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Chapter 4: Rhino and Psion

Spider-Man landed on a lamppost, watching the Rhino for a millisecond.

"Hey Hornhead! You honestly couldn't think of anything better to do than mindless destruction? I'm wasting this lovely afternoon on you." Lovely afternoon? It's raining sideways and you have nothing better to do anyway. Conscious thingy that suddenly appeared; I really, really hate you right now. The massive armored man roars at Peter, apparently angry.

"I'm going to crush you!"

"Keep on dreaming, Alexei. You haven't crushed me yet!" Spidey replies lightheartedly. Meanwhile, the lamp shattered into pieces. Oops. Unless you want to reveal mutants to the world, be more careful. I know Conscious Thingy! SPIDER-SENSE!

"Oof." Spider-Man lies in the rubble for a moment before leaping out of the way of another charge and perching nimbly on a branch. Interesting, my telekinesis was apparently activated by my spider-sense, judging by the blown up car.

"Stand still and let me crush you!" Spider-Man cocks his head.

"Whaat? Why would I do such a silly thing?" The mutant raises his arms and blinds the Rhino with a glob of webbing, wincing at his sore ribs. The Russian stumbles around and Spidey leaps onto the man. Gotta tear off this armor, and fast. Using his spider-strength, he attempts to break of the armor, with little success. Great, the suit is now made up of complete Adamantium. Just my luck. Avoiding the Rhino's flailing fists, which would be more than enough to daze him, the wallcrawler punches through the glass protecting the Rhino's exposed face.

"Lights out Rhino." With that, he lands a solid haymaker to the Russian's jaw, even if it is only at a fraction of his normal strength. For once, lady luck was on my side, at least. I got the Rhino without being beaten black and blue and I got pictures…My Camera! Awesome, now I won't have pictures for Jameson or a paycheck to buy a camera to give pictures to Jameson. That's your biggest worry? Did you notice the chaos? Shut up Conscious Thingy.

Peter trudges back to the X-Mansion. Kurt bamfs next to him.

"Vas is vrong?" In reply, Peter holds up the shattered remains of his camera.

"I'm gonna lose my job."

"Oh." The two walk in silence for a moment before Kurt speaks up. "You have to start training tomorrow, so you'll have to vake up insanely early."

"Excellent, I love to be sleep deprived." Kurt chuckles and Peter turns around to face him, walking backwards, trusting his spider-sense and Kurt to warn him if he's about to walk into a wall. At that very moment, Kitty slides through the wall and plants herself between them.

"Did you get any pictures of Spider-Man?" Peter mock-glares at her.

"Yeah, but my camera broke, and I have no pictures to give Jameson."

"Like, why do you work for him? He's always slandering Spider-Man." Peter grins slightly.

"I need to help my aunt with the bills." Kitty nods, surprisingly quiet. Peter sighs, and changes the subject.

"Do you people wear costumes, and if so, is there a specific uniform?"

"Ja, but ve often modify them, vhy?" Peter shrugs.

"So I can make an awesome one." Kitty giggles, and Peter winks, causing a blush to form.

"You don't seem like the type who can sew."

"Oh, I'm full of surprises Pryde." Much more than you know. "So, anyway, can you show me some pictures of your uniform, I'm going to take a while." The two X-Men look at each other and shrug.

The next morning, the X-Men wait for Peter in the Danger Room. Logan is sheathing and unsheathing his claws, making the teenagers nervous. Finally, a cloaked figure enters the room and stands before them, letting the hood fall. The cloak is grayish white and is thrown back. Underneath, the figure wears an awfully edgy green and black version of the X-Men uniform; the green X was longer and was designed to look like it had jagged edges. He wore a mask similar to Spawn's and the entire outfit accentuated his lean muscles. Kitty tentatively spoke up.

"Peter?" The cloaked figure shakes his head, before responding in a raspy whisper.

"No, I am your…father." At that point, Kurt starts cracking up, only silencing at a close up of Wolverines claws.

"Bub…" Peter answers in the same whispering rasp.

"Relax; I am Psion, Vanquisher of Evil, Scourge of Villains, and the Ruthless Protector." Wolverine mumbles something that sounds distinctly like '- teenagers' as he starts up the training. The X-Men leap into action, and Psion joins the fray, his time as Spider-Man serving him well. However, unlike his arachnid alter ego, Psion is going for a dark Batman-ish feel during his fighting, and is much quieter than normal, while using his fairly untrained telekinesis brutally, simply shattering everything he comes in contact to(which is helped by the fact that whenever his spider-sense tingles, something inanimate explodes). He manages to work fairly well with everyone else, and by the time the sessions over, Psion gets why everyone is scared of Wolverine despite his stature. If this is training, he doesn't want to know the man's idea of punishment.

Removing his mask (which makes him feel oddly vulnerable) Peter wipes his brow. Scott nod stiffly at him.

"You did good…almost like you've had training-and it's been going on for a while." You should have been more careless, acted like a rookie. Shut up Conscious Thingy, I already know. Peter smirks cockily at the leader.

"Hey, I'm no slacker. Anyway, haven't you ever heard of beginners luck Stiff?" Peter pointedly ignores Jeans probing look, trying to shield his mind with his spider-sense and mentally thumbing through the periodic table of elements.

"Peter has a point Scott." The brunette nods at Evan, who he hasn't really talked to, but seems nice enough.

"Ja, but now you vill have to deal vith school."

"Kurt, my friend, I am a nerd. Thus I like school-except for PE and jocks." He manages to earn a few chuckles from most of the teenagers and grins proudly. Plus, they don't know me, so I don't have to act that weak. Remember, with great power, there must also come great responsibility, and that includes not abusing your powers. Conscious Thingy? I'm really starting to hate you.

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