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Back at the Hub…

Owen and I returned to the Hub.

"Conference room everyone," I announced. "Where's Gwen?" I asked Tosh.

"Up in the kitchen," Tosh saved what she was working on and stood.

I went up there and it looked like Gwen was attempting to mess with the coffee machine "What the hell are you doing?" I said.

She jumped at the tone in my voice "I thought I'd make some coffee."

My nerves were frayed and my emotions were bubbling "Ianto is the only one who knows how to work that thing."

"Well I haven't tried yet."

"There is a reason he hasn't let you. Have you ever even used anything similar?"

"Well no…"

"Exactly. Now, go to the conference room," I looked over the machine. It was making disconcerting gurgling sounds. Uh oh. I turned it off, at least I think I did and just to be safe I unplugged it.

Ianto was not going to be happy when he got back.

"Okay gang," I said entering the conference room and holding up the disc "this is what came through the Rift. It's a message from Ianto."

"Are you serious?" said Gwen.

I sighed, "Does it look like I'm joking? What's wrong with you today, woman?"

Gwen's mouth fell open "You're the one who's acting weird."

"The man I love was taken by the Rift right in front of me, how else am I supposed to act?"

Gwen was apparently struck speechless—there was something I didn't think was possible.

"What's on the disc Jack?" Tosh asked gently.

I took a breath "I don't know. The note says we're to watch it together, so Tosh?" I handed it to her "could you put it on please?"

She smiled sweetly "Of course."

"But before we watch it, I have something else to tell you all." I sat down in my seat at the head of the table "In the future which is my past, Ianto and I fell in love, I think it helped that he was already in love with me. We got married" I rubbed my ring finger with my thumb "and had children. You see, in my time, one in every ten men have what's called the male pregnancy gene and I'm one of them."

Gwen got over her speechlessness, damn it "That's impossible. Men can't get pregnant."

I sighed heavily, "They can in the 51st century. They really start experimenting with the idea in the next few centuries. The theory is in its early stages even now. Haven't you seen that movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito?"

"No," she said.

"I have" Owen stated "I, uh, like DeVito's movies. Anyway, I'm guessing your pregnancy was different though."

I nodded "Ianto and I had sex and I got pregnant."

Owen actually seemed interested "How was the baby born? Did you produce milk?"

"C-section and no, the MPG hadn't evolved quite to that point yet. Now, that being said, Tosh put the DVD on."

She put it in the computer and mere moments later Ianto's gorgeous face appeared on the screen. I didn't recognise the background.

Ianto was wearing the traditional dress of the City of Boe.

He smiled "Yes Owen, I know I'm dressed like an extra in Star Wars. Shut up, it's a desert planet."

Owen sputtered "How'd he know what I was thinking?"

"Shhh!" I said.

Ianto took a breath "I expect you're wondering how I've done this. Jack, right now you are five months pregnant with our first child."

Okay, so he's not telling me he's on his way.

Ianto continued "I was at work today and things were slow, so I was cleaning. What else do I do when I'm bored and you're not around, right?" he smirked. "Anyway, two people and their K-9 came into the bar. The woman was wearing clothes out of the 1970s and the man I recognised from files Torchwood London "borrowed" from UNIT. The man is the Doctor, 4th incarnation according to him, I don't know what number you know."

My mouth hung open "What?"

"I didn't tell them your name," Ianto said "but the Doctor recognised me as being someone not from this time and I had to tell him I got nabbed by the rift. I also had recognised the woman he was with as the journalist Sarah Jane Smith. I did tell the Doctor that the man I worked with in 2008 was someone he hadn't met yet and I did tell him that that same man was the first person I met when I got here." He put a hand to his head "There's that headache again. Jack, he offered to take me home but I declined. I can't just abandon you and our child. I hope one day I'll get another chance…" he dabbed at his eyes with a cloth "In a few I'm going to ask the others to leave the room but for now…I have some things I would like to say to you all. I have every intention of getting back there some day so no one and I mean NO ONE is to touch MY coffee machine. I will know if someone has and whoever is responsible will be on decaf for a month. Maybe even instant."

"She did it!" I pointed at Gwen. "Oh," I chuckled "he can't hear me."

Ianto took a breath, he must have paused for a reason. "Myfanwy likes dark chocolate as a treat. Janet has to eat at the same time every day or she gets cranky. Tosh, you're the only one I trust to even attempt filing or retrieving something from the archives. Owen, that book I borrowed is in the top drawer behind the counter in the tourist office." He took another breath, closed his eyes for a moment and then said "I would say something to Gwen but everything I think of would come out bitchy and I don't want that because I'm not that kind of person."

Gwen blinked, reached over and paused the video "What's that supposed to mean?"

"I think he's telling you to keep your hands off Jack," Owen said.

"Will you people keep quiet?" I hissed and pressed play.

"Now, I would like Jack to be alone with me please. I'll wait."

"You heard him," I told the others "scat, all of you and anyone I catch eavesdropping gets retconned."

"I expect you to pause the video if they're not gone yet" Ianto said.

Just to be safe I hit pause and waited for the others to leave the room and even Gwen didn't bother to argue with me—that was a first. Once they were gone I hit play again.

"They gone?" Ianto said "Good. Tell Tosh and Owen I miss them, I didn't want to say anything in front of Gwen, because I don't miss her. I just don't and if she touches you there will be hell to pay. Jack," he breathed deeply and exhaled "Archie Junior Jackson, I get confused sometimes, because the younger you is so different than the older you. Then you'll say something and it'll remind me just who you are. I don't want you to think that by not coming home now I love Junior more than Jack nor do I love Jack more than Junior. Cariad, I love every bit of you, every second of you." He paused again and sniffled.

I was quickly losing my resolve not to cry "I love you too, Ianto."

Ianto's breath was shaky "I asked the Doctor and Miss Smith to let me record this on their K-9 and they promised to use the Rift to deliver it to you. Jack, I know we're going to get separated at some point, I don't know when and I don't know how but I swear to you if I get the chance to come home to you with however many children we have I will. I miss you Jack, miss you so much. I love you, every bit and every second for as long as time will allow."

The video ended and I couldn't fight it anymore. I put my head down on the table and cried.

Back on Boeshane…

Ianto insisted on packing my bags for basic training. He was broodily silent while doing it. Two month old Duncan was crying and I was trying to calm him.

"Hush baby" I held him to my chest and kissed the top of his head. "He's picking up on your emotions, Ianto. You need to calm down."

He stopped what he was doing and looked at me. He took several deep breaths "I'm sorry, cariad. I just don't want you to go."

I walked over to him "Neither do I but I don't have a choice. We've been through this. And will you please sing to him, it always works."

Ianto took the baby from me and started to rock him. He began to sing the only song so far that quieted Duncan "On the day I was born, the nurses all gathered 'round…"

It may have gotten Duncan to stop crying but Ianto singing that song turned me the hell on. Once the song was over Ianto said "Now Duncan, I'm gonna take you to Grandma while Daddy and I talk."

When Ianto came back he said "It's not fair, Junior. You only just turned seventeen, you should be able to act like it."

"I'm sorry teenagers weren't as mature in your time."

He ran a hand through his hair "Okay, I don't want to have this argument again" he took me in his arms "I'm sorry, Junior. I love you so much, I don't want to lose you."

"I love you too, Ianto and you'll never lose me. Ianto, I promise I will always come back."

Ianto's eyes were over bright, he pulled me closer and I felt tears on my neck. I just held him and let him cry.

Ianto stopped crying and thrust his hips "My singing turned you on did it?" he said huskily.

"Always does" I replied just as huskily.

Okay, so I was going to have more details about the future and their children and Jack joining the time agency. I really was. But I realised that that would take too long so I'm going to really speed things up. I'm thinking get Ianto back to adult Jack soon, maybe next chapter and Jack and Ianto can just tell the rest of the story in bits. Because there's some stuff that needs to happen in the present that I want to get to.

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