'Ey yo. These here are just some short prompts to get me through the torturously slow bi-monthly waiting period between chapters. Figured I'd put them together! They're not necessarily connected to each other.

Mei could feel her mood rapidly turning sour as she picked at her food. And she didn't quite know why.

"Open wide, Yuzu~"

"Ahhh~ Hey, you got it on my face, Harumin!"

"Hehe, why did you get your face on my food? Here, let me get that."

Actually, scratch that. She did know why. Mei glanced at the pair across from her with a disapproving frown. Yuzu was being loud and distracting with her friend Harumi. And they were being completely inappropriate in front of her.

Harumi licked her finger and proceeded to clean Yuzu's face with it, making the blonde burst out laughing and halfheartedly try to get away from the other girl's touch.

Mei promptly felt a new wave of nauseating irritation wash over her.

Yuzu had been so insistent about getting Mei to eat lunch with her, and now she was being ignored in favor of getting touchy-feely with her… what? Her girlfriend? Was she flaunting her bond with this other girl in front of her?

Mei tore her eyes away and rubbed at her temple. She was annoying herself by over thinking this. Yuzu wouldn't have such obnoxious motivations. She was much too simple and oblivious for a scheme like that.

Mei sighed and longed for the growing pile of work waiting for her in the student council room.

"Mei?" Yuzu's voice pulled her away from her thoughts about work. "You alright?"

"Fine," Mei answered crisply.

"Ah." Yuzu seemed vaguely disappointed by that answer, but shrugged and turned back to Harumi. "So, you want to split a piece of cake?"

"As long as I get your cherry, Yuzu!"

Mei looked at Harumi's grinning face and found that the other girl was looking straight at her, a provoking glint in her eye. Mei paused, feeling a needle-like stab of heat in her chest and she had the strangest urge to throw her drink in Harumi's face.

"Yuzu's cherry," Mei said to Harumi, glaring at her with slightly narrowed eyes. "Belongs to me."

"Uh, this cake has more than one cherry, so…" Yuzu said in confusion as the two other girls generated a lightning storm where their heated glares met.