Pokémon extreme quest:

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I'm going to try to get this story started; I know have four other stories so I will write this story and focus on finishing off The return of Ahsoka, then the other stories… Batwoman beyond is on hiatus, sorry fan base, I get to it eventually.

Figure I were finish the first chapter of this new story for the new year.

Does anybody think Serena should be trying to get all the Kalos gym badges alone side with Ash give her some goal, this is why Dawn and May are my favorite of Ash company.

3rd person POV:

Ash was having a break between the Courmaline city Gym, and the Lumiose city gym. He was in a town call Azul town. All six regions professors were there, and because of that the normally quiet town was at a busy place.

He was traveling with Serena, Clemont, Bonnie, taking a break enjoying the scenery. Ash was watching the Pokémon when a bike ran into him, both the bike and Ash fell no harm done other than a few tiny scars and bruises. "Are you O.K.?" The female said.

Ash said, "It Ok…Misty?" Ash said.

"Ash is that you?" The red hair tom boy asked.

"Yeah I haven't seen you in years, how are you doing." Ash said.

"Good; who are new friends Ash?" Misty asked.

"Oh this is Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie." Ash said pointing to each of his friends.

"Well Tracey and I are helping professor Oak with other region Pokémon were on a look out for alt color Pokémon and why they exist in both our and different regions." She then point to him draw a little girl Minun and Plusle.

Tracey finishes his drawing, and says hi, and got the introductions out of the way.

"Hey Ash if you don't mind maybe we can spend the day together, catch up on old times." Misty asks.

"Sure thing Misty, that OK with you guys right?" He said asking his current gang if she could.

"Sure thing Ash it could be fun." Clemont said.

"The more the merrier." Bonnie said.

Serena slowly said, "I don't mind."

"So Ash wants to go the local Pokémon training area?" Misty asked.

"Sure, maybe Serena and Clemont can do a double battle against us, hey Tracey mind being the referee?" Ash asked.

The artist then said, "Sure think Ash."

"Kanto vs. Kalos double battle, that's sound like fun." Misty said.

"So I'm going to use Pikachu a Kanto Pokémon, which Pokémon are you going to use Misty?" Ash asked.

"I think I am going to used Seadra." Misty said.

"Wow did you evolve Horsea?" Ash asked, Misty nod yes.

Clemont got one of his Poké Ball out ready for the battle, Serena got out her Poké Ball containing Fennekin.

They enter the training area, Ash and Misty enter one side of the battlefield and Clemont and Serena are at the other end, Bonnie watch on the side lines, and Tracey stood in the referee spot.

Ash send Pikachu out, and Misty sent out Seadra, while Clemont sent out Chespin, and Serena sent out Fennekin. (Yeah I'm making their moves up.)

"We're going to let you each make the first move." Clemont said.

"Misty, ladies first" Ash said.

"OK, Seadra Hydro pumps on Chespin." Misty said, not wanting to overpower the weaker fire type.

"Chespin dodge." Clemont said.

He dodges it, and the blow hit the ground.

"Pikachu thunder shock on Fennekin." Ash said.

"Fennekin dodge." The fire vixen try but didn't get out in time.

"Fennekin are you OK." Serena said, the fire Pokémon said it name to prove it is OK. "Awesome Fennekin use Flame charge."

Ash then said, "Pikachu dodge and use Iron tail."

"Chespin Leech Seed on Seadra." Clemont said.

"Come on big brother, win this." Bonnie said.

Misty then said, "Seadra quick use smokescreen." In a blink of the eye the entire fill the entire training field, blinding the Kalos trainers.

"Pikachu use Quick attack on Chespin." Ash said.

"Chespin take it then tacked Pikachu." The Kalos gym leader said.

The Grass hedgehog did as his trainer told him to, after the attack Pikachu was stun.

"Pikachu get out of the smoke screen." Ash yelled.

Clemont said, "Chespin follow Pikachu out of the smoke screen,"

"Fennekin try to get out of the smog and then use tackle on Pikachu." The female Kalos trainer said to her fire vixen.

The smoke screen finally clear, Chespin was facing Seadra while Pikachu and Fennekin were staring each other down.

"Pikachu used Electro Ball." Ash said.

Fennekin created a beam of pink energy blow Pikachu across the screen.

Clemont then said, "Fennekin just used Psyshock."*

"Wow another move for Fennekin, this will help in our adventure." She said.

"Pikachu buddy are you alright." Ash asked, Pikachu said his name, ready to continue this battle.

"Come on big brother." Bonnie said.

Clemont blush slightly embarrasses, he decided to ignore her and focus on the battle, "Serena let's focus on Pikachu since Fire isn't weak against it, and then it's team up on Seadra."

"OK, Fennekin use Psyshock on Pikachu." The honey hair trainer said to her Pokémon.

"Pikachu dodge and use…" Ash was interrupted when Clemont order Chespin to use bullet seed on Pikachu.

Misty then said, "Seadra quick use ice beam on Chespin."

Serena then said, "Fennekin use Psybeam on Pikachu."

Ash then said, "Used Electro ball on Fennekin."

"Chespin used Bullet seed on Seadra." Clemont said.

A big black smoke appear, Bonnie had her fingers cross for her brother.

To be continued.

I know her Fennekin shouldn't be at that level but I'm needed to get it some powerful moves.

Next time: Even more of Ashes old friends return and a certain female Kalos trainer is not only fascinated but scare by how many female companions Ash had in the past.