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I stared at the entrance to my den, even though I did not see the lichen-covered opening. Instead I saw faces of clanmates I knew. Thrushpelt. Moonflower. Snowfur. Mosskit.

I sighed, thinking of my kits. Should I really have given them to Oakheart? Why couldn't I have raised my kits while being deputy? I wouldn't have to watch over them all the time right? If my kits were ever hungry I would've hunted all their food myself.

Maybe it wasn't too late. I could ask Oakheart if I could have my kits back. Surely Mistykit and Stonekit missed me. Besides, it wasn't cold anymore. There was plenty of prey on the fresh-kill pile. I made up my mind. I was going to Riverclan right now to ask for my kits.

I rose up from my nest, and exited my den. I padded across the clearing, gaze fixed on the entrance. Before I got there, some cat blocked my way.

"Move, Sunfall," I snapped. Something seemed off about Sunfall today though. Didn't her old mentor have yellow eyes?

"Bluestar," The orange cat said gently, "It's Fireheart. Your deputy. Remember?" I blinked.

"Oh, yes. Fireheart. Now move, I need to talk to Oakheart," I muttered, trying to walk around Fireheart.

"Bluestar," I heard Fireheart plead as he moved to block my way again. "Please, Oakheart is dead." Leaning closer, he whispered, "And your kits are warriors of Riverclan now."

I jerked away from Fireheart with a snarl. Why did he have to guess what I was thinking? Why couldn't he leave me alone? I tried to barge past him, but my deputy wouldn't let me pass. Instead, he steered me towards my den.

"Just go and rest, Bluestar. You'll feel better after a good night's sleep." I gave in, letting Fireheart lead me back to my nest. After he left, I trembled.

I was scared. Not of the murderous Tigerstar, not of the darkness that haunts Thunderclan, but of myself. I was scared to become like this, so weak and fragile. I couldn't realize simple facts, or remember prominent events. I couldn't predict myself anymore, and it felt like I was two cats in one. The two Bluestar's inside of me, were fighting a battle, and the one with the clouded mind, fueled by rage was winning.

I have to give up. There's no way I can carry on like this.

Whitestorm hurried along by my shoulder, and I could tell he was watching me. I snorted. Did he think I was a kit? I still remembered the day he was born, clear in my mind. He had no right to be treating me like a three moon old kit.

In the distance, I heard dogs barking. Then, it felt like I had just run out of a heavy fog. Something else became clear in my mind. My clan.

"Do you promise to protect the clan and warrior code, even at the cost of your life?" Pinestar's eyes gleamed.

"I do!" Bluepaw responded, knowing that she truly meant it.

"Then by the power of Starclan, I give you your warrior name-"

I jerked out of my memory. I had vowed to protect my clan with my life. Starclan had granted me nine lives so I could protect my clan. As I listened to the faded sounds of the dogs and the cats yowling, I knew I was going to do just that.

I turned around to look at Whitestorm. He was busy trying to help Dappletail climb a gnarled old oak, so I silently stepped into the bushes. I rolled around in some grass, hoping to disguise my scent. Then I set off towards the sound of the howls.

I stalked the noise, until I was hidden under a bramble not too far from the gorge. The Riverclan scent marks were behind me, but at this moment, I didn't care. I was going to protect my clan at all costs, exceeding the warrior code in this situation.

I heard the baying grow louder and saw Fireheart streaking around a patch of bracken. Not even a fox-length behind, a giant, slavering, beast of a dog thundered towards my deputy at full speed. The rest of his pack was behind, but I held my focus on the pack leader. Fireheart drew closer without seeing me, shifting ever so slightly towards the cliff with every pawstep. The pack leader followed, too intent on his prey to realize the ground wasn't stable and there was nothing but death below him. Fireheart was gaining ground though, and as I saw one dog stumble, I turned away, seeing I would probably not be needed.

I hadn't walked more than a few paces before I heard Fireheart screech in pain. I instantly whipped around, and leaped over the bushes where I had been hiding. As I soared through the air, I heard long-lost voices whispering in my ear.

"You can do this," Moonflower whispered.

"Stay strong," I heard Snowfur's encouraging words.

"Do this for me, Mama. Do this for Thunderclan," Mosskit's mew gave me courage as I barreled headfirst into the pack leader. My momentum carried us both over the edge of the gorge, and as I fell through the air, the wind tugging at my fur, I knew this was the most honorable death I could have deserved.

And as I hit the water, that's exactly what happened.

Ferncloud: Wow. That was... confusing.

Graysie: Yeah, I imagine that's how Bluestar was feeling. Out of control of her own thoughts.

Ferncloud: At least she's back in control up in Starclan.

Graysie: Are you sure? Because I read something called If it rained Catmint that said all Starclan cats are secretly crazy.

Ferncloud: (glances around nervously) That's - um - not true...

(Bluestar dances through the sky above Graysie's head)

Bluestar: PICKLES!

Ferncloud: Oh, the heck with it. (Starts dancing the Hokey Pokey whilst singing The Star-Spangled Banner)

Graysie: See ya'll next time! (Starts eating a cheeseburger)

Ferncloud: By the way, who does own the concept of chesseburgers?

Graysie: I'm not really sure. *pulls out kindle fire from who-knows-where and starts tapping* Let's see here, Wikipedia says cheeseburgers were invented by-

And you'll have to wait till next time to find out who invented cheeseburgers!