Dick Grayson. Happy-go-lucky, nineteen year old adopted son of billionaire Bruce Wayne. Playboy. Hot shot. Heartbreaker. Utterly gorgeous and he knew it. Sleek black hair that always looked perfectly messy. Brightest blue eyes the world had ever seen and a nice body to boot. The kind of skinny muscles that didn't look too thin, or too buff. Dick Grayson was nothing short of perfection in a teenage boy. Except however, that he could make mistakes like anyone else. Not that he had considered sleeping with Barbara Gordon a mistake at the time, or afterward for that matter. But his girlfriend had.

Kori Anders. The nicest, perkiest, nineteen year old orphaned daughter of Luan and Myan Anders. Sweet. Optimistic. Naïve. Utterly gorgeous and she doubted it. Unnaturally beautiful ruby red hair that was mind-blowingly natural. Emerald green eyes that shone like their lives depended on it. The figure every girl wanted but not too skinny and still something to hold onto. Kori Anders was nothing short of perfection in a teenage girl. Except however, that she didn't know it. She wasn't modest, she simply didn't categorise herself as one of those really hot popular girls. And Dick Grayson's cheating only added to those doubts.

She hadn't reacted to finding her boyfriend in bed with another girl in the way they both thought she would if it ever did happen. She hadn't knocked on his bedroom door; she never did, as she wanted to wake him up with a kiss, as usual. When she opened the door and found him asleep on his side, with his arm draped over the figure of another body, she hadn't panicked and dropped the breakfast tray on the floor. She also hadn't started hyperventilating. It was odd that she had thought how this would play through so many times, and yet nothing was going the way she thought it would. She gently put the tray down on the counter and picked up the glass of refrigerated orange juice. She walked toward the bed silently, so as not to wake the sleeping couple prematurely.

She realised that the other bodily figure that he had his arm draped over was Barbara Gordon when she saw the red hair splayed out on the pillow. He always did have a special thing for red heads. Gently, but quickly, Kori Anders tipped the orange juice over the head of one sleeping Dick Grayson, the cold of the liquid shocking him awake instantly. Just before she turned to leave she found that her assumptions of the two being naked were correct when Dick's frantic sitting up had pulled the quilt from Barbara's back and showed her bare flesh. Kori was out the bedroom door before neither Dick nor the other woman could utter a word.

She marched down the hallway –one of many in Wayne Manor – and found the staircase that led her to the front door. On her way out she found one Alfred Pennyworth; the nicest man she had ever met. Before he could say anything to her, she smiled at him, albeit a sad smile. She brought her hand to her neck and wrapped it around the pendant that lay there. In one pull she snapped the chain from her neck and placed it into the old man's hand. "If he asks, tell him that this is means as much to me now, as I meant to him when he was busy last night." She brought the man into a hug and then the tears fell. "I'll miss you Alfred but I promise to visit you." He simply nodded and watched her go.

As she looked back through the door, to give Alfred one more smile, she spotted Dick, now with clothes on, running down the stairs. Before he could say anything to her she slammed the door quite hard and left the Manor as quick as she possibly could with one last vow that Dick Grayson would forever be a playboy who wasn't worth her time, or her heart. Dick got to the door within ten seconds but was stopped when Alfred called him. "Master Richard." Dick turned to look at him and brought a hand to the back of his head in embarrassment. "I do believe this is yours." He handed Dick the now broken necklace and left him alone in the foyer. His blue eyes looked down upon the heart shaped locket with the ruby in the corner. Goddamn it. Vic was right, Dick did end up hurting Kori, in the worst way.

The regret of what he had done lasted about five minutes until he realised that actually, he had the most popular girl around in his bed right now, and she had no clothes on. The devastation of realising that he had just ended his longest relationship of nearly a year went away when he found said popular girl still in his bed – minus the orange soaked pillows - and she was still naked. With one bite out of the toast which his now ex-girlfriend had brought him, Dick was back in bed to finish what the two had started the night before. He was a playboy, and that would probably never change… probably.

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