Author's Note: This EPILOGUE, which I am quite sure I called a prologue in my previous post (slap slap, silly me), is dedicated to a Mr. Manguy, who very kindly provided me with what the characters say when they're at Lavos. So, anyway, here it is!


"What do you want with it?"

"I swear I wouldn't do anything to harm it in any way," Magus said with exasperation. "I just want to put the Masamune in a safer place. You can't carry it around with you all the time, Crono."

"I don't like the thought of losing it," Crono admitted, his hand wrapped possessively around the hilt of the sword. "It's all we have left of Frog."

"Please. I won't carry it for very long, and it will be safe where I'll put it. Trust me. Can't you do that?"

Crono held his eyes for a long while, then slowly handed the Masamune over to the good evil wizard. "Thank you," Magus said quietly and went to say his farewells.

"You're leaving," Schala noted as he went to her.

"Yes. It's time. I'm over everything now, and if I don't do this now, then I never will."

He still walked with a slight limp, but the two weeks they had spent in the End of Time had done them all good in the manner of relaxation. Magus had his magical and physical strength back. His hands had been completely healed by the black pool, and the only reminder of what Kelke had done to him was his shoulder length blue hair.

The entire group had benefited from their break. They had regained some of their previous spirit and had learned to laugh again. Crono had also had them training both with their weapons and their magic in preparation for the eventual battle with Lavos, and he had given them all the chance to go and see their families or friends. He didn't have the heart to deny them the chance to see people whom they may never see again.

"Where are you going?" Lucca asked Magus.

"I'm going to get myself out of debt. You'll understand in time." He shifted his weight nervously from one foot to the other, started to say something, then changed his mind. "Ah… look after Alfador, would you? I can't take him with me."

Lucca nodded, closed her eyes momentarily. "Magus… I – "

"Yes?" he prompted when she didn't continue.

"I… hope you come back safely. And soon."

"Oh," he said and smiled briefly. "Schala, take care of yourself, and no running off with evil Mages while I'm gone, all right? I'll be back. I swear."

"I'll wait for you," she promised him. "Don't be too long. And be careful."

"I will. See you later, then. …Um, goodbye, Lucca."

"Goodbye," Lucca responded uncertainly.

Wrapping the Masamune in his cloak to avoid touching it, Magus took a beam of light to the Middle Ages, then used a technique on which he had been working to transport himself directly to the place to which he wanted to go.

"Yes, ha ha! It works!" He contemplated doing a little dance to celebrate, but decided that perhaps he should just calm down instead. He glanced around to get his bearings and to check that he was in the right place, then he continued on down the stairs and stopped.

"Hey," he said in a cautious greeting. "Nice place you got here, by the way. I know I'm be the last person you'd expect to be here, but… I just came to bring you a bit of news from the outside world. By the way, could you do something for me? I have no right to ask you for favours, but this needs your attention. The Masamune. It used to belong to Fr – to… Glenn… but he had a bit of an accident. There's no cause for concern. It's under control. Yes, he's the Hero now, and doing quite a good job of it. I'll just put the Masamune down here, shall I…? That's all very good, then."

He stepped back and took a deep breath. "Here's the deal. I'm here for two reasons. One is to give you the Masamune, and ask you to watch it for Glenn. He'll be back for it someday soon, I promise you. The second is for my own personal gain. I'm a good wizard now. Don't laugh! I am! I've turned over a new leaf, and – sorry? Okay, so I've turned over a new tree, if that makes you happy. And you're one of the things I have to put behind me. So… I'm not sorry for you. I'm sorry for Glenn, though. He never deserved that. He saved my life recently, by the way, and I'm repaying him for that. I'll get him back. I'll get him back for you, Cyrus."

That over with, Magus turned and walked away.

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