Beyond the Sea by asesina

Disclaimer: I don't own Lost!

Notes: First Lost fic. (New Lostie!) Set during season 1. Sayid/Shannon oneshot.


There is something mesmerizing about her hazel eyes, her lilting laugh, her honey-sweet voice as she murmurs the dulcet chorus of La Mer.

Sayid wonders if she is a mirage, if the island exists at all.

He wants to grab Shannon's hands, to brush the straw-colored wisps of hair away from her face, but it's too soon, too soon.

He feels a pang of guilt as he considers his past and the long, long road that led him here.

Sayid is a soldier. He maintains control and buries his doubt under a happy countenance, flashing a steady smile at Shannon as she continues to hum.

"La mer… qu'on voit danser…"

She looks over at him and her face is illuminated in firelight. She brushes a lock of hair behind her ear and tilts her head at him.

"Sayid? Is everything all right?"

He swallows hard and manages a quick nod.

"Yes, of course."

His heartbeat slows down to a normal pace, and Shannon laughs gently, a soft, pure sound like the clink of fine crystal.

"What are you thinking about, Sayid?" she muses.

Sayid's eyes are fixed on the dark ocean, and he turns to look back at Shannon.

They are miles away from rescue, and the old world is a lifetime away, beyond the sea.

"Nothing," he says simply, and she smiles again.

He puts a hand over hers and revels in the warmth of the bonfire and the way her fingers curl around his.