That night, the doors stayed open for
The coronation ball,
With all the guests assembled in
The vast, majestic hall.
And oh, what fun!
The party was
A truly grand affair,
As waltzes, warmth, and chocolate
Helped out the festive air.

There Anna sought the prince whom she
Had bumped into that day,
That she might take him through the town
To dance and laugh and play.
While in her search,
she tripped again
And fell into his arms.
"I'm glad I caught you," said Prince Hans
With all his clever charms.

They danced and cavorted through all of the night
Where a full moon was shining so hopeful and bright.
They mimed with the figures beneath the great clock
And waltzed from the lighthouse back down to the dock;
From sliding and skating with socks on the floor,
To balconies, rooftops, and more to explore,
Their passion birthed freedom and opened a door
To a life they could not have envisioned before.

As midnight approached and the shooting stars fell
In this midsummer's night like a magical spell,
Prince Hans took her hand, and right there on the fjord,
Went down on one knee and proposed. She was floored.
So taken was she by this man's charm and grace,
She missed the masked malice he hid in his face.
She swiftly agreed to be wife to this man,
And his eyes showed that all was according to plan.