Ch. 1- Meeting Uncle Stark

Warnings: none

Being seen as a hero is pretty great, I must admit. The downside is the over bearing respect that everyone (okay, most people) inevitably shower you with.

That was why now, a week since the final battle, I was somewhat relieved to be headed home.

With one final wave to the assembly that had come to see me off, I mounted Blackjack and we soared into the sky.

"Thanks Blackjack!" I called after the black Pegasus as he used my apartment building's roof as a runway.

'Don't mention it boss!'

I smiled and walked down the fire escape, an empty donut carton tucked under one arm.

"Hey mom! I-" I began, walking into the living rooms. I stopped and blinked. My mom was sitting across from a man I had never seen before, though somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind thought I should know. He had short brown hair, an interesting mustache-goaty combo, and although we were indoors, he had a pair of rose colored sunglasses on. He looked curiously at me, though he maintained an air of indifference about himself that reminded me scarily of the first time I met Mr. D. I faintly wondered if he was the wine god's descendent. Judging from the champagne bottle and glasses, it was a definite possibility. Before my mind could stray any farther, however, the man began to speak, a childish gleam alight in his eyes.

"Percy! I'm a big fan o-" my mom cut him off.

"This is your uncle, Tony. Tony, this is my son Percy." I took notice of the way she stressed the word son.

Tony offered me a hand and a cheeky smile. I set the empty donut box which I hadn't realized I was still holding on the coffee table before accepting his hand.

"Hey kid, I'm Tony Stark." He said his name as though he was expecting some reaction, but I was too busy staring at the strange blue glow coming from his chest. I knew my ADHD wouldn't let me rest until I knew what it was.

"What's that?" I asked.

He looked genuinely confused for a few seconds, until he registered what I was looking at. Then his expression changed to one of disbelief.

"You mean you don't know?"

"Should I?" Tony muttered something about teenage deprivation.

Sensing an explanation was needed, my mom suggested the practical solution to our lack of information. "Lets start from the beginning."

Well, there it is! The first chapter. Hopefully you liked it. I've had a rough copy of this stored on my iPad for who knows how long now, and decided it was high time I finished it. So I made a bunch of revisions and Wha-la! What do you know. This popped out! I will be posting a chapter a day for a while.

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