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Betad by the lovely Michelle Renker Rhodes.

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Chapter 27 – How We Love


"I've never made love, Edward, but I want you to make love to me - real love, the way only you'll ever be able."

Edward's eyes search mine, but now, I'm no longer afraid to let him see everything: my fears, my shame, my regrets and my past because he doesn't judge. He accepts. He forgives.

He loves.

He wants and deserves all of me, so I'll give myself to him: my hopes, my dreams, my trust, and every ounce of love inside me. It's all there for his taking. Like a cleansed soul, I'm bare to him in every way that matters, and it's freeing and exhilarating in a way I've never known. I'm ready to love and be loved, to give and take openly.

And Edward sees it all. It's in his patient and uninhibited smile as he presses his mouth gently to mine. His tongue brushes my lips and then the tip of my tongue, igniting not just my body but my very soul. I've given my body before, but I've never given my soul. And it's his now. All his.

Once again, he meets my gaze, his own promises and truths clearly spelled out in green and black and gold.

"I'll make love to you all night, Bella. All night, Baby, just you and me."

My lungs fill with clean, pure air, and I sigh, cupping his cheek and nodding – ready, free, aching for him: the real love only he can give me.

This time when he dips his mouth to mine, he sucks my tongue deep into his mouth. With slow, deliberate strokes, he swirls around me, tasting my need. I moan quietly into his mouth while a sweet ache that starts deep in my belly spreads and becomes sweeter than any ache I've ever felt. His large, rough palms splay over my hips, caressing while he kisses me, while I tug on his hair and wind it around the tips of my fingers. He groans deep in his throat, a heady sound that echos through the quiet room and rings like music to my ears. When his fingers find the hem of my panties, I draw in a few uneven breaths, tingling, wanting, so ready. Yet though he slips his hands under them, he doesn't push them down. Instead, he spreads his hands, one on each cheek, squeezing and moulding.

"Perrrfect. Aw man, feel that," he purrs, smiling and making me giggle. "Shh. Shh, don't laugh at me," he commands with a smirk and slides his tongue inside my mouth again. There are those sounds, but louder, the ones he makes while he kisses me, small grunts at the back of his throat, and every time he makes one, my heart thumps.

He flips us over so quickly that I gasp in surprise, and now I'm on top of him, our mouths never breaking contact, his hands still on my ass.

"Much better," he says, and I feel his top lip curl smugly. "Now I can get two handfuls."

I chuckle again, but it fades away and distorts, transforms into a moan because his hands really start working now. He wasn't kidding about the handfuls. He grabs and kneads my bare skin, fingers pressing, pushing me down over his hips, and he groans when his stiff erection impels against my stomach. My eyes roll to the back of my head because he's so, so hard.

And in an instant, everything changes. He rocks against my stomach, and I inch upwards until we line up just right, and he's were he's supposed to be, where he was always meant.

With a whimper, I pull away and look into his eyes, tracing one with my forefinger, tracing his perfect lips because he has to know what this means.

"I love you, Edward."

"I love you too, Bella," he smiles, his breathing harder now.

I kiss him softly and then trail open-mouthed kisses down his neck and throat while he grinds against me, pressing me down, and oh God, I'm light-headed and so wet, so slick, and he slides so easily. Open-mouthed kisses turn into greedy sucking on his collarbone, nipping down his chest, pulling the short wisps of hair into my mouth while he rocks and moans my name, broken phrases of love, and I respond with my touches and kisses. But when my mouth trails lower, when I reach his hard stomach, he flips us over once more.

"Hey, I was just getting to the promised land," I chuckle.

"I'll give you the promised land," Edward smirks and grabs my wrists, pinning them over my head.

A look of horror crosses his features. He lets go of my wrists and starts to pull his hands away, but I grab them quickly and lift myself up to kiss him.

"Shh," I breathe, nipping his bottom lip, kissing his jaw while his heavy breaths fan against my forehead. "Don't be afraid to love me. I trust you. I feel safe with you. You can have me any way you want. I'm yours and only yours."

For a few seconds, he's perfectly still while I brush my nose along the scruff of his jaw, so frightened that the moment's been broken, and just as I begin to panic, he nods and flips our hands so that he's gripping me again and kisses my shoulder, nipping and biting and lowering me against the bed once more, lifting my arms over my head once more.

"You're mine. You're mine," he murmurs while I nod mutely and squirm under his hot mouth. "And this is love, Bella. This is love."

When he drops his weight over me again, he positions himself right there, rolling his hips, and I arch my back, thrashing my head from side to side, seeking more, needing more.

"Edward," I pant into his ear. "I need you. I need you, Edward."

He lifts his mouth from my shoulder and gazes at me, eyes black in the low light - predatory. He owns me, and now he knows it, and it's okay because it's him. It's Edward.

"I know, but I'm taking my time with you, Baby. I'm not rushing this."

I whimper again, his words and his eyes burning me from the inside out. This time, when he crashes his mouth to mine, he pushes his tongue in demandingly, and I swallow it, anxious for anything he'll give me. Again with no warning, he flips me over, making me gasp. My stomach is pressed up against the mattress, and he wraps a strong arm around me, holding me close to his side and cupping my breast while he presses his hard, solid body against me and his thick erection prods urgently against my rib. With his other hand, he fists my hair inside his long fingers, not too tight, but enough to arch me upwards so that he can press his face against mine. I gasp on a sharp breath while tingling synapses transmit heady impulses into every cell in my body.

"I love you, Bella."

It's a reminder.

"I know, and I love you too, Edward," I reassure him, letting him know that I haven't forgotten what this is; he doesn't have to be scared to love me any way he wants.

He alternates between biting my neck and sucking gently at the skin, licking it with the tip of his tongue while I whimper helplessly, fisting the soft blanket in one hand and reaching up and around to hold him close with the other, stroking his rough cheek while I rock needfully against the thick bulge pressing into my thigh. The hand on my breast slides back, unclasping my bra smoothly. It loosens and falls from my shoulders down my arms to my elbows. Edward moves my hair aside, draping it over one shoulder and first brushes his moist lips against the sensitive skin at the back of my neck before dragging his jaw against it, back and forth and back. At the same time, he cups my bare breast in his hand, squeezing and molding, and I'm a puddle of need and want. Smooth and rough, sweet and demanding. His callused palm feels so good on the soft skin of my breast, just as I always knew it would, but when his thumb teases my nipple, that's when I cry out, completely unprepared for the jolt of sensation that spreads from that one point, down my stomach, between my thighs and into every single extremity in my body. My nipple hardens and grows under his ministrations, and I clench and unclench my thighs, yearning for his touch.

"Fuck, these are perfect too," he breathes, his hot breath fanning along my bare skin and raising goose bumps absolutely everywhere

"Love you, Bella," he murmurs in my ear.

Ever so slowly, he glides my bra straps down past my elbows and completely off my arms, first one then the other, so carefully and thoroughly I may cry from the sensitivity and pure need he ignites. My body seeks the friction only he can provide, anxiously rocking into the mattress.

And I want- no, I need to remind him that I love him too, but it takes effort to form words, and before I can manage it, he flips me over yet again and kneels before me.

His burning gaze is full of so much open awe, tenderness, lust, and yes, pure worship that the words aren't really necessary.

"God, Bella, I love you."

But that doesn't mean I don't love hearing them.

"I love you too, Edward..."

He lowers himself over me again, curving his body to mine. We fit together so perfectly that if we didn't still both have on our underwear he'd be inside, deep, deep inside, and he starts moving, his mouth enveloping mine, his chest on my bare breasts, my nipples reaching out. We ebb and we flow, like an ocean, like soft waves that are somehow on fire. My hands grip his shoulders, pressing into pure, hard muscle, nails digging into skin that doesn't give. I scour them down his sides, and he hisses sharply into my mouth. The plains of his stomach are hard as steel, contracting under my touch, creating room for my hand to slide under his boxers and around. I grab his smooth ass, and he moans a deep, feral moan.

"Fuck, Bella, yeah."

I chuckle huskily. "You've got a great ass, too."

He snorts against my mouth before biting my bottom lip. "You've been staring at my ass, have you?"

"Like you haven't been staring at mine since the day we met."

He grins crookedly. "Love that ass."

I chuckle and squeeze his ass tight, but when he cups my breasts the chuckles end, and I arch into his hands. His mouth leaves mine to trail a path down my jaw to my neck and travels further down to my collarbone while my chest heaves and I watch him and suck in a large breath, preparing myself for the moment when his mouth closes around my-


I shut my eyes tight and my head falls back, lolling around while the heat of Edward's mouth puckered on my breast leaves me breathless. His tongue circles my nipple, and my eyes roll to the back of my head.

"Mmm…so damn sweet," he moans in between flicks to my nipple, "just like I knew you'd be."

He groans, and I moan while he sucks my nipple deep into his mouth, elongating and then lightly blowing air on it before taking it into his mouth again…over and over.

I squirm and writhe against the mattress, lost to the world. My hands move up his body, gripping his hair tightly and then the mattress and then his hair again. I try to watch him again as sucks my nipple hard, but my head falls back again because I can't watch. I'll explode. I'm aching so badly I swear I'll explode.

He licks his way to the other breast, giving it the same treatment. My pulse runs wild. I try to sit up again, not entirely sure what I'm going to do.

"I need, Edward…I need…"

Edward looks up, his pink lips swollen from kissing and sucking and grins, shaking his head.

"I know what you need, Baby, but I'm not done with you yet."

"Fuck, you're killing me," I moan, dropping back to the mattress.

He chuckles. "Well, I did say all night."

I only hear him vaguely because he's crawling down my body, his mouth on my stomach, then kissing my belly button.

"God damn, even your belly button's perfect."

"You're insane," I giggle, staring at the ceiling.

He flicks it with the tip of his tongue, making me hiss. "I'm serious. It's perfectly round. I mean…just…fucking perfect."

I look at him, and he's staring at it like seriously enthralled, supporting his weight on one elbow while his forefinger circles the outside of it around and around, dipping inside and tickling me. I giggle, and my stomach contracts, and my legs shake both from excitement and curiosity because despite the pause to admire my belly button, I'm pretty sure I know where he's headed.

The thing is, with as much as I've done, I've never had someone stop and admire my belly-button. I haven't had anyone take so much time...just cherishing me...making me feel good.

And where Edward is headed...I haven't had that done to me much. It was never…his…thing. Oh, he liked it done to him alright, but he didn't like doing it, which wasn't a big deal for me anyway. I never understood the fascination with having someone's mouth down there.

But having Edward's face and mouth so close now…my thighs tingle, and I realize that I want absolutely nothing more in this world right now than to feel Edward's tongue there. I'm throbbing just from the thought.

Yet at the same time…I'm nervous.

Edward's eyes suddenly meet mine, and he must see something. Of course he does. He sees everything now, and I want him to see everything, to love me and want it all, to feel it all…and taste it all.

"This is love, Bella," he says with an intensity that makes me sigh.

"I know," I smile. "I know."

His mouth returns to my belly button, but only remains there for a few seconds before he inches lower. Blood pounds between my ears.

"I love you," he whispers against my skin as he parts my legs, and I breathe "yes, yes," and he murmurs, "I love you," and I reply, "yes," and then his tongue licks my opening, and ohh. Ohhh. No words. Wordless, silent cries.

He tastes me carefully: his tongue licking one lip then the other, and I'm sure my heart is about to beat right out of my chest.

"Mmm…honey. I fucking knew you'd taste like honey."

"Fuck," I hiss, banging my fists on the mattress. "Edward."

"So damn sweet, Bella. You're so damn sweet." His hot breath caresses my most tender skin. I hear and feel him inhale deeply, his nose between my folds absorbing my scent while I grip on tightly to the sheets. He looks up, his bright, excited eyes piercing into mine.

"You better let go of those sheets and hold on to me."

I barely have time to register his words when his tongue plunges into my clit, and I'm gone. My hips react of their own volition, bucking up to meet his tongue while I cry out his name.

"Edward! Oh, God, Edward!"

He doesn't respond because his mouth and tongue are busy working me, licking and sucking, and he's right. I let go of the sheets and fist his hair so that I can guide his mouth to where it feels fan-fucking-tastic, though he knows exactly what he's doing, and I'm once again taken by surprise when his tongue trails down from my nub and drives right inside me.

"Oh Jesus!"

I'm in heaven. I look up at the ceiling and see celestial clouds and stars, and I know I must have died this feels so good. Nothing in this world could ever possibly feel this good.

"Fuck, better than honey," he says, lapping me up. "You're pure nectar."

His mouth, his words…they entice me to spread my legs wide open for him. I push his face further into me, and he swallows me up, his tongue plunging in and out while he groans in pleasure, and I arch my back writhing, moaning, and for a few bewildered seconds, not breathing. My mouth opens in an "O", but no sound comes.

But he's not done. His tongue trails back to my clit, and I feel one of his fingers at my entrance, just the tip, teasing, probing the edge before he pushes it in one thrust.

Until this moment, I never knew that it was possible to actually cry tears of pure pleasure. His tongue and his finger work me simultaneously.

"Edward," I barely manage to pant. "Uhhh…" I exhale. "Edwarrrd...I...I..."

"Yeah, Baby," he answers in between sucking me, his finger thrusting in and out. "Yeah, I love you, Bella. Fuck, you're so wet. You're so sweet."

"For you, Edward - just for you. I love you; fuck…I never…like this…never...."

I hear the wet noises of his finger pushing in and out while his mouth absorbs what he's creates, and pure need rushes through my veins; blood rushes down between my thighs. The wet sounds and friction increase, and I know I'm about to come.

And when Edward adds another fingers and pumps them in and out faster and faster, my vision blurs. I try to see what's going on, but everything is hazy like a dream, the sexiest, hottest, most erotic dream imaginable. All I see is Edward's head buried deep between my legs, moving up and down, the light from the moon reflecting off of his bronze hair. Then there's the heat…the heat that starts at my head, rushing down to my face like a landslide and down to my neck and shoulders, clawing throughout the rest of my body in a flash of blinding fire.

Once more, I fall back against the mattress.

"That's it, Baby. Come on my tongue. Let me taste you."

I scream.

"Edward! Edward!"

My body convulses. I buck up into Edward's face once again, but his mouth and fingers don't let up; he continues pulling that orgasm out of me. I move more and more and more, and I'm floating in perfection and crashing and crying…

And then I'm sitting up, disconcerted for a second. I run a hand through my hair, trying to catch my breath.

This magic…I have to share this with Edward. This…it couldn't have been a regular orgasm.

This must be the love.

This is the kind of orgasm you can only have with someone you truly love.

Edward picks up his head from between my thighs, kneeling on the bed and grinning smugly while his mouth glistens with my moisture. It's the most intoxicating sight I've ever seen. I drag him back up by his face, delving my tongue into his mouth, tasting myself on him.

"You liked that?" he asks.

"Jesus, Edward, what do you think?" I grin.

"I think you loved it," he smirks.

"Yes. Yes, yes, yes. And now, it's your turn…"

I lift a brow and eyes on his, reach down to the waist of his boxers, pushing them past his thighs. Out of my periphery, I see something long and thick bob against his stomach, and when I look down, his pink, swollen head is already moist. I run my tongue against the edge of my top lip.

This time, when I take him in my mouth, there's no fear or doubt or confusion because this is Edward and I making the most beautiful, pure and erotic love.

And he feels the difference too. I can tell.

"Fuck, Baby. Yeah, yeah," he says gruffly. There's no hesitation this time in the way he cradles my head and moves me back and forth along his shaft. "So good."

"Mmm, you taste good too…" I tell him, flicking the decadently salty dew that's appeared on the tip. I swirl my tongue around it, tasting his manliness and soap and the musky flavor of his desire. It's the most titillating thing I've ever tasted.

"And so hard."

He groans. "So hard for you. You make me like this, Bella - only you. Fuck. Fuck."

His words touch my heart, pure poetry to my ears.

He hums deep in his throat. "Uhh…Bella…you're gonna make me come, Baby."

My mouth works harder and faster.

"No, Baby, no." He pulls his hips back, withdrawing his cock from my mouth and pulling me up for a hot and hungry kiss. His hands roam along my ass, grabbing before sliding up to my breasts, touching everything that's all his.

"I want to come inside you, Bella."

I swallow hard, my heart pounding, and though I already had one mighty earth-shattering climax, his ragged confession has me sopping wet again.

"Yes," I hiss eagerly. "I'm on the pill, and…I'm clean, Edward. I swear. I've been-"

"Shh." He bites my bottom lip and then locks me in his gaze. "I trust you...and I'm clean too."

"I know," I smile, holding on to his muscled forearms. "I trust you, too."

With our eyes on one another, Edward braces my hips and lowers me over the bed gently, fitting his muscular legs between mine, and I feel him, nothing in our way now when he positions the tip at my entrance. My center throbs with need, and I part my legs wider, bending at the knee and pressing the heels of my feet into his smooth ass.

He hisses sharply through his teeth.


Edward's voice is shaky, full of longing and lust and so much love my chest aches with it.

I smile at him, stroking his cheek. "Make love to me," I whisper.

He nods and cradles my face, kissing me once softly before resting his forehead on mine, closing his eyes and drawing in a few shaky breaths.

"I don't want to mess this up," he murmurs.

"Edward…" I whisper and wait for him to open his eyes. When he does, I let him see everything. I give myself to him body and soul.

"You can't mess this up," I whisper my assurances. "You love me, I love you. We can't mess up on this."

A slow smile spreads across his beautiful face, his eyes sparkling, and then ever so slowly, he pushes forward, and the tip eases in, inch by perfect inch. I arch my back, my hips lifting off the bed to meet his, and he fits wonderfully like he was made for me, and I was made for him.

He drops his head and groans, and I sigh in perfect bliss as he pushes in further, and when our hips meet completely, he's all in, and it's fullness and completeness like I've never experienced. I'm warm and hot and relieved and still needy all at once.

"Bella…" he sighs and opens his mouth over mine, swallowing my ragged breaths, warm lips and hot tongues touching in an exquisitely languid and sloppy way.

And then he starts moving. His hips pull away and my thighs tighten around him instinctively, refusing to let him go, but then he pushes back in, and I feel the friction inside me, and ohhh.

I cry out, throwing back my head and feel Edward's mouth on my throat, sucking on my skin. I grip his forearms for dear life, anchoring myself while he slides his hands to the nape of my neck, supporting me.

"Bella…Bella you're perfect," he moans. "Mine. My perfect Bella."

He pulls back and then languidly pushes back in, and I mewl and moan, my nails digging into his skin, my heels into his ass, my hips pushing all the way up so that our hips are flush.


"Yeah, Baby. Yeah, I know. You and me," he says against my mouth. "Perfect, Bella. You were right." He looks down at where we're joined, and I look down with him. His cock slides out, glistening with my wetness while his stomach muscles tighten and clench. Then slowly, inch by inch, he disappears back inside.

"Ohhh," I cry, dropping my head back against the mattress.

"Yeah," he growls lowly. "Can't mess it up…fucking perfect."

The potent sounds of our lovemaking fill the bedroom: grunts and groans and slick movements coming from where we're one, where our love expresses itself physically. There's no shame in what he does to me, in the cries of pleasure emanating from me, in the words I speak to him or those he speaks to me because it all derives from this overwhelming, life-altering, all-consuming, pure love.

When he pulls back again and meets my gaze, I see the lines of focus on his forehead, the sliver of sweat along his brow, and I know what he wants. I know what he craves right now more than he craves anything else. I push the strands of hair that have fallen over his forehead back.



"Yeah. Please, please."

He rams back in, pushing me into the mattress.


He rotates his hips, pulling back and then…another ram.

"Edward! Uh!"

A couple of slow, measured hits and then he's thrusting in and out fast. The friction increases, and my stomach tightens, coils in the most heavenly way. When he reaches down and hitches my left leg over his hip, he hits me impossibly deeper.

I see constellations dancing in my vision.

I throw back my head and arch into him, unable to speak; his hard chest rubs against my nipples, and his mouth is suddenly around one of them, and I'm almost there.

"I'm close," I sigh. "So close."

"Yeah?" Edward pumps in and out faster. "You know what this is, Baby? This is love, Bella. This is pure fucking love," he says, thrusting hard to emphasize his point.

"Yes, yes!" I cry. "Love!"

It comes over me at once. Fire. I'm on fire. It licks up and down my body, blinding me, making me deaf and blind to everything other than Edward moving inside me, stretching me.

When he suddenly sits up and pulls me up with him, I'm straddling his hips, and he impales me from the inside - and it's as much as I can take.

I bounce over him, my breasts crushed between us while he holds my hips, and I come undone loudly and euphorically. The city's landscape sparkles incandescently behind us, illuminating Edward's beautiful, naked form while I scream my overwhelming pleasure.

"Edward! Edward, yes! Yes, Baby! Fuck, yes!"

He lets me ride it out, holding my hips while I rock over him, fast, fast, kissing him hungrily, swallowing his tongue, and then slow, slow, my mouth slack against his.

And then he curls his hands around my hips and pulls me down hard, holding me flush against his hips.

"Bella! Oh, Baby! Oh, God...Bella…Bella…"

He grunts loudly with each thrust, and I hold him tightly, melding myself to him while he empties himself inside. My hands run up and down his back, tracing words and images I can't see, but I know are there, thanking whoever put him in my path and feeling his sweat and strength.

My man.

My life.

I rest my head on his shoulder and for a long while, we sit there rocking slowly, our heavy breaths washing over one another, soft kisses on my shoulder, my mouth on his throat. He nudges my head up and kisses my mouth; feathery, tender kisses that are relaxed and sated.


Our love is fulfilled.

"I love you," he whispers, caressing my hips much more gently.

"I noticed," I chuckle, playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. He chuckles in return.

"You're my life, Edward," I promise.

He nods, resting his forehead on mine, and then he sighs shakily.

"You're my heaven."

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