Carnival Island, the island where every day was a carnival, was bustling and hustling with all sorts of racing action, as Amigo the samba loving monkey was drifting away on the feisty Jump Parade race course, with fellow racers Opa Opa, Shadow The Hedgehog, and the Bonanza Brothers following him, going on the wooden boardwalk.

Carnival Island is always known for its feisty atmosphere, its partying beyond any reasonable measure, and it never ends when the samba music starts to jingle its way through the entire lively courses!

"I am really getting sick of hearing this damn announcer constantly..." Shadow grumbled quietly in an annoyed tone as he chuckled a red colored rocket at Amigo, causing the monkey to tumble off the track.

As Amigo was immediately placed back on the rooftop, Opa Opa turned around and pointed at Amigo, letting out some chirps as he performed a quick drift boost, taking the lead from Shadow. The Bonanza Bros looked at each other and nodded as they fired two green punching gloves forward, chucking one back, of which hit Amigo. Amigo simply shook his maracas in disappointment as he lost the great lead that he had two laps in, trying to make the most out of the situation as the party going inhabitants of the Jump Parade race course cheered on the racers, watching from their windows and various open spots on their rooftops.