Chapter 9: The Night Bus

Sirius was sitting on the footpath on the corner of Knockturn Alley feeling rather tired and drained. He lazily lifted a leg up and started scratching the back of his head with his dog paw; he was in his animagus state. Voldemorts hand was lying on the ground and had several fingers missing and was quietly twitching from the battle that had just gone on between Sirius and it.

'I better get back to the others to see how Harry is. Gosh, why do things like this always happen to him, his father was always one for getting into mischief. But nothing like this...' he thought as he was changing back into human form. Once he was standing he started walking back to the street of 'Diagon Alley'.

"Prof- I mean, Remus. How much longer will Sirius be? I'm starting to get worried." Hermione was saying.

There had been no change from Harry, who, was still laying in Remus's arms unconscious with blood dripping off his face. The hanky that Remus has been using to absorb Harry's blood had long since been too soiled to use and was lying in the gutter turning the running water red.

"Hermione, you need to stop worrying, he will be fine." He replied.

"But-" Hermione noticed that Remus was looking at her with a face that was saying 'just stop' so she closed her mouth and just watched Harry.

"Though, it is getting dark and we should get out of here. Maybe we should try and wake Harry." Remus suggested.

'Finally' Ron thought, 'Something that I am good at.' "Harry? Wake up, Harry."

Fred and George stood up and started singing a small song that went along the tune to a lullaby,

Waky, waky, sleepy baby

Please open your eyes

It is time to wake up and- the twins stood for one moment thinking. George obviously thought of something because he whispered in Fred's ear and he laughed. They both cleared their throats.

Put on your make up

So you can get to work by five

Both of the twins burst into laughter, Hermione and Remus were looking at them like they had just smelt a really bad smell and Ron's ears were turning pink as he was embarrassed to have them as brothers.

There was a moment of silent where everyone was starting at Fred and George then a soft, hoarse voice broke the silence.

"Am I really that ugly that I need to put make up on?"

Everyone turned around in shock and looked at Harry who had as big a smile as he could manage on his face.

"Harry!" Hermione burst out about to fling her arms around him.

"No!" Harry quickly yelled. Hermione stopped halfway towards him and her smile faded.

"What is it Harry?" Remus asked slowly.

Harry closed his eyes again, "Nothing, I just don't think I can handle anyone touching me at the moment."

There was a pause as everyone looked at each other, "Alright, Harry." Remus responded, "Will you be able to travel by portkey?"

Harry's huge green eyes opened wide in fright, "No, unless you want everyone to be covered in- well, my..." he said as his stomach churned.

"Oh, don't worry then Harry we don't have to go home that way." Remus said. "Kids," he said looking at Ron, Hermione and the twins "Could you go and see what the next departure of the night bus is?"

They all nodded and left walking into the leaky cauldron.

As soon as they were gone Remus spoke to Harry really quickly in a whisper. "Harry, what were you doing? He could have killed you, you know."

"I-"Harry started.

"Unfortunately it has come to my attention that you are not safe anywhere. One of the only places that will be able to protect you is Hogwarts and your aunt and uncles house. But, as it turns out, your aunt and uncles house was never safe to begin with."


"And that is what makes me worried. If the places where we think you are safe are not safe, then there really isn't anyone that we are able to trust anymore. Do you understand me?"


"Harry, I was going to ask you this later because I didn't want to say anything while you were still recovering. But, how long had you known that Voldemort was your uncle in disguise?" This time Remus had stopped long enough to hear what Harry had to say.

"Ever-"his voice broke as he was fighting back tears. Remus placed a hand on his back and patted him slightly and Harry continued. "Ever since... I found out about the wizarding world."

Remus sighed "When was that exactly?"

Harry took a deep breath, "In the summer holidays, after my first year at Hogwarts."

"That long?" Remus looked shocked. "What happened to make you find out?"

Harry was starting to feel really light headed, he knew that it was because he was losing so much blood in his head and there was nothing to cover the steady flow that was coming from his head. He closed his eyes as the world was spinning and willed himself not to be sick. He thought about the day when he found out about his uncle.

It was the day that Harry had been picked up from the train station, and already things were becoming suspicious. Harry didn't think that his aunt and uncle would care enough to even think of picking him up from the station let alone walk in to get him.

As soon as they were in the car his uncle turned to him with a wide grin on his face. Harry noticed that his aunt was staring straight ahead as though she was uncomfortable with something. 'Maybe they were having another fight' Harry had thought.

His uncle started speaking "Welcome back, boy. Did anything interesting happen on your school year? How did you break your arm? Were you fighting to keep something safe? A rock maybe?"

"How did you know that?" Harry had replied in a small voice looking down at his arm which was in a bandage.

His uncle had just turned around and gone on driving.

'Dumbledore must have sent a letter to them. Telling them what had happened and why I would have a broken arm.' Harry had thought.

After that incident in the car nothing much had happened until a couple of weeks later. Harry was in his room looking through his photo book that Hagrid had given him of his mother and father when his uncle had walked into the room.

"Oh, your...parents..."He spluttered. "Yes, Lord Voldemort really was a powerful wizard who made the right decisions. In my opinion."

Harry was shocked that his uncle would say something like that. "Your opinion doesn't matter here!" he yelled.

"Are you sure about that?" His uncle said.

Harry started his him for a while and then something was happening. His uncle was changing, his face was slipping and he was becoming skinnier. His skin started turning a really white colour and his bones were protruding out of his back. His hair started disappearing to leave him bald and then he was staring into the eyes of another man...Voldemort.

Harry screamed and ran to the window and started trying to get out. He grabbed his wand and pointed it at Voldemort his heart beating out of control.

"Now, Harry potter, you can see why my opinion matters." He said. "I will be keeping a watchful eye on you from now on."

Harry was shaking on the spot.

"If I could kill you in this house, I would. But the protection is far too strong. I can, however, inflict any pain that I want onto you and you will see what I can do within a course of time." He held out a bony finger and lightly stroked across the boys face stopping on his cheek. "If I hear that you have told anyone I will not hesitate in making sure I kill them and, when I have the"

Harry shakily stepped away from the man's touch and nodded slightly.

Voldemort smiled widely, "Good, don't make me say it again." He stepped back from Harry a little and pulled out a bottle from his pocket and drank from it. The skinny figure turned back into the fat red faced uncle that Harry was used to. "Don't stare boy!" his now uncle barked and punched Harry right in the face.

Harry fell back onto his bed with stars in his eyes and looked around to see another blow coming, and another and another.

"Harry?" Remus's voice brought Harry out of his flashback.

Harry opened his eyes to look into the worried faces of Hermione, Ron, the twins and Remus. The others must have come back while he was having his flashback.

"The bus comes in five minutes. Can you walk, or should we carry you?" Remus asked.

Harry just closed his eyes again, he was too tried to register that Remus was asking him a question. Remus just smiled at the boy "I guess that was a yes to being carried." He removed Harry from his lap and picked him up and started walking towards the bus stop with the others following him.

They walked through the Leaky Cauldron and sat near the bus stop waiting for it to come for them. Within a few minutes it arrived and a short man wearing a purple uniform stepped out and read from a piece of paper.

"Welcome to the Night Bus, emergency transport for a stranded witch or wizard. My name is Stan Shunkbite and I will be your conductor for this evening." As soon as he looked up from the piece of paper he gasped at the sight before his eyes.

"C-c-come in, right away." He said as he moved aside to let Remus pass. The bus was about five storied high and was filled with beds, so that wizards who were travelling long distances could sleep on the way. As soon as they were inside, Remus laid Harry on the closest bed he could find and everyone else sat on the bed next to it.

Harry sighed as soon as his head hit the pillow and he opened his eyes. There was a large jolt as the bus started and all of the beds slid to the end of the bus, only to move back into position when they turned another corner.

The movement was causing Harry to feel ill, but he didn't want to worry anyone else with it. Even though he could feel his face becoming pale.

"Remus" Harry whispered to his guardian.

"Yes Harry?" Remus said.

"I'm ready to tell you about when I found out that uncle Vernon was Voldemort." Harry said putting a hand on his head to try and stop it from spinning as much as it was at that moment.

"Alright Harry" Harry opened his mouth and told Remus everything.

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