Warning: This may be a Disney story, but this Disney is for teenagers and adults only. This is a blog run by anonymous students who will be discussing sexual themes with strong language. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Hello my little Stars and welcome to the Mouse Trap! Here, you'll see all the juiciest news and gossip that's going on in Disney University and Traverse Town. My name is Blue, and I'm your number 1 gossip blogger. You won't find better stories from anyone else.

So for the first entry, it looks to me that we have kids of celebrities here at our school. Don't get excited, because they're not like movie stars, just athletes. For all you boys out there who are big fans of wrestler Mr. Incredible, you can meet his daughter Violet while his back is turned. Maybe if you have a set of balls, you'll ask her out. Violet Parr is a freshman who is majoring in vocal music.

Her voice is so croaky, how did she get in? I can barely stand her talking voice! And for Gods sake, take the stupid headband out. You look like Rachel Berry. Anyway, if you want to meet your childhood idol, give her a reason to take you home over break.

She's definitely a virgin. Who would fuck this girl? Jesus Christ, gain some weight!

Who knew Mr. Incredible had a daughter? Just imagine this monster holding a tiny baby! No wonder he never brought her into the limelight! If that were my dad, I wouldn't want the public to know!

Violet has a YouTube channel known as ViParr. Apparently she reacts to videos people ask her to watch. What a cheap setup to get viewers. I can't understand why people love her.

Then there's Ariel Atlantica. You all know that the Olympic gold medalist swimmer Triton Atlantica has too many kids, all of them girls. Ariel's the last one, thank god. Unlike all her A sisters, Ariel doesn't want to be a swimmer. She's only been here for a week and every horny idiot of campus wants to bang her.

Who does she think she is? She walks around the campus like she's hot shit, showing off her hot body and whatnot. And she tries to come off as pure and innocent. What a load of shit. She must think she can get any man she wants. Whoever the guy is, he probably won't say no.

Why are all you red heads sluts? Jessica Rabbit may be a stripper whore, but why copy her?

That's all I have for now my Little Stars! Much love!


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