Chapter 1: The Vision

Harry woke to a sudden pounding like there was a stampede of horses galloping around his room, urgh, he thought, Aunt Petunia.

"Just five more minutes, please." Harry moaned from the depths of his soft pillow that he had bent over his head to block out the noise of the world around him. The galloping had grown louder. Harry opened his eyes to a dim room, he squinted through the darkness trying to locate his glasses which he instantly found on his bedside table and put them on – the galloping continued. Fully being able to see now, the room was dark and it was night outside.

Why, was Aunt Petunia trying to wake him in the middle of the night, he thought. He sat up trying to find his bearings and was forced to lie back down as the galloping grew much louder and his head seemed to thump in time with the sound. Feeling extremely dizzy and a little bit nauseous , harry lay with his eyes squeezed shut, his fingers pinching the bridge of his nose as the galloping and throbbing died down. 'No,' harry thought. 'Not a headache, Uncle Vernon will kill me if I am ill tomorrow.'

Harry decided to go and grab a glass of water, hoping to calm the rumbling in his head. Careful not to aggravate his head again, he slowly stood up and reached for his dressing gown. He slid it on carefully as another wave of dizziness relapsed over him, he sidled forward determined to get a drink from the bathroom. He was starting to see black blotches in his vision and it felt like there was a dozen snitches flying around in his head, he swayed on the spot and clasped onto the bathroom door knob trying to make the feeling go away. Harry closed his eyes and pressed the base of his hand to his forehead, willing for the feeling to leave. If it was one minute or ten minutes that passed Harry didn't know, but the galloping and the dizziness didn't stop. Slowly, after a long time the stars in his eyes lessened and he could think a little more clearly, he stood there talking shaky breaths trying to calm down.

As he started to relax from his earlier attack he felt a twist in the pit of his stomach and clasped his hand to his front, he felt a warm liquid creeping up his throat and into his mouth. 'No, he will kill me if I am sick, he will kill me.' Harry's thoughts screamed inside his head as he clasped a shaky hand to his mouth and ran to the toilet, opening the lid and started to throw up into the white bowl. He was sure that the sounds he was making would wake his aunt and uncle and he would be done for. Just as he thought this a light turned on in the hallway behind him, as his uncle bellowed down the corridor. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING BOY!?"

Harry heard the tone in his uncle's voice and wished that she could stop, but he just kept retching and retching. Harry was worried that he would throw up his stomach from the intensity of the retches. He heard his uncles footsteps grow closer and could see his slippers standing in the doorway outside the bathroom, suddenly; he stopped vomiting and sat there looking sheepishly at his uncles red face.

"WHAT IN GODS NAME ARE YOU DOING BOY!?" Uncle Vernon screamed as he towered over Harry with his big beetle eyes starting coldly into Harry.

"I-" Harry's answer was cut short as he leaned back over the toilet bowl and dry retched, which was sending constant shivers up Harry's spine and tore all of the energy out of his body.

"WELL, I AM WAITING!" he boomed.

Harry only managed to throw up a little bit of vial from his stomach and was sure that he was finished; but he felt physically drained. He was shaking uncontrollably and could feel a slight sweat forming on every bit of his body. Harry could not find the words to answer his uncle; he was too tired and confused to make sense of anything that was happening.

His uncles' face formed a disturbing smile as he whispered; "Wrong answer..." and he grabbed hold of Harry's shoulder and dragged him onto his feet.

Harry's head felt like it was going to split into two and the galloping was so loud Harry wasn't able to hear the yelling that was coming out of his uncles' mouth. His stars were intruding his vision again and the snitches were buzzing around in his head again. He saw the stars morph into clumps, and slowly the clumps became darkness. Harry listened to the hammering in his head as he swam in and out of consciousness; then came the slight bump to his head and all fell dark.

Somewhere in the depths of London there was a very small house that was called number 12 Grimwald Place which was the headquarters of the Order of Phoenix. This was a secret society of people that helped fight against Lord Voldemort (or as most people liked to call him 'He Who Must Not Be Named'.) when he was last in power. As the war had gone on many years ago, the Order of Phoenix was missing some members; these included Harry's parents who were killed by Voldemort and Harry had survived which is what had made him so famous in the wizarding world.

This meeting contained nine different people; there was Molly and Arthur Weasly (who were the parents of Harry's best friend Ronald), Sirius (Harry's godfather), Remus Lupin (Harry's school teacher for that year), Tonks, Moody, Kinsley, Severus Snape (who was another one of Harry's teachers) and Albus Dumbledore (who was the headmaster at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which is where Harry Potter went to school).

The main focus of the meeting had been about Harry. As Harry was about to enter his fifth year at Hogwarts they were all becoming increasingly worried about the effect that Lord Voldemort was having on the young boys life. Remus Lupin, who was so very fond of Harry because he was a lovely boy and reminded him of much of his parents James and Lilly was laughing at Tonks who had just made her hair turn a bright Violet colour went to take a drink from his goblet, when he had a vision of something that no one thought would ever happen.