Author's Note: I have dozens of deleted stories sitting on my hard drive, but with the lack of SasuKarin fanfics out there, I might as well just re-post this one. There are three more parts I think.

In Which Sasuke Gets Karin Pregnant

by Bullwinkle's Lady

She sensed another's chakra, and it was with her – constantly. It was tiny, and unfamiliar, but...beautiful.

At first she thought it was Sasuke – that his chakra had changed some how. But that wasn't possible. And he surely wasn't as weak as a bird.

It surrounded her. It smothered her. It was...inside of her.

It was at that, highly inappropriate, moment, that Karin realized she was pregnant.

And she said it aloud, in shock. She said it again and again.

She was brought back to reality by his blonde-haired friend, who was shaking her, and the pink-haired-one, who looked ready to faint. They shoved her, none-too-gently, away from the battle, where she dazedly entered the forest, dropped to her knees, and vomited. And it had nothing to do with morning sickness. It was plain ole', what the fuck? vomit.

It made sense though. They'd been fucking like rabbits. What else was there to do in Konoha? They'd been using protection...but protection wasn't guaranteed.

"I heard rumors."

He entered the bedroom that night, and she tried to sleep – she tried to ignore him, but he climbed over her and opened one of her eyes with his pointer finger and thumb.

He'd always liked her crimson eyes.

Some day he'd surely try to take them.

"What rumors?" she retorted, playing dumb. "You can't believe everything you hea-" she broke off when he activated his sharingan. For a moment, they stared at each other, before Sasuke's eyes shifted to her abdomen.


"Naruto said he had to take you out of the mission," Sasuke muttered, his eyes returning to onyx. "You're pregnant."

She didn't know what to say, so settled on closing her eyes again.


They snapped open. "What?"

He climbed off her and took his side of the bed. "I really don't mind. I'm – pleased."

She leaned over him, grabbing his shoulders. She watched him wince as her fingernails pressed his skin. "You better not have planned this," she threatened.

"Karin," her name was erotic on his lips. "You should control your temper. It can't be good for the-"

"Don't you dare say it!"