Dean stumbled into the kitchen, wiping the sleep from his eyes.

"Mm, Cas, what are you making? That smells delicious."

Cas bends over, pulling the item out of the oven and shows it to him.

"Pie. Apple and Raspberry. I have noted on several occasions that you prefer more than one flavour and by process of elimination I-"

Dean placed his hands on either side of Cas' face and kissed him, shutting him up. He tangled his fingers in that dark brown sex hair, holding Cas in place as he devoured his mouth. Cas tasted like apple and sugar and heaven. He slipped his tongue into Cas' willing mouth, determined to reach every taste bud. Cas moaned into his mouth, sending a jolt of pleasure straight to Dean's cock.

He fucking loved hearing Cas moan. Loved seeing him with messy hair, open mouth, pink bitten lips, moaning in Dean's arms. Loved looking into his eyes as they grew wider with surprise as Dean unearthed yet another kink.

"Fuck I love you Cas," murmured Dean, kissing his way down Cas' neck, "Love the way you taste. Love the way you moan for me. Moaning like you know whats to come, cos' you're desperate for it. Aren't you baby?"

Cas moaned louder, arching his neck to allow Dean further access.

"Yes Dean, I want it so bad. I want me."

Dean smiled into Cas' neck. They had been working on Cas' dirty talk for a month now, trying to coax his deepest desires and pleasures out of that sinful mouth.

Dean bit on a pulse point, sucking a hickey into the pale column of flesh whilst gripping onto Cas' jutting hip bones.

"Tell me what you want Cas. Tell me exactly."

"Oh god. Dean. Don't stop kissing me. I w-want you to take my c-cock into your perfect lips and suck me down your throat. I want you to shove your fingers into my ass and work me open, telling me what a good little boy I am. Then I want you to bend me over-anywhere-and slide into me, fucking me until I can't speak. Oh-Oh Dean!"

Dean hoisted Cas onto his shoulder and strode to his room. "Fuck that's hot baby. I'm gonna do all those dirty things to you. Have you begging for my cock."

He threw Cas onto his bed and slammed the door shut, eyeing Cas with a predatory look.

Cas was flushed and sweating already, the top button of his shirt already open, revealing bitable collarbones. Dean ripped open the rest of the shirt, tossing the inconsiderate scrap of clothing behind him. He eyed Cas' chest and licked his lips.

His boyfriend/lover/soulmate/whatever was covered in evidence of their lovemaking; dark slow healing hickeys and bruises marked his flesh, highlighting all of his erogenous zones.

Cas flushed under Dean's gaze, enjoying the visual appraisal. He had worried that due to Dean's previous sexual experience that his male body would be unappealing, but Dean had spent the last month proving him wrong. With his mouth of course.

Cas looked up at him pleadingly, "Dean..." he whined, "Touch me."

Dean chuckled and began shedding his own clothes, revealing his toned, bronzed body that Cas wanted to worship for the rest of his life. He had made Dean work out in the sun naked so that he could kiss even more freckles and so Dean had become an adonis, all firm muscles and golden skin, strong hands and rock hard thighs.

Under Cas' gaze, Dean grew harder, his cock curving up to his stomach. It was beautiful and red and hard and Cas just couldn't help himself. He slid off the bed and onto his knees and without any preamble he took Dean into his mouth the whole way.

"Fuck!" Dean shouted. "Fuck yeah baby, take my cock deeper. Oh god, just like that Cas. Fuck you look so goddamn hot."

Dean threaded his fingers into Cas' locks and held him in place as he started to fuck his mouth. Cas looked up at him with his big blue eyes and Dean moaned. He thrusted harder into that pliable mouth, feeling Cas' saliva trickle down the underside of his cock.

Dean pulled Cas off his cock and shoved him back onto the bed. "I'm gonna enjoy you before I come."

Cas' breath hitched in anticipation, back arching off the bed, letting Dean pull off his pants and briefs in one motion.

The rest of Cas' body was also covered in hickeys, marked as Dean's for the world to see. He was paler and slimmer than his gorgeous adonis, but no less beautiful. Dean loved spending hours teasing the former angel, kissing and sucking all over his body, leaving him writhing in pleasure.

And today was no different.

Dean started at his ankles, kissing his way up his legs, making sure he left some new bruises on both.

Cas moaned and involuntarily spread his legs wider, drawing out a chuckle from Dean.

"You want it bad huh? Don't worry baby, I'm gonna have my mouth on you soon. Gonna make you scream." He murmured darkly.

Cas whimpered, biting his lips, attempting to keep his body still as Dean ravished it.

When Dean reached his hip bones he sucked at the crease, drawing out a high pitched moan from Cas. He sucked and sucked at each junction until Cas was begging him to touch his cock.

Dean acquiesced and licked a long stripe from his balls to the tip, leaving Cas breathless. He repeated the move a few times before kissing his way up Cas' engorged dick. When he reached the tip he drew it into his mouth and sucked it lightly, drawing out a sting of curses from Cas.

After a while he abandoned Cas' delicious cock, deciding to flip Cas onto his hands and knees instead. He mouthed Cas' ass cheeks, biting and sucking to make him moan.

"Dean..." Cas pleaded, "Don't be such a tease. Fuck me already."

Dean smirked, spreading Cas' cheeks with his thumbs, looking appreciatively at his pink furled hole. It was pink and tight and pretty, clenching and unclenching under Dean's gaze. All Dean wanted to do was to taste it, and so he bent down and licked a long stripe from Cas' balls to his pink hole.

Cas arched his back and groaned before he turned to face Dean with questioning wide eyes.

"W-what are you doing? Dean, thats...dirty..."

Dean kissed his the small of his back. "It's just skin Cas. And you taste so good. I just want to kiss and lick and suck you into my mouth."

Dean returned his tongue back to Cas' entrance, licking softly around the hole. Cas squirmed and moaned, unable to believe that such a small body could experience that much pleasure.

When Dean pressed his tongue into his hole, Cas screamed in pleasure, pushing back on Dean's tongue, trying to get as close as he could. Dean continued his ministrations, alternating between stabbing his tongue into Cas' hole and sucking directly on it, both causing Cas to moan and scream.

When Cas was slick with spit, Dean pushed a finger in, marveling at how tight Cas still was and how his hole just sucked him in. He'd been fucking Cas almost everyday for the past month, bending him over every surface in the bunker, and still Cas felt like a virgin.

Dean added another finger with lube, then another, scissoring Cas open, leaving him breathless and panting.

"Such a good boy for me, aren't you Cas? Just lying there and taking my fingers, spreading your legs wide for me like a whore. You just can't wait to be fucked can you?"

Cas moaned, his blush reaching his ears. "Yes Dean. I'm your good boy. I love being fucked by you, love feeling your cock pound me, love being yours. Please Dean, fuck me."

Dean couldn't resist, not when Cas was begging him with that gravel-whiskey voice. Not when his hole was pink and flushed and open. And so he withdrew his three fingers, chuckling at Cas' whimper.

He slicked up his cock with the left over lube, forgoing the condom knowing that they were both clean.

Cas wriggled his ass, "Kindly hurry up Dean" he growled.

Dean placed one hand on Cas' hip and then guided himself to his entrance. They both moaned as Dean pushed in, sinking into Cas' tight heat.

"Fuck Cas..."

"That is what we are currently doing Dean. Now, move!"

Dean slapped the former angel's ass as he began shallowly thrusting into Cas' tight wet heat. When Cas began pushing back, Dean picked up the pace. He slammed into Cas, over and over again, pounding him as he held onto Cas' hips with a vice like grip.

Cas was moaning and screaming, fingers gripping onto the bed spread, mouth hanging open.

Dean changed his angle and Cas screamed, thanking god for creating the prostate. Dean could feel the heat coil in his body, his cock throbbing; needing release. He reached down and grasped Cas' cock, stroking him in time with his thrusts.

"Oh god, Dean! Fuck! Fuck-fuck-fuck... Oh god! Yes!"

And with that Cas came, painting the bed with long stripes of white, shuddering through his release. His hole spasmed and tightened around Dean, dragging him over the edge as well, making him groan his release into Cas' heat.

They collapsed on the bed, heaving and sweaty. The sheets were a lost cause (as were many other sets) and so Dean settled for cuddling up behind Cas, bringing their bodies closer and breathing in his scent.

"That was amazing Cas. God, you were so hot."

"As were you Dean."

They laid on the bed for a few minutes, catching their breath, enjoying each other's warmth.



Cas smiled, "I just realised why Sam put headphones in when I told him I was making you pie."