Fitz's Pov:

I smack myself as I leave Jemma's sleeping quarters.


Okay, yes I am awake and I just had sex with Jemma.

I grin and happily skip down the hall.


I jump outa my happy haze and see Ward standing in front of me.

"Ward! Hey!" I say awkwardly.

I am freaking out on the inside.

"I heard a bunch of noise coming from down the hall...Is everything alright?" He asks.

"Oh...yes...everything is fine!" I quickly blurt out.


"I mean why would it not be fine?"

Stop talking Fitz.

"I don't know...I just heard noises that's all." Ward gives me a suspicious glare.

"Well...bye!" I say quickly and begin to walk hastily past him.

"Wait, where are you off to?" He asks.

"I have to get...something." I reply without stopping.

"Okay... well I'm just going to check on Jemma. The noises came towards her room." Ward says.

I freeze.

"Nope, need." I say quickly.


"Yup, I was just with her...when there were noises...and they uh did not come from her room and she is totally fine." I tell him.

"Uh-huh..." Ward gives me a weird look.

"Yup so...I'm just going to go get that towel now." I start walking again.

"Towel?" I hear him ask. But I ignore him and continue to walk down the hall.


Simmon's POV:

"I'm back." Fitz enters my sleeping quarters with a childish grin on his face.

"Uh, I see you still haven't dressed..." He stares at my naked body.

"Well I was waiting for the towel, remember?" I laugh.

"Oh, right... here!" He hands me a blue towel.

"Thanks." I wipe off my stomach.

"Sorry about that..." He says awkwardly.

"Fitz, its alright. That's what happens." I laugh again.

"Right..." He watches me wipe myself off. I give him a grin and he blushes.

Then I wrap the towel around myself.

"So, what does this mean...for us?" He asks.

"I think it means we've found something else we can do together." I smile mischievously.

"You know, I have always liked your brain." He sits next to me on my bed.

"Really?" I ask as I look into his eyes playfully.

"Really. He says.

I lean in and kiss his lips tenderly. I feel him grin into the kiss.