So, this is something I've been slowly working on for a while and still am when inspiration strikes. I was going to wait till I had more done but I wanted to see what people thought, this will eventually contain a controversial fanfic genre.

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Warning: Light Gwen bashing will be seen from time to time, depending on your definition of "Gwen bashing" and this will eventually contain MPreg so if those aren't your things then stop right now.

Summary: The Rift takes Ianto and puts him somewhere he didn't expect but Jack always knew it was going to happen. It takes him to the Boeshane Peninsula in the 51st century where he meets a teenage Jack, a very flirty and fearless teenage Jack. Told in 1st person with Jack and Ianto taking turns.


One second Ianto was there and the next he wasn't. The Rift took him right before my eyes. The thing was; I knew it would have to happen sooner or later. What I didn't know was if I'd ever see Ianto again so I could stop pretending I didn't already know him. See, the Rift took Ianto to the 51st century and the first person he met was me...when I was fifteen years old.


The Time Agency had messed with my memories so many times I had almost forgotten Ianto for a while. But that night in the warehouse when we caught Myfanwy, it all started to come back to me. I couldn't believe I allowed myself to forget him and how happy we were. But let me start at the beginning, the beginning for me, which was way before the beginning for Ianto.

I was on my way home from school one afternoon when I heard a noise coming from an alley. Curious, I went down to have a look. I saw a devilishly handsome man just sitting up on the ground. His clothes were out of an ancient history text so I figured he was either eccentric or a time traveller—and by the looks of him an accidental one.

"Hey there hot stuff," I trotted up to him, "you okay?"

He looked at me if I had no head or if he had no idea what I was saying because he responded in English "Who…What…where am I?" he scrambled to his feet but stumbled and had to steady himself on the wall.

Good thing I spoke English, "Sorry about that, English isn't the common tongue in these parts."

He took a few deep breaths, "Where are these parts?"

"The Boeshane Peninsula."

He blinked, "Never heard of it."

"Well, what planet are you from?"

His eyes widened at that and the colour—what little there was—drained from his face. He swallowed "Earth," he said "Cardiff, Wales to be precise. The Rift must have brought me here."

"Starting to look that way." Gosh, darn it and now you get to find out my original name—more or less, "I'm Junior Jackson, who are you? And when are you from?"

"Ianto Jones, 2008. When is this?"

I gave a low whistle "I'm afraid you're a long way from home, Ianto. Not only are we not on Earth, this is 5082."

He laughed nervously, "Great, 3099 years after I was born. Is there any way I can get home?"

"Not presently but we might be able to figure out a way. Got someone back home?"

Ianto nodded and then he stared at me intently. He blinked slowly several times, "You look…I'm not sure."

That was interesting. "Well, you better come home with me, Ianto. Mom will know what to do."

He stepped away from the wall "I don't reckon I have much of a choice."

"Oh there's always a choice, hot stuff; you can always fend for yourself in a strange place."

"I'd rather go with you, thanks."

I slapped his cute little butt "That's the spirit."

He rolled his eyes but didn't seem surprised by my flirting—that was good "How old are you?"


"I'm 24, you shouldn't be coming on to me."

"Pah, nine years isn't much. Not like it's illegal."

"It is where I come from."

"That's terrible."

He sighed "It certainly would be if you lived there."

I grinned "That's what I like to hear."

We took the back way home so no one would question us, not they would. Boeshane was a regular stop off for Time Agents and they were often randomly appearing in strange clothes. I heard they were going to be opening a branch here within a few years and I intended to join. But still, Ianto seemed pretty petrified and I figured he might panic if questioned by anyone else.

Despite that he kept step with me and kept his eyes forward, not looking at anything except what was right in front of him.

"Here we are," I said when we got to my back door "come on in," I grabbed his hand and pulled him inside to the kitchen "Mom!" I called "we have company!"

Mom came in the kitchen, took one look at Ianto and said "Junior, I swear, you are just like your aunt Sally, always bringing strange boys home."

"I don't always bring strange boys home," I said defiantly and in English "Mom, this is Ianto Jones, I found him in the alley on Sand Street. He says he's from the 21st century, something about the Rift."

She regarded him "Oh?"

Ianto swallowed and nodded "Yes, ma'am. There's a Rift through time and space that runs through the centre of Cardiff—that's where I was, Cardiff, Wales, Earth 2008. January 16th to be precise."

"He likes to be precise," I said "and I believe him. Look at him, he's already sweaty and pale. Definitely not used to this climate."

Ianto tugged at his shirt, "The air does feel a bit heavy."

Mom took his arm and lead him to a chair "You'd better sit down, Mr Jones. I'll get you some water."

"Thank you, Mrs…Jackson, was it?"

She nodded "That's right but you can call me Ava."

"So," I said to Ianto "you worship Armani?"

"This isn't an Armani suit," he blinked and looked at me "wait, what?"

Mom handed him a glass of water "Here you go, the cleanest water you're likely to have ever tasted."

"Thank you," he took a sip.

"Well," I said "you're dressed like someone in the Cult of Armani."

He spit out his water in surprise and stared at me "The what of whom?"

"You know, Armani one of the top ancient Earth gods of men's fashion."

Ianto burst out laughing, so hard he doubled over "You think that…ha ha…I can't believe it."

I crossed my arms "I don't see what's so funny."

He caught his breath "Armani isn't a god. He was just a fashion designer who got his own label, that's all, expensive as hell though. That's why I'm not wearing one, I don't wear my Armani to work, well at least not on days I know for sure there's a possibility of getting a stain on it."

"Oh" I blinked and brushed it off. I never really believed Armani was real anyway. But this was interesting and I would have to ask him to clarify a few other myths.

Mom gave Ianto some medicine to help adjust to the air quality and got him some new clothes and a pair of goggles—that suit would never do in the city of Boe. We decided to let him stay with us. It was also a requirement—victims of the Rift were quite common in human colonies and the rules were, whoever finds them is responsible for them.

Don't worry, I have a plan on one day Ianto returning to adult Jack but it will take a while. So, if you're interested in seeing more, please let me know. It might give me the inspiration I need to put this story on one of the front burners.

In the next chapter Ianto adjusts to 51st century life.