It's January 2nd 2014(somewhere in the world). Do you know where your Ascension is? Oh wait, it's right here.

On August 5th 1995, a warm breeze blew through the deserts of Las Vegas. The bright lights and the loud sounds of the city set the scene. There was a lot of yelling, cursing, and the honking of horns all around the Vegas Strip. There were people on the ground gambling away their entire fortunes, their houses, their cars, their entire livelihood. It was a chaotic scene where many stepped into Vegas hoping to strike it rich and left with nothing but the clothes upon their back, if they were fortunate.

Pamela Lillian Isley thought that she had walked into Vegas and hit the jackpot, which was something that many didn't get walk away with.

The seventeen year old female looked out onto the desert from the balcony of the hotel room that she and her lover were staying in. She had a healthy head of long red hair that framed her face then fell down to her middle back. She had pouty red lips that looked delicious enough to eat although there was still a bit of a shy smile that crossed her face and a look of unexplainable longing that appeared in her eyes at times, although it was really rare these days. She was more at ease with who she was now.

She wore a man's dress shirt that so big on her that it went down all the way to her knees. The shirt wrapped nicely around her developing breasts that were really starting to fill out over the last couple of years. It wrapped tightly around her delicious ass and from there her shapely stems extended down to the ground.

"I know it wasn't your dream wedding…."

"Funnily enough, my dream wedding only involved you, any other details were sketchy," Pamela stated, though she didn't turn around to face her husband at least not at the moment.

She felt a pair of extremely strong arms wrap around from behind her and that caused a feeling of utmost contentment to run throughout her body. The young redhead allowed a pleased sigh to escape her lips.

"Well, as long as the same general idea applies," His voice whispered in her ear which caused her to grow rigid and he smiled as he watched her shift nervously in his arms.

"It was every idea that I had in my head, all that and more," Pamela breathed as she relaxed back into him and his hands were underneath her breasts, but did not slide up any which was a tease that she was about to come undone from. "I can't lie; you're a man of your word Harry."

"You should know by now that I am," Harry said as he tightened his arms around her for a brief moment, before he spun his newest wife around so she could properly face him.

Bright green eyes met brighter green eyes as the two of them kept their gaze locked upon the other. There was a second where another pleasurable sigh escaped Pamela's lips as she watched Harry, nervousness flooding down her spine as Harry ran his hand down her back.

"Mine. Always and forever," Harry breathed in her ear as the two decided to make their next trip the bed.

"Always," Pamela agreed with him as she felt her body heat up with anticipation of what was coming next. "Two years since we had a chance to do this, it's been a long time."

Harry smiled. "Well, you should know that was before my second maturity and it's going to be even better than you remember."

Pamela was filled with even more anticipation at those words. Her first time was a bit awkward but now that she had a bit of experience underneath her belt and Harry had a lot more, it was going to be far more amazing this time. The seventeen year old female was pushed on the bed and prepared herself for Harry.

"And since this is our honeymoon, we should start with a bang," Harry offered to her as he brushed his hand through her hair.

"Or several," Pamela commented as he stroked her red hair and she smiled as she instinctively arched her hips up for eventual penetration.

"Yes, or that," Harry breathed as he planted his lips on the side of her neck, then laid several tender kisses against it. His teeth nipping at the skin ever so slightly as he marked her for his own.

Pamela sighed as Harry worked his magic and that's what his mouth was, it was pure magic, there was no two ways about that. Harry ran his hands all over her as he continued to kiss the side of her neck.

She knew that he was not going anywhere yet she wanted to keep him in place. His hands reached onto the long shirt that she was wearing and he pulled it off, to reveal the true show and the excitement that was about to begin filled her body.

Harry wrapped his arms around Pamela as she rested against his chest, an extremely satisfied smile on her face. The redhead looked up into the air and tried to sit up but she could not or perhaps would not move from her current location.

"Sore, but satisfied," Pamela murmured and she suspected that somehow, Harry was holding back.

The thought of what he could do to a female at full strength both scared and aroused Pamela. She drifted off to sleep with erotic thoughts about eventually being able to experience it dancing through her head.

It was something amazing to think about, and sometime soon she'd be able to experience it.

Sooner than she thought.

That was the tired premonition that echoed through her head as she faded off, very satisfied.

Chapter One: Two Years Later.

Time had this tendency of passing rather quickly. It seemed like it was only yesterday that Harry was trying to escape the asylum that was Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and get into the actual world, a huge world filled with promise and possibilities. Not a group of people who largely kept their heads in the sand like an ugly ostrich for the most part, and refused to come up for any air. If it did not happen in their world, it did not count.

That world, Harry could do without.

That world, Harry more or less escaped and he was extremely happy about of that fact.

Harry Potter or rather Har-Zod, was not normal and that was a fact that he embraced wholeheartedly. As far as he was concerned, anyone who longed to be anything but extraordinary were misfits and should be avoided at all costs.

He thought about all of the things that he excelled at. He got the highest scores on his NEWTs in the entire history of Hogwarts. In fact, he took NEWTs for classes that had not been offered in Hogwarts at least in a hundred years, if not more. He wanted to be qualified in everything. After that he proceeded to get three Doctorates in three vastly different subjects over the course of three years.

Yet that was merely but one thing that he was planning do in his future.

He was currently lying in the bed of the master bedroom of Blackgate Manor in Gotham City, although it was one of the many properties that he had in the city and he was acquiring a few more in locations that he was going to head off to.

He felt something large and warm wrapped around his manhood as he was woken up in half of a daze. He saw Karen and Faora in bed with him. These girls were two of his Alpha Wives.

Faora was his older sister, she hailed from Kryton originally, the biological daughter of General Dru-Zod and Ursa. She had silky black hair that fell to her shoulders and alluring ice blue blue eyes that stared down at him. Her face was absolutely gorgeous and she used that fact to lure men into a false sense of security. She had large d-cup breasts, a flat and toned stomach that one could run their hands over, along with an alluring belly button. Her ass was tight and toned, amazing, and her legs were shaped quite nicely, long and soft but deceptively muscular. She worked hard for her body; she was a pinnacle of female perfection.

Kara Zor-L, who went by the alias Karen Starr was an alternate version of one of his other Alpha Wives, Kara Zor-El. She had short blonde hair that lovingly framed her face and the most amazing blue eyes that could burn a hole through people if they annoyed her. Presently they were filled with lust. One of her most defining feature was her breasts which needed a custom made bra to be contained. She had a sensual but also muscular frame. Her smooth stomach was without a blemish. Her ass was shapely and amazing, along with legs to die for and sexy feet.

"Morning, Har, hope you enjoy your wake up call," Faora breathed into his ear before moving downwards and then she proceeded to blow on another part of his body.

Now that they got their morning fun out of their system, Karen, Faora, and Harry rested against each other on the bed, basking in the afterglow of that amazing round of sex.

"As always, above and beyond the call of duty," Faora breathed huskily as she ran her hands down his waist and offered a smile.

"I think that some breakfast is in order," Harry offered to the two females Kryptonians who smiled at that, but then shook their heads, whilst breakfast would be great, they were not completely prepared to move from the rather comfortable position they placed themselves in.

"The merger should be ready before too long," Karen informed Harry.

"You and Faora have been working hard at it over…."

"Seems like two years doesn't it?" Faora asked with a smile on her face as she stroked his abs. She thought about going down further, but that could wait for later, they had to get this business out of the way, otherwise it would never get done. Thanks to the time dilation charms, they'd been going at it for a very long time already.

And that was the way that they preferred it.

"Well, we're nearly at the end of that tunnel," Karen offered as she took her turn, running her fingers up and down Harry's side as she pressed her breasts against the side of his face. Harry shifted to rest his head upon them. "The RAO Corporation is becoming more then an idea with each passing day."

"Yeah, so much so that we're getting the wrong kind of attention," Faora commented to Harry as she looked at him and he nodded.

There was no need to say it, even though Karen decided to clarify the point.

"Lionel Luthor."

That was very true.

"He's been nosing around for information about us as of late," Faora stated to Harry and she smiled a vibrant smile. "I think he might feel threatened."

'Good,' Pamela offered through the bond link. It was no secret that she was not very fond of Lionel Luthor in any sense of the word.

'We've slowly been buying up LuthorCorp stock as well,' Lily chimed in.

'Correct,' Harry said as he remembered it with picture perfect clarity, they'd been buying up LuthorCorp stock slowly through various different trusts, funds, and shell companies for several years. Though in some ways it felt like the plan to eventually take control was still in it's infancy.

The truth was that he had been buying some of the stock ever since he was in Hogwarts, which might as well have been a lifetime ago. It had been slow going getting everything in order.

'We're looking to buy up a little bit more at a time, trying to make sure that it's nothing overt,' Jaime offered as she was glad that Luthor was being undermined when at all possible. She learned enough about the man to realize that Lionel Luthor in all forms was quite the conniving bastard.

'Good stick with the plan,' Faora said swiftly.'We've got a lot of irons in the fire right now.'

Harry smiled, if that was not the truth, he did not know what was.

'Yeah, we do at that,' Harry offered in that moment. 'Lots of business deals on the table.'

'Good, that's excellent,' Faora stated, she was excited that were a lot of deals in the works and what they could potentially bring towards Har-Zod's inevitable Ascension.

'Looking forward to seeing how they pay off,' Karen offered but then Harry had another thought that did not swim to mind immediately although Faora half sensed it.

'There's another problem that we have to deal with,' Faora reminded Harry and there was no need for her to elaborate.

'Yes, I know,' Harry replied to her in a frustrated voice. 'It seems like our friend on the Wayne Board of Directors doesn't seem to want to follow basic orders.'

'It does seem that way,' Karen stated as she brought everyone who might be listening in on the bond up to speed. 'So are you going to take control?

Harry's smile grew calculating.

"Yes, now's the time to take control," Harry offered to both of the females on the bed. "Fredrick thinks that he's going to go behind our backs because we are preoccupied regarding other things."

Faora smiled. "Well he's going to be stepping down very soon, because he's been there for a long time. We've got to make sure that the rest of the board knows that we're there and we mean business."

"And your arrival just happens to coincide with the rumors of Bruce Wayne's return."

Karen offered that statement but Diana piped in with an urgent voice through the bond link. 'Isn't there a rumor that he died a while back, or that he was declared dead? I mean I'm sure you've read it…'

'Yeah, I've read it,' Harry confirmed in a steady voice and there was a moment of silence that coursed through the bond. 'I've read it but I don't believe everything that I've read, as you well know.'

'That's the truth, don't believe everything that you've read, because there's a lot of fiction in the media ,' Faora commented as she directed the conversation back to the matter at hand. The dark haired woman sighed deeply as she switched tactics. 'But we're getting off the subject that we were on.'

'Right, the Potter Steward, despite the fact that no matter how concise we make our directions. He feels the need to take creative liberties with said directives and the direction that we want the company to take,' Harry thought as he paused. 'It's almost like he's trying to take advantage of the fact that we've got our attention elsewhere.'

'No, we're focused no matter how much he wants to delude himself,' Faora thought to him. 'We've always had our eye what he was doing. He just didn't give us a reason to take a closer look at his misdeeds until now.'

'So the Potter seat on the board of directors is going to fall under firmer control, this is the Potter family legacy in some ways. Even though the name Wayne is stamped on the marquee, my Great-Grandfather and Grandfather invested heavily in the company providing a lot of the funding Alan and Patrick Wayne used to expand it into the corporate behemoth it is today' Harry added.

He thought about the plans for a bit longer and he was about to get up to have some breakfast. Faora and Karen slipped off into the shower as well.

Harry pondered, this was a week before his seventeenth birthday, which was the big one, the third maturity, the one where he would have all of the benefits of an adult wizard and also the slowed down aging, although the point was moot given his Kryptonian gifts underneath the yellow sun.

He began to prepare for the next stage of his life.

"First maturity will be coming up for Clark in a few years...Yes, around fourteen years old...His powers will start kicking in in big way," Kara said as she paced around the living room, speaking on the phone with Martha Kent. "Yeah, it's much later for non-magical Kryptonians. It really depends on how much his body assimilates to the yellow solar radiation that is at the root of his powers."

Kara waited for a second.

"Super speed, well we already know about that. Yeah in Harry's case his intelligence and heat vision kicked in first apparently," Kara offered her. "Yes, we know about the strength too….well I figured that you'd have a few busted door frames."

Kara smiled at that, her cousin would have to learn how to properly turn on and off his strength at will.

"Right now it doesn't seem to be much of anything that Jonathan and I can't handle," Martha informed Kara over the phone. "But by the way you're talking, this is just the beginning."

"Yes, fourteen, eighteen, and twenty one, three ages where Clark's powers might go through fluctuations," Kara offered to Martha.

"The three maturities that you told me about?" Martha asked.

"Yes," Kara answered in affirmation.

"Lily mentioned the three maturities for witches and wizards to me once," Martha offered. "This is only slightly different but I think that I can handle it."

"Have you been in touch with Lily since she came from the dead?" Kara asked her morbid curiosity getting the better of her.

"I've talked to her, yes," Martha responded but the woman paused. "Although the way she told it, she wasn't technically dead."

"Yes, though that's a technicality," Kara agreed, there were times where she was not about to try to wrap her head around the magic of magic and she'd been studying it for half of her life. "Anyway, I'm sure you're busy. If anything comes up with Clark. Anything that's out of the ordinary….just call me, please, I'll walk you through it or come down there."

"I'm sure Jonathan and I could handle anything but….I know your number and if I can't reach you that way well….there's the other way You gave me to reach you," Martha replied.

"Has Clark encountered any of the green rocks?" Kara asked nervously.

"No not yet."

"Let's hope not because they affected Harry pretty badly, but they might affect Clark more strongly since he was born on Krypton and he doesn't have natural magical immunity like we do," Kara warned her.

The cure was tuned to Kara, Karen, Faora, and Harry so it might remove Clark's powers, which were a bit different from theirs. His biology weren't based in sorcery unlike the quartet of them. Jor-El's logical DNA and magic mixing would very likely cause the universe to collapse upon itself.

"Well, we'll see, take care, and I hope you and Harry will be able to stop by sometime," Martha told her.

Kara smiled at the thought of it. "Yes, we should be able to stop by sooner rather than later. Don't worry about it Martha."

Speaking of Harry, he was standing there as Kara said her goodbyes to Martha.

"Hey, Kara," Harry offered as he pulled one of his Alpha wives into a huge hug and planted a burning kiss upon her lips. The blonde eagerly returned it as Harry pressed her youthful body against his. "How are you?"

"Fine," Kara responded but she decided that it was now time to share some bad news with him. "It appears that Hermione had decided to take up residence in the main library."

Harry took this matter in stride, given that it was Hermione.

"Looks like she's putting her new degree in Library sciences to good use," Harry said with a smile on his face, although there was times where he honestly wondered if he would be finding a corpse behind a stack of books one day.

Kara frowned at Harry. "It might not be a bad idea to check on her and make sure she hasn't decomposed in the library?"

"Well, I'd know if she's died, I do have spells warning me of such a thing," Harry offered as he sighed "I might have to stage an intervention because she could be relapsing back into old habits."

'Oh god, I thought we broke her of this,' Amanda thought in exasperation.

'It seems that getting her degree has given my daughter a new lease on her obsessions,' Charlotte chimed in.

Harry figured that was the case but he decided to confront Kara on something before he forgot.

"So, my birthday's coming up next week," Harry stated casually.

The blonde figured that this would be coming.

"If you're going to say that you…."

"No, I'm not going to say that but normally I can get a sense of what's going on but everyone seems to be especially mysterious about it this year and I'm not sure how much I like that," Harry commented dryly to the blonde.

Kara thought that if he kept pressing it would blow the surprise and she decided to take action in order to divert his attention.

"I'm sure you've had a rough last couple of weeks," Kara stated as she dropped down to her knees and placed her hands on the edge of his pants and started to unbuckle them. "I think that it's time for you to unwind and relax, don't worry, I'll help you."

Before Harry could say anything or try and prevent Kara from misdirecting his attention from the subject, her hand reached into his pants and began to fish him out. He decided that he would find out when the time was right, right now, he was going to enjoy his wife and her talents.

Kara was draped over the coffee table with a satisfied expression on her face, as Harry rested back on the couch with smile on his face. Her expression got goofier.

"You know, you brought this upon yourself," Harry offered as he saw Kara draped over the coffee table, her breasts pressed into the table and her legs still spread as she looked over her shoulder with even more burning "fuck me" eyes than ever before.

"Yes, I know I did," the blonde panted as she rested back on the table, her legs spread and she was willing for more, she was always willing for more with that stud.

"You do realize that you're insatiable," Harry commented as he scooped Kara up and pushed her back onto the couch.

"Can you blame me?" Kara asked as she felt herself moisten in anticipation for more.

He ran his hands down the blonde's body and smiled.

"No, not with me, not in the slightest."

Harry smiled and prepared to fuck her brains out. Again.

Harry had to admit that there was a liberating feeling after he was put through the paces and he let out the breath to signify the end of a training session.

He held up his left hand with a watch strapped around his wrist, it was in place, secure, and that was the way that he liked it. There was a practical reason why he had this watch upon his wrist. Contrary to popular belief, it was not for decoration. The young wizard also wore a sleek set of black battle robes that was made of some of the finest material on the planet, allowing for both practical movement and protection at the same time.

Despite the fact that they had been undergoing a training session which was a combination of transfiguration, charms, and other defensive magic, with Harry varying up the attacks when he could. It was all about switching up the assault.

He also mixed in a degree of physical attacks. Faora mentioned it to him in passing and he'd agreed, that he had been falling back too much on the old standby of using magic exclusively in a fight. The Hogwarts education was very limited in the sense that without their little sticks, most people were lost.

Not Harry but still even without the sticks, he always assumed that there would eventually be someone out there that was stronger than him. Therefore, he was going to keep getting better and become better than his best.

Giovanni Zatanna observed Harry and as daughter as well who he had tested earlier. She had come a long way since the time that she started with him. During her initial lessons, Zatanna collapsed in bed the moment that she had finished. That changed as she was able to push herself to new levels.

Harry was an interesting case study.

It was partially because of his unique heritage, although the more Giovanni looked back, the more he figured that it was because he was extremely powerful.

There was something special within Harry Potter and it was hard not to deny that fac.

Flamel mentioned that fact to him a while back. Giovanni smirked at the thought of the old man. He swore every year that this was going to be the year that he was going to give up the ghost on life.

So far he remained steadfast and alive, ready to cling on just as he had been during all that time.

From one living legend to another, Giovanni had thrown everything that he had at Harry Potter but the wizard had just kept coming back. The man had found himself glad that this was an exhibition for if it was not, the outcome would not be favorable for him.

"And stop."

Harry did stop although he did not break a sweat. Though he did give Giovanni credit for trying to give him a work out and allowing him to push himself to the limits. It was just that his constant workouts with his girls both in and outside of gym put him into the best shape possible. In some ways, being bonded to so many women had made his magic and his reserves even stronger. That much was for certain as determination flooded through his green eyes.

Zatanna watched her husband to be with a bright smile on her face. She felt that working with him, alongside her father had let her get a better handle on her own magical abilities. She did struggle although there was something inherent to her that was really strong and Harry encouraged her to bring out those abilities and her potential to its fullest.

Harry smiled as he took a step back.

"An excellent duel," Harry offered. Maybe it was just him but there was something about a good duel that really allowed him test his limits that put him in quite the good mode.

"I would have to agree, you've improved by leaps and bounds," Giovanni offered and then he quickly added. "Both of you."

He would have to say that Harry was already pretty good to start with but now he was better than acceptable. In fact, one could say that he exceeded all expectations.

Harry smiled at him. "So same time next week?"

Giovanni decided that this would be the best opportunity to slip the news to Harry. "I believe now it's the time for a parting of the ways between the two of us as far as our lessons are concerned."

Harry smiled as he figured this was coming although he did not know when.

"I've taught you everything that I could potentially teach you and it would be a waste of your time and talents if I kept you here," Giovanni offered and Zatanna raised an eyebrow. "The same goes for you as well, my daughter."

Zatanna blinked standing there stunned, she never thought that this day would come but it was here it was.

'And just think, I was getting used to the lessons,' Zatanna offered but Harry smiled at his intended.

'Only took you, what three years or so?' Harry asked her.

'Something like that, yes,' Zatanna thought to him with a smile across her face.

Despite the fact that they weren't completely bonded, the intent to be married was more than strong enough to get the bond link between the two established and allowed Zatanna to hop on the Collective network. They had done some mild sexual activities although nothing that could be considered to be sex in the traditional sense of the word.

Zatanna had another reason to celebrate, as she just graduated high school and that thought put a smile on her face. She did so early and with top honors. When one took into consideration what she was doing with her father and later Harry tutored her a little bit on lost forms of magic that were not even present on Earth. That was slow going but Zatanna thought that she was getting a natural affinity for it.

"So what do you plan to do now that you're out of school?" Harry asked her.

Zatanna thought about that, she had more than a few options in the back of her mind that she was mulling over and she turned to face Harry properly.

"I'm not quite sure," Zatanna offered as she pondered the thought that roamed through her mind. She had many options and she had to think about them extremely carefully. "I was thinking about going on tour with my father now that I'm out of school. Of course there's something else, that we've got to talk about."

Harry knew exactly what she was talking about.

"So the wedding…."

"I think that a good date would be sometime in August," Zatanna commented to Harry.

"That would be the perfect date," Harry concluded with a smile as he pulled his intended into a tight hug.

Of course, both of them had a silent agreement that they would have done it sooner but Giovanni was insistent that his daughter get married the traditional way. Harry would sooner have gone off to Vegas to get married and Zatanna was in agreement with that.

Zatanna watched as her father slipped off to take a call in the other room.

"Wow, this is….it just feels like I've started a new chapter in my life," Zatanna commented as Harry watched her with a smile as she scooted onto his lap.

Harry wrapped his arms around her and the dark haired woman laid her head down on his shoulder with a smile.

"So, are you getting everything ready?" Zatanna asked him.

"Yes, the Wayne situation….."

"I've met him, when I was younger, it was a lifetime ago it seems," Zatanna said to Harry and the wizard smiled.

He met Bruce at Cambridge and when he did, he figured as many did that he would just be a vapid playboy, but there was much more to him than met the eye. In fact it seemed like Harry and himself could be too sides of the same coin. Of course, it was all about the masks that they wore. The young woman closed her eyes as Harry planted his lips on the back of her neck.

"You just….ah those should be…." Zatanna breathed as he continued to kiss the back of her neck and Harry stroked her hair.

"They should what?" Harry asked as he started to suck on the back of her neck and ran his fingers down the back of her neck.

"Oh, they should be registered as weapons…." Zatanna managed as Harry smiled before he begain nipping lightly at the skin on the back of her neck.

"Keep that up and I might not be able to…OH!...wait."

Zatanna shifted to straddled Harry's waist. Causing a smile crossing his face as he looked into her beautiful eyes.

"Are we going to give up the pretext of waiting?" Harry offered Zatanna and a smile crossed her face and she leaned towards him.

"Maybe if you play your cards right, Har," Zatanna purred in his ear as the two of them went down. "Although, as you know, there are certain things that we can still do."

"If it's in the mind, it doesn't technically count in the eyes of magic," Harry offered to Zatanna with a huge smile on his face.

"Yes, let's get our asses to a warded room," Zatanna offered and Harry scooped her up.

"My house or yours?" Harry asked to her.

Zatanna paused for a second and offered him a smile.

"Why not both?"

Magic was wonderful in many ways.

Harrison John Evans might not have been the first of Harry Potter's duplicates, but he was the longest lasting, and that made him much stronger than the rest. In some ways right now he was slightly stronger then the original. He served a purpose that was beyond sexual gratification of the many, many, females that were currently at his beck and call.

His name might not have been the most original in the world either but it was a practical one and served as an alias that he could use for his business ventures.

He was walking to one of his main offices in London where he set up shop, although he would be in the company of several beautiful women within a matter of minutes. That was how all versions of Harry Potter rolled, the more attractive women he surrounded himself with, the better it was.

The first woman that he met was a seventeen year old girl who had short shoulder length blonde hair that framed her face lovingly and alluring blue eyes. She had high and delicate cheekbones that showed her beauty and aristocratic nature. Her lips were a rosy red color. She wore elegant white robes that wrapped around the upper half of her body tightly, to show her amazing rack. She had a smooth stomach, long legs, and a shapely ass, and she was really growing into her body, already having one that most super models that would be envious of.

"Hey, Harry," Daphne commented as she greeted her husband with a kiss and Harrison returned it, pulling her into a tight hug, pressing her breasts against his chest.

"Hey, Daph," Harrison commented as he ran his fingers through the back of her hair and slowly stroked her blond locks.

She was not the only female that was there.

Another woman turned up with longer blonde hair that fall to her mid back and striking blue eyes. She was dressed in a tight white t-shirt that made it look like her breasts were about ready to burst out. The top was low cut and showcased her amazing cleavage. She wore tight black pants that wrapped around her ass tightly. She had an amazing body and she nearly tackled Harrison into the wall.

Harrison spun her around instead and pinned her against the wall, kissing her hard in the process. The woman sighed as she felt the pleasure of his lips.

"You know it's a wonder that I get any work done with you females around."

Lavender Brown offered him a saucy smile and a wink at his words. "Don't pretend you don't like it."

"Well be careful, because if I see you girls getting too far out of line. I'll more than likely see to it, that you're tied up and spanked until you cry for mercy, of which there will be none."

This was a statement that was given by another arrival who had dark hair and alluring violet eyes. She had a smooth face, with a wicked expression etched onto it that was a mixture of mirth and lust. She had pouty red lips that were good for various tastes. She wore a tight black body suit that hugged every curve she had to offer, showcasing her massive breasts, her tight ass, and her long legs.

She was Bellatrix Lestrange, the former most faithful follower of the Dark Lord Voldemort, although she had turned to the other side when she experienced the wonders of a certain part of Harry's body. She stuck close by to Harrison in her role as his official bodyguard.

"Well you do a great job in guarding my body," Harrison offered Bellatrix.

"Yes, and sometimes she does so very obsessively."

A brunette with amazing blue eyes joined them. She had a black top that stretched around the upper half of her body and tight black pants that fit around her shapely ass.

"Lindsey," Harrison stated as he wrapped his arms around another one of his girls, Lindsey Preston. After graduating from Cambridge with high honors, she took a job as assistant to Harrison.

"Good to see you too," Lindsey said as she pulled herself into him and Harrison kissed her deeply. She paused and another smile escaped her lips. "And it's even better to taste you."

Harrison smiled. "It always is."

Bellatrix informed Harrison of the news. "Narcissa and Andromeda are on their way here, my Lord."

"Excellent," Harrison commented, he was looking forward to talking to the two other Black Sisters. They had been grooming replacements at the Ministry for their eventually departure although it would take some time.

"Present and accounted for actually," Narcissa announced as she flew into Harrison's arms and Harrison grabbed her around the waist, kissing her on the mouth hard. The blonde felt his tongue work into her mouth.

"Don't hog him, Cissa," Andromeda protested and Narcissa decided to communicate with her sister through the bond link.

'You'll have your turn Andi,' Narcissa persisted in a stubborn voice.

Andi pushed her out of the way and grabbed Harrison before pushing her husband against the wall, and kissing him hard. Harrison returned it eagerly.

"Oh, am I late to the party?"

That was the voice of the newest arrival to their little group. She had long dark hair that she currently had tied back. Her soulful brown eyes twinkled with mirth. The black top that she wore stretched around a huge set of breasts, and she had a black skirt that was modest, yet showed a hint of the treasures underneath. She wore a pair of black stockings that stuck to her legs like a second layer of flesh.

"No, Charlotte, not at all," Harrison told the woman, as Charlotte Edwards-Potter formerly Granger, grabbed him around the waist and she shoved her tongue into his mouth with a simmering kiss.

The two got it out of system before it was time to get down to business and Harry decided to turn to Narcissa.

"So how are things at the Ministry?"

"About as well as any government could be," Narcissa commented as she inclined her head. "There are still some pureblood idiots causing a stir but they've been negated with the new laws that have been passed. Everyone is put on somewhat equal footing but no one is going to get in a more favorable position unless it's earned."

"Yes, they really can't pull the Muggleborns don't know the world card, when Magical Heritage is now a class and mandatory for all Muggleborns," Andromeda chimed in.

"Just like Muggle Studies will be for all Magical borns," Harrison added. "Minerva is trying to arrange for actual Muggles who are in the know of the magical world to come in and give lectures."

"I'm sure that's going to go over really well with the old crowd," Lindsey stated, she had been let in on the secret sometime back although she figured that it explained quite a lot. Then again, there was a lot of weirdness that was in the world or really the world in general. She just was along for the ride.

"Well who gives a fuck what those douchebags think?" Bellatrix asked and with logic like that, it was really hard to argue that much, if at all.

"Well, you won't have any argument about that one at all," Charlotte offered with an amused expression.

"I didn't think that there's even a possibility that an argument could be found against," Bellatrix offered.

He allowed the females to talk business for a moment but Harrison had another person that he was expecting to show up and she never missed an appointment.

She still had three minutes and she appeared three seconds later standing in the shadows.

"You very nearly snuck on me that time," Harry told Nyssa as she stood in the shadows.

"Well then next time I'm going to have to do my best to ensure that it's not nearly," Nyssa commented lightly as she gave him a passionate greeting.

The woman had long dark hair that fell down her back. She had gorgeous green eyes that were a different shade than Harry's. Her face was that of an angel such it would lure men into a false sense of security so that would underestimate how formidable she was until it was too late. She wore a tight black top that stretched over her D Cup breasts and rode up an inch to show the tantalizing flesh beneath the top.

Harrison had her pinned up against the wall and kissed the daylights out of her. She returned the kiss with hungry desire, her eyes closed in pleasure, as the two of them swapped spit with each other.

He backed off, as Nyssa slumped up against the wall with a sigh that escaped her mouth.

"So, how are things?" Harrison asked her.

Nyssa was only too happy to inform him.

"My sister's project is starting soon but otherwise it's business as usual," Nyssa told Harrison and there was a second where he corked an eyebrow.

There was no need for her to elaborate further, because Harrison knew exactly what she was talking about.

"Narcissa, how are things at the Ministry?" Harrison asked the youngest Black Sister. "With your job?"

"Rita is very nearly groomed as Press Secretary, so I can move on to other pursuits," Narcissa informed Harrison.

Harrison smiled. "Right, right, I figured that you would be moving on soon and how's Nym?"

"After threatening to do so for about a year, I think she's finally pulled the trigger," Andromeda replied to him. "As of today, she handed in her two week notice. Although Amelia gave her a paid vacation the last two weeks so she's pretty much gone."

"Right, She's was grumbling about going to join Prime in Gotham when I last spoke to her," Harrison agreed with a smile on his face.

"That's excellent," Andromeda confirmed , she figured that if her daughter was wasting her time at the Ministry, then it was for the best that she did something else.

"Yes," Harrison agreed.

There was a lot to do but he knew that if he kept busy, he would get the majority of it done in no time flat, at least that's what his intention was.

There were always many ongoing projects and they would kept piling up but one did not punch a time clock when they prepared to improve the world.

While Harrison had business to take care of, Harry did as well. He was hunched over the desk in his office study, going over several pieces of paperwork that required his personal attention.

There was an interesting sight standing across from him which made it very difficult to do the work necessary. Normally he would greet such a sight with encouragement but he had plenty of work to get accomplished.

Fleur Delacour was with him in his office. She was dressed in an extremely enticing French Maid's outfit. The top of the uniform low cut to show off her cleavage. It was through the sheer force of will that it did not give way to show her DD Cup breasts.

The skirt was another matter entirely.

Harry suspected that the skirt was an experiment in how short Fleur could get it, before it could be considered indecent. Of course one could go back and forth all day about what might be considered indecent. It was a quality that was up for a fair amount of cultural debate.

The fact of the matter was that her skirt was so short currently, that one could almost see her panties. And if Harry moved his head at a certain angle, there was no almost about it, he could see her lacy and very skimpy set of white panties. A pair of sexy stockings matched it and she had heels on as well which raised her up into the air, making her tight ass look higher.

It was hard to keep his mind on his work but somehow through sheer force of will, Harry was getting it done. He had an iron will as he watched the young Veela's bum slightly swaying from one side to the other as she did the dusting around the office. He supposed that she could do it the magical way and be done in three seconds flat but Fleur insisted that she do things the normal way, to immerse herself in more mundane culture.

At first the swaying of her ass was subtle, but as the time passed she was shaking her ass more and more towards him. Harry caught her looking over her shoulder a couple of times with a smoldering grin.

'She's cruising for one, isn't she?' Amanda chimed in causing Harry to snicker.

'Yes, she is,' Gabrielle commented as she shook her head. 'Tart.'

Ginny offered her two cents in on the bond link. 'You do realize that's your sister that you're talking about.'

'My point still stands,' Gabrielle offered as she folded her arms as if daring anyone else to contradict her. Thankfully there was no one who was going to be brazen enough to do so. The blonde brushed her hands over the top of her head and there was a knock that indicated that Harry had to tag out of the bond link to take care of some business.

Sersi, the princess of the goblin nation and the official Gringott's account manager to Harry Potter, turned up to greet him.

"Hello, Harry, I trust you have been well," Sersi commented as she leaned towards Harry and he met her lips with his in a tender kiss.

"Very well, thanks," Harry offered the goblin princess who shifted a tiny bit. "So how are you…."

"I'm fine," Sersi told him. All the work that the Potter businesses required and all of the businesses under his watch had not been easy to keep track of. It was fortunate that Sersi had a dedicated team in place that would help her keep all of these things. "I'm just doing all of the work that you've had set up for me."

"I hope it isn't too much," Harry told the female goblin as he made a few more notes about a proposal that he was working on.

Fleur's ass continued to shake to the right, to the left as her skirt almost appeared to get shorter.

Sersi was amused by Fleur's antics or at least what passed as amused for a goblin. "Yes….I'm sure it might be too much for human hands but we goblins enjoy a challenge."

"And that's what I like about the goblin nation, no matter what, they are up to face the challenge," Harry told the goblin princess who looked flushed.

"Well some might be interested in having a more intimate relationship," Sersi hinted towards Harry as she leaned over the desk. She had picked up a few human mannerisms that would get her chewed out by the goblin elders, including her father.

But the goblin elders weren't here, were they?

"Well if there's a few more like you…."

"Well no one is exactly like me, but there are some that are close enough, goblins that might be considered to be freakish by what our races standards pass for in regards beauty," Sersi commented and it was with that statement that she pulled a face. Goblins had a cracked sense of what was good looking.

"Well, I'm sure they'll fit in, quite nicely," Harry said as he was momentarily tripped up by the shaking of Fleur's ass as she wiggled it more and more.

"So, I need you to read these, just standard documents, but read through them," Sersi advised him, even though Harry did not need such advice. Only a moron would not read what they signed and Harry was far from a moron.

Harry did read the documents, with the Fleur show going on around him as she continued to shake her ass while cleaning the bookshelf. A smile crossed over his face as he read the documents.

"In order, to the letter, not that I'd expect anything less from you," Harry offered as he scratched his signature on the dotted line.

"Thank you, Mr. Potter, sir," Sersi told him in a professional voice although her actions were less than professional as she leaned up and planted a kiss on his lips. Harry eagerly returned the kiss.

"You're quite welcome, princess," Harry said to her.

"I will be back soon, for more pleasurable endeavors," she told him with a hungry expression dancing in her eyes and she stole one final kiss.

Sersi made her exit, as Harry saw Fleur continue to shake her ass as she continued to clean, which she had been doing for a better part for an hour. The wizard had a smile cross his face as he stepped towards her, slowly, carefully, deliberately. If she was going to ask for it, well he was going to give it to her, give her everything that she asked for and more.

Fleur yelped as Harry threw her over her lap. She was visited by a mixture of excitement and fear, as she felt goosebumps rise as Harry pulled her skirt up.

Without words, Harry spanked her thong clad bottom. Her delicious ass was on display and briefly, red marks manifested on it. Veelas had the extraordinary ability to heal so Harry made sure to put everything into it so he could leave a bit of an impression on her.

Fleur slid down to the floor, with a whine, as Harry turned and left her, feeling extremely frustrated.

Which was by his design, she was being punished so any further fun would have to and be worth the wait.

Harry paused as he sensed the return of one of his Alphas from her day's activities. He sensed that she was on her way to the bath and decided to meet her there.

Harry made his way towards his destination, a smile crossing his face as he saw her at the end of the hallway.

To describe her beauty would be a chore, because there were not enough words in the English, or any other language to describe it, and he spoke several but Harry enjoyed a challenge. She had dark black hair that was sleek and shiny. Her face was elegant and well sculpted, along with the rest of her body. She had luscious red lips, along with deep blue eyes that were full of life and energy.

Currently she was wearing a black blouse that stretched over her extremely ample breasts. A black skirt extended to the ground, but was tight around her ample ass and it was within Harry's abilities to see to her well-toned legs. He saw her black high heel boots that covered her feet and he took a half of a step forward towards her.

"Diana, love, welcome home," Harry said with a warm greeting.

Diana Potter, smiled at her life mate, and stepped towards him, pulling him into a tight embrace. With another swift movement, she kissed him.

"Long day," Harry whispered to her and Diana smiled.

"Yes, a very long day," Diana informed him as she rested in his arms for a moment, just basking in the atmosphere. "You know about my new internship."

Harry smiled. "Yes, at the museum, with Doctor Sandsmark."

"Yes, I've been splitting my time between there and here," Diana concluded but despite that fact, a smile crossed her face. "And I wouldn't give it up for the world. Working for Helena Sandsmark is a unique opportunity. I wouldn't want to pass it up for anything in the world."

Diana closed her eyes and Harry rubbed a tension knot out of her shoulder. It didn't really hurt but still it was the thought that counted. She relaxed a little bit as she allowed her husband to work his magic.

"I was about to take a bath," Diana whispered to him and Harry smiled at the thought. What man wouldn't smile at the thought of something like that?

"I'm about to take a bath," Diana whispered to him and Harry smiled at the thought of that. What man wouldn't smile at the thought of something like that?

"I'll join you," Harry told his wife.

Diana smiled at that thought, then again, what woman wouldn't smile at that?

'Too bad we're still at the office, otherwise we'd join you as well,' Karen thought and Jaime and Faora would have offered similar sentiments as well but Harry focused his attention on the matter at hand.

Diana made her way to the really large bath, large enough for at least thirty people even though it might not look so at a casual glance. And thanks to the magic of magic, Harry could expand the bath to make things even bigger.

The Amazon Princess stripped out of her clothes, showing off her delicious body and Harry smiled at the sight of her. She was a delicious treat; there was no question about it. That was the prominent thought that went through Harry's head as Diana settled down in the bath.

Harry disrobed himself and summoned a rag and some soap. He poured the liquid soap on Diana's back and she shivered. The wizard ran his hands up and down her back, lathering her up. He did it in a practical manner which got her clean and also in a manner where it teased her just a little bit. The woman closed her eyes, feeling the pleasure.

She felt so amazing as Harry worked his skilled hands all over her body, lingering on her legs briefly and teasing her. She felt warmth that rose from between her legs and she knew that things were going to get more intense. Harry's ministrations were slowly causing her to lose herself in a cloud of lust.

He briefly teased her ass crack but it was only a fluttering brush for only a second. Diana groaned at the loss of his hands upon it.

Harry returned fire, working his way around towards her front. He had to get in front of her to do so properly so their sexual organs were inches away from touching each other. One nudge would allow them to meet.

His hands skimmed over her stomach and the woman panted as Harry's talented hands continued to lather her body. The woman's eyes closed tight as Harry continued his work, a calm and cool look in his eyes, although a shadow of a triumphant smile threatened to appear over his face. Diana's eyes were closed so she did not notice.

Things got a bit more hot and heavy as Harry placed his hands over her breasts, working them over. The dark haired woman breathed as the wizard pushed his hands on the underside of her breasts.

The woman closed her eyes.

"Hera," Diana breathed as Harry brushed against her and this caused a heat to rise from her loins as Harry teased the underside of her breasts, washing her.

The woman felt a current of pleasure rock her from head to toe and as Harry kept massaging her breasts, washing them, things got a bit hot and heavy.

The dam inside of Diana's mind busted and she pushed him back into the side of the bath tub, her mouth finding his with a searing kiss. The two of them went at it with each other, their tongues dancing together, both of them trying to reach a dominating position.

Harry's hands wrapped around his wife's waist as she pushed into him and she reached her hand down her abs, and then she inched a little bit lower to claim her prize.

Diana snuggled up against Harry, offering him a few kisses to the side of his neck. The woman wrapped her hands around him and a look of content spread over her face.

"You just keep getting better," Diana breathed in his ear and Harry's cock twitched a little bit.

"Yes, and just wait until after my third maturity," Harry whispered to her and Diana smiled. She was looking forward to that.

As practically mind blowing as the sex was now, it was going to be even better pretty soon and that fact brought a smile on her face. Harry brought her back to the bedroom.

Kara and Faora were waiting for them in the bedroom. Kara was wearing some barely there red lingerie that only scarcely covered what needed to be covered. It emphasized all of her curves and her breasts were about to spill out of her attire. Faora was wearing about the same thing, only skimpier and black, which Harry not knowing that it was possible to get something skimpier than Kara wore.

"Oh, you're here Har," Faora whispered to him and she leaned towards him, offering a kiss to him. Harry took the kiss, as she pushed herself onto Harry's lap.

She did not get enough this morning, not at all. Harry wrapped his arms around her as he worked his tongue into her mouth.

Kara waited but Diana kept her occupied, wrapping her strong arms around her body and the dark haired woman pressed her lips onto hers. Kara breathed heavily as the Amazon's lips pressed against her, feeling the sensations of her hands work over her body. The Kryptonian relaxing under her tender minstrations.

"Time to switch," Faora commented and Harry took Kara into his arms.

"Finally," Kara breathed as her lips met Harry's and she pushed him back onto the bed.

Faora and Diana grabbed each other, wrapping their arms around each other and offering a hungry round of kisses towards each other. Both were trying to outdo the other.

Now that all four of them were together in bed, the fun was just getting started.

To Be Continued in the Next Chapter.