Carnival Island was feisty as ever as the Sunshine Tour was bursting with sunshine everywhere, with everyone enjoying it as Amigo himself waved while driving on through, making the most out of the wonderful samba infested town. Big The Cat and Opa Opa were both chilling on the sidewalk on the right side of the finish line, taking in the gentle cool breeze as they were enjoying the moment.

"I really wish I could bring Froggy here to sit with us," Big commented as he held his hands together, slowly nodding his big, purple feline head. "Froggy likes it when its peaceful."

Opa Opa chirped as he flipped around, with Big laughing in response.

"Yeah, Mr. Opa Opa! I should take you along with me the next time I go fishing!" Big added as he raised his arms in the air.

Knuckles The Echidna screamed as he ran past Big and Opa Opa, being chased by samba playing yellow leopards.

"Help me! These cats won't leave me alone!" Knuckles screamed as he ran through the warp portal, the leopards following him.

Big and Opa Opa looked at each other as they shrugged, continuing to enjoy the festival surrounding them.