would be in The Daily Planet office, or since today was a weekend, as the calendar beside the home record player read, she would be with Alyse Mulberry, a close friend of hers. Or perhaps Kal forgot to mark the day off again...

The music could still be heard as she walked into the large living room.

When she had first seen the place, her mind had been blown—it held the expanse and luxury as a millionaires or so. She was further shocked when Kal, Clark then, had told her he had bout it for them.


Before, they had been going out for some time, much to the annoyance of Lois Lane. So this little slip of the tongue was completely unexpected and sent her on edge. Eve had only smiled then; Clark's had been red all over. She knew he was to propose soon—there was no way she was going to move in with a man she was "only seeing." She just didn't know when he was going to pull out the ring. That had also been a total surprise.

But if you were to ask Eve what she thought of the enormous apartment now, she'd shrug saying that it was indifferent to her. She didn't like it.

It was growing dark outside, she saw through the wide floor-to-ceiling window. There were few light from offices and other businesses citizens took care of in the tall buildings nearby, who were all living a life she would no long have.

Though Eve didn't like it, some time ago, she had come to accept that.

Weak, her knees dropped to the floor in front of the window as the last few notes from "Ariel" rang out through the empty place. Her eyes scanned the streets below. She looked for nothing in particular—maybe a familiar face, maybe a quarrel of some sort to provide some rare entertainment.

She heard the door opened behind her. Just as the song ended, something dropped to the floor behind her.

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