Chapter 6

The rest of the week went fast. It was strange. Jason and Kori acted like old friends and Tim was overjoyed that the three brothers had been reunited once again. Dick wasn't so pleased. He was happy to see Jason, despite certain altercations in the past; he still loved him like a real brother. It was just that Dick was sure Jason would find out about his and Kori's relationship, and he didn't want to be around when that happened; just in case anything went majorly wrong.

Kori too, was in this mind set, it was weird to see Jason again, and she was happy he was home, but if she was totally honest with herself she didn't feel anything for him anymore. Despite his promise, she'd fallen too hard for Dick, and possibly now Roy, for feelings of Jason to even exist anymore. But how could she tell him? All week the two had avoided the subject, and Jason wasn't pushing, but it would come around eventually, and Jason wouldn't take it easily. Kori knew that. But this week was her chance.

She'd planned it all out carefully. Monday night. She wasn't staying at the manor anymore, and Roy had plans already to go to the cinema with Xavier, so he didn't need to know what she was doing. She'd already invited Jason to the café where she worked, for some tea, so they could talk and get this whole thing out of the way. Everything would be fine and she could get back to dealing with her Dick and Roy problem.

Jason picked up his keys from the bowl by the front door and headed out. "Where are you going?" Dick was leaving the kitchen with a glass of water in his hand.

"Out to meet Kori, why?"

"Oh? Erm, no reason it's… never mind. I was just wondering." Dick smiled at Jason and carried on to his bedroom. A confused little look on his face. Kori had told Roy in English that morning that she was having a girls' night in with Karen because Roy was going out. She'd never mentioned anything about Jason. In fact, Dick doubted that Jason and Roy even knew about each other. Well, they knew who each other were, but Roy didn't know Jason was back and Jason didn't know Kori and Roy were practically together. An evil little smirk crossed his face.

Payback time.

Dick pulled on some shoes and ran as fast as he could out of the front door and to his bike. Today wasn't going to go so smoothly for Kori Anders.

Roy was confused to hear the knock on his door. Xavier was either really early, or it wasn't him. And opening the door to see Dick Grayson only added to the confusion of everything. "What do you want Grayson? I'm busy."

"You think she's so sweet and innocent don't you? You think she's perfect? Where do you think she is right now huh? Because I bet she didn't tell you that Jason came back last week, did she? Or that he's been staying at the manor since Monday night?"

"What? Jason Todd?" Roy couldn't believe what he was hearing. Was this actually true?

"I bet she also didn't tell you that the two of them were going out tonight did she?" Dick stood back, his arms folded. He watched the sudden realisation hit Roy like a ton of bricks, before the anger set in.

"Where are they?"


Kori was sat having a better time than she thought she would. Jason was being really nice, and she did miss him a little. If she was truthful though, she felt awful for having lied to Roy about her night. It was weird that she felt like she was cheating, despite not being in a relationship, and not having actually done anything untoward.

She and Jason had ordered some drinks and were awaiting their food, just having a nice conversation generally. Though sooner or later the conversation they both knew should happen was going to arise. It wasn't like it was something that could be avoided.

Their food came a few moments later. Kori had ordered a chicken baguette with chips and Jason had a cheese burger. They were only half way through eating when everything went wrong. Seriously wrong. Jason was smiling and happy, until he saw Dick and Roy Harper get off their bikes at the same time. Now he hadn't been around for a while, but he was sure that Dick and Roy didn't really like each other. They never had. So what were they doing here together?

Kori noticed Jason's distraction and turned round to see what he was looking at. She too spotted the black and ginger hair through the glass doors, just before they opened and the bell rang to let the staff know of new customers. Her heart sank, and skipped a beat. No. Not here. Not now. What the hell? They walked straight to her. Dick was acting as smug as possible, and Roy was livid.

"I like to think I only came here to try and make myself believe that Dick was lying, but it turns out that he wasn't the one who had. What the hell is this? Because it sure as hell doesn't look like a girls night in with Karen to me."

"If you just let me…" Kori was cut off when Jason spoke.

"Why the fuck should it bother you?" Jason glared at Roy who smirked.

"Because Todd, she and I have been seeing each other for a few weeks now. I thought of asking her out properly when we had plans this weekend, but clearly she's not interested. Well neither am I anymore. Not with a liar."

"You two were what?" The question from Jason was aimed at Kori.

"Jason please, you have to understand…"

"Understand? I told you I'd be back!"

"That was nearly two years ago!" Kori didn't know what to do. Jason and Roy clearly weren't going to listen to her. She found amusement in Dick's icy eyes and glared at him, ready to slap that goddamn smirk off of his face. "If this is your idea of funny Grayson then you're sick and twisted!" Dick just smiled at her. Roy looked between the two and sighed.

"You know what, I'm done with this. I always knew that you and Dick were never over each other, and I'm not going to stay in your way. Thanks for nothing Kori." Roy turned to leave but Jason grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

"What do you mean Kori and Dick?"

"Looks like she didn't just lie to me then. After you left, those two were together for a year and a half before Grayson cheated on her. After that, she came to me. But now I see I was just a fucking pawn!" Roy watched as Jason's glare turned to Kori.

"My own brother? Really? I expected it from him, I always did. But you? I didn't think you were that low."

"Jason you left. I didn't think you would come back. I was heartbroken!" Kori had tears springing to her eyes, and she wasn't about to let these idiots see her cry. She stood from her seat and, without a glance at any of them; she turned and headed for the door. She managed to get outside before anyone caught up to her, and was surprised to see it was Dick Grayson. "Go away Dick." She carried on walking but he stopped her by stepping in front of her.

"I don't know why you're so angry at me. I didn't do this. You did. They were going to find out eventually, I just sped the process up." he saw Kori's eyes blaze as soon as he said it.

"No! You did do this! I came here tonight to tell Jason that things between us were over, and that actually I wanted to start a relationship with Roy. Because Roy is a genuinely nice person, who I doubt would leave me to travel the world, or cheat on me because he was 'drunk'. I wanted to start fresh and you bringing Roy here has fucked that up! Yes I lied to Roy, but that was because he never would have understood that I did this for me and him. So we could be together! Now Jason knows about me and you and I never wanted that. Because I realise now that you were the biggest mistake I've ever made. I hate you Grayson. I really do. Because you can't see that I don't want you anymore! Accept that we are through and stop ruining my life just because you're jealous. So thank you Dick. You have well and truly ruined any chance for me to be with Roy. And probably my reputation because no doubt the entire college will know by tomorrow morning." She stepped around him again and tried to carry on walking.

"Kori wait!"


"I didn't want this."

"You keep saying that you didn't want this. You keep saying that you never meant to do anything, but you keep doing it. Look Dick. If you really do still like me as much as you're showing, then do me a favour and leave me alone. Because I'm tired of you hurting me. I don't want this anymore. I'm through. In fact, just tell them two in there to delete me out of their lives, and you too. I'm going to start again, no matter what it takes."

And so she left. Just leaving Dick in the middle of the car park to think over everything she had just said. Jason and Roy came out a few minutes later and they all talked over what had happened. Everyone now a little more upset than angry. But they knew that what Kori had done was wrong, regardless of the situation she'd explained.

No one heard from Kori for the rest of the week. She wasn't in college, and when people asked Karen where she was, Karen said that it wasn't her place to tell. On the Friday, Roy, Jason and Dick all arrived home to bags on their front steps with their names on. Inside were recognisable items that they had each given Kori throughout each of their relationships with her. Clothing. Photos. Presents. A small note inside simply read. 'Do whatever you want with them.' And that was it.

Dick sat on his bed, a photo of him and Kori in his hand. He ran a hand down his face and sighed. She finally was done. But what did she think she was going to do? She would see Roy and Dick every day at college. Jason might possibly see her when he occasionally took Tim to school. She couldn't avoid them all forever. Or could she?

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