Author's Note: Hey guys! sorry it's been a long time since I updated my sh*t together but here you go. A new story for you guys.

Warning: Sexual content, Graphic and Hate Speech

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Chapter 1 – Ian's first.

I don't quite remember when was the last time I held you by the hand and told you let's just runaway together and just forget it all.

I knew Anthony was against me dating you, even from the beginning. I wanted to accept the fact that it just cannot be.

I didn't want to hurt Anthony's feelings in the process but still I love you as much as I love Anthony as my brother.

I was confused. But just then when I finally made my decision to choose you over Anthony and everything else, the news came.

Your dad was taking you outside of the country to study. I didn't know what to do. Should I tell you to not to go and just stay with me?

The moment I saw you one last time on the terminal, your smile was not as bright as they used too. I can see the tears you were holding back.

Before you were about to leave, you asked your family privacy with me as you wanted to talk to me in private. Anthony was furious and didn't want it but your parents allowed it.

We were somewhere outside the terminal, the wind blew gently on your hair making your scented shampoo linger with it.

It was ecstasy to me.

We were facing each other a few feet away. You couldn't bear to see me as your head was looking down.

I stood for a moment, frozen. My tears were overflowing in my eyes but before I can open up my mouth, I saw teardrops on the ground and I heard you whimper as your body shook in sadness.

I walked up closer to you and wrapped my left arm around your waist while my right hand caressed your head gently.

My tears kept pouring down. I hate seeing you cry especially when the one causing it is me. I hated myself that very day that I couldn't do anything about it.

We stayed like that for a minute or two. Honestly, I never wanted it to end. I just wanted to stay like this with you. With you beside me and my arms wrapped around you.

But then, the passengers were already being called out and you had to leave. It was really dreadful thinking that you'll be leaving me in such short notice like this.

When my arms unwrapped you, you quickly turned around slowly walking away from me but I just can't let that happen.

I grabbed a piece of cloth of your shirt gently still with my tears falling down as my mouth uttered this words.

"Please don't forget about me."

With that, I broke down in tears like a little kid. You turned back to me and tiptoed so that you can wrap your arms around my neck and leaning forward to my ear whispering.

"I will never forget you, Ian."

That being said, I couldn't help myself anymore. I softly pressed my lips unto yours. I felt your heart skip beats as well as mine.

After the kiss and at the same time, uttering the words

"I love you Ian."

"I love you Felix."

Those were the last sweet words I heard from your sweet luscious lips. That memory I will never forget. Our confessions with full honesty.

I miss you, I wonder if you feel the exact same thing about me. I never forgotten about our promise not to leave each other.

I'll make you mine someday… someday we'll meet again felix.. and when the time comes, I'll marry you..