Poet's Note: I was inspired by the poetry in the "Elsa" trailer to give a fuller rendition of the account of Anna and Elsa in the form they used, which was ballad meter. The chapter titles come from the soundtrack song titles. Hope you enjoy; feel free to review at your leisure.

There is a land up in the north
Where northern lights do glow,
Their luminescence brilliant
Upon the ice and snow.
Fair Arendelle, the kingdom of
The mountain and the fjord,
Holds beauty that cannot be tamed
By guile or by sword.

Here heroes dwelt, and ruled the land,
Their songs we still do sing,
And sung the most among this host,
Is Elsa, icy queen.
Her reign was then unparalleled
In might and grace and peace,
And still her legacy has shown
No signs that it should cease.

No song of Elsa would be true
Without her sister there,
Anna, younger by three years,
But every bit as fair.
One red of hair, one snowy white,
Like fire meeting frost,
They loved each other deep and true,
No matter what the cost.

Of Elsa and of Anna many
Stories we could tell,
But we shall sing a summer song
Of how the winter fell.
A song of love that conquers all,
Of hopes and bygone years,
Our story starts one summer morn,
When joy dissolved to tears.