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The green horse slowly made its way into the common room, the dark empath out cold on his back. Behind them, the alien princess had one hand on Raven's back, whilst Batman's former protege had his hand on top of hers. Coming in last was the half mechanical man, who had an umbrella sticking out of his head. Cyborg pushed a button on his arm, and the umbrella that was protruding from his cranium slid back in.

"And you all said that it was a dumb idea to install an umbrella in case of an emergency."

The other four ignored him, slowly moving Raven to the couch. Starfire put her down gently and a low continuous moan started to escape Raven's mouth. Beast Boy shifted back into a human, standing up straight and rubbing his back.

"Man, if this was how I was after getting whacked out by Mad Mod's hypno thin-" Raven had started moaning louder, drool beginning to spill from her open mouth, "ahem, hypno thingies then I am sorry."

The other Titans all looked at him, then back to Raven. Each of them were thinking about the fight, or different aspects of it.

For Robin, he was thinking about how close to home the fight itself had been. For whatever reason, Mad Mod had decided that this time he wanted to build a circus to hypnotise the city from. A circus. Just his luck. One of the traps had even been the trapezes being cut by one of those stupid statues. Robin had thought he would die from a panic attack right then and there, but had managed to escape with his grappling hook and destroy the cane. He had then wasted no time in handcuffing Mod and leaving the tent, only to find his entire team standing in the rain around a hypnotised Raven.

Starfire had spent the entire fight worrying about Robin. Shortly after returning from Japan, Robin had confided in Starfire everything about his past, excluding who he really was. He had to, after refusing to accompany her to the circus that was there when they got back. She had managed to hold her own against the statues and robotic acrobats, and had seen Robin successfully defeat Mod. She had then gone outside, only to find Beast Boy supporting Raven in the rain, his jacket over her head. She was for the part completely out of it, black and white swirls where her irises would normally be.

Cyborg was more or less completely fine. He had suffered minor damage to his resilient body, the worst dent being where the mechanical circus strong man had hit him with a comically large hammer. He had been distracted from fighting by the lightning from a storm that had just started over the city. It was a bad storm too. Only a minute in and there were puddles absolutely everywhere. Cyborg had then delivered the final punch to the android battling him, and followed Starfire outside. There, he had seen a drenched Beast Boy holding his spare coat over Raven's head, and had popped his umbrella out of his head, running over to the rest of his team.

Beast Boy had missed the entire fight all together. Shortly after arriving, Mad Mod had surprised them all with a modified hypno screen. Starfire had destroyed it, and Cyborg had started walking over to where Beast Boy was standing with the intent of telling a joke, but instead had seen Raven slumped over, her arm around Beast Boy's neck and her head on his shoulder. Beast Boy had told them to go in, and that he would stay with Raven. They had complied, and the sound of a battle reached Beast Boy's sensitive ears. He wanted to go in and help them, but there was no way he would leave Raven alone like this. Then he had heard the thunder. Without a second thought, he had taken off his jacket that he was wearing and propped it over her head, right before the rain hit. He had stood out there in the rain, stopping Raven from getting wet, until his team had rejoined them.

Ignoring the knowing looks from his three teammates, they had all made their way back to the tower. Beast Boy carrying Raven as a horse, mentally berating himself.

'You had to tell them. You had to let them know about your tiny little crush for Raven. They'll never let this go. I told myself not to tell them and then I ignored myself and told them. Stupid mouth ruining all of brains decisions.'

The truth was that Beast Boy felt a lot more for Raven then he would allow himself to admit. No matter how much he would deny it, he and all the other Titans (except for Raven) knew that it was a lot more than a crush. It would have had to be, seeing as anything as weak as a crush would have been shattered as soon as Raven's demonic father had tried to kill everything. I mean, unless you were into that sort of thing.

Beast Boy shuddered. 'Note to self, never think that again.'

Whilst the others were talking about who knows what, Beast Boy was locked in his thoughts. 'I would probably be enjoying this, if there was a chance that Raven felt the same way I did. But, then again, she can't stand me. Now that I think about it that's kind of my fault. God damn it.'

They had gotten home, Beast Boy refusing to let anyone else carry Raven. They had gotten to the common room, and blah blah start of story stuff. Currently, they were trying to think of a way to wake her up.

"So how are we going to wake her up?"

"Well, whenever I got like this you had to make me laugh, right? So lets try that."

"Yeah, good luck with that, Grass Stain."

"Friends, I would like to make an attempt at the awakening of friend Raven!"

Starfire's loud voice cut through the boy's conversation like a lightsaber through butter. Robin, naturally, was the first to respond.

"Sure, Star. Go ahead."

Starfire would have beamed, but at that moment the lights cut out. She let out a tiny shriek instead, and flew straight for Robin's arms. She missed entirely, and throughout the tower the walls shook with the impact of Starfire's face against the door.

The emergency power kicked in, lighting the room just enough for everyone to see the surroundings. There was Raven, still on the couch. There was Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy, still unmoved from the spot they were standing on before. There was Starfire, slowly getting up off the floor. There was Starfire's faceprint in the door, looking quite painful for the door.

Starfire walked past her teammates, hurriedly assuring them she was fine. She continued until she was right in front of Raven, who still had not moved. She took a breath, before looking over at the group of boys.

"Friend Beast Boy, I shall apologise for this in advance."

Beast Boy visibly paled. 'She wouldn't.'

Before he could protest, however, Starfire started.

"Friend Raven, we have just recently discovered that friend Beast Boy has been accepted to one of your earthly colleges!"

Silence. Utter silence. Followed by laughter. Hysterical laughter. Not from Raven, she hadn't even blinked. No, this was Cyborg and Robin, who were basically hugging each other and rolling around on the floor, both of them laughing uncontrollably.

Now, ain't that a lovely image?

Beast Boy relaxed. 'Oh. Oh.'

"Ouch, Star."

"I am sorry, friend, but I was merely trying to get friend Raven to laugh."

Forgotten up until this point, Cyborg and Robin both got up and cleared their throats. Cyborg spoke for the both of them.

"Well, that didn't work so lets keep trying."

The next ten minutes were followed with jokes, pranks, anecdotes, and a fight over twinkies.

Don't ask.

After a while, the Titans were getting tired. They had tried everything they could think of. They had even tried one of Beast Boy's ideas, but thirty seconds in they had all realised what a bad plan that was. Cyborg looked slightly more frustrated then the others. The T-Car was still damaged from a previous fight, and this was cutting into his baby time.

"Argh! Tell me Raven, why wont you snap out of it?"

"Because you're not funny."

Raven's voice very quietly entered the room. At first everyone was silent. Then they were all gathered around Raven.

"Rae! You awake?"



"You in there Raven?"

Raven said nothing else, not even opening her eyes. When she had shut them no one could say, but she was completely devoid of all sound. Robin pulled back, an idea popping into his head.

"Cyborg, what did you say to Raven? I mean, what were your exact words?"

Cyborg checked his memory logs. "I said, 'Tell me Rae, why wont you snap out of it?'"

"Because you're not funny."

Raven's quiet voice once again pierced the room's tense atmosphere, once again startling the Titans. All of them but Robin. He looked thoughtful for a second, before snapping out of his thoughts and looking at Raven.

"Tell me Raven, what were your first thoughts of me when we all met that night?"

"I thought you were friendly and good at what you do, but you were unbelievably annoying and your hair might have been compensating for something."

It was Beast Boy's turn to laugh, while Cyborg looked thoughtful and Starfire looked confused. Robin, looking rather miffed, turned to everyone else. He waiting for Beast Boy's laughing and pointing to die down, before addressing his team.

"It would seem that, in her comatose state, Raven responds to the words 'Tell me' with the truth of whatever follows."

"Say what?"

"She answers the truth to everything that you ask her if you say the magic words."

"...Say what?"

Robin sighed. "Say magic words and Raven goes truthy."


Robin nodded with Beast Boy, before continuing. "We should get back to trying to wake her up"

Cyborg held up his hand, as if to say 'Halt!' "Or, we could take advantage of this."

Robin stopped dead, looking at the half robot. "What?"

"Come on man, you mean there is nothing you ever wanted to know from Raven?"

"We shouldn't take advantage of her when she's vulnerable."

Surprisingly, that came from Beast Boy.

"Look, we can lay down some ground rules, OK?"

"I don't know, dude."

"No, just come here and listen..."


The waves were crashing wildly, making the lone boat rock dangerously. The crew and captain had known that it was a bad idea, but they also knew that they had to take this job. They had families to support, after all. But nothing could have prepared them for this storm.

Monstrous waves slammed relentlessly against the sides of the ship, tempestuous winds threatening to capsize it completely. The crew fought valiantly, keeping the boat right side up and bucketing out any water that got on deck. They were transporting rare exhibits for a gallery that was on show in Jump City. Braving the deadly weather so a bunch of posh higher ups could sip their wine and talk about nonsense that no one understood, but still made them sound pretentious.

The captain was out on the main deck, surveying his men battling the invasive liquid. He sighed. 'All this effort for some chichi dinner party in a city that has such a bad crime rate that there has to be five superheroes on call at all times. If any of my crew dies I'm going to see if I can get them to come back just to haunt these waters.' He was interrupted from his thoughts by a panicked voice.

"Sir! You shouldn't be out here! Please, go back inside before something happens to you!"

The captain turned. There before him stood lieutenant Twatt. The captain liked Twatt. He had gotten on the boat straight from the streets, and had started off rather rebellious. Over time, he had learnt how to live life on the ocean, and had grown into one of the most beloved crew members on the entire rig.

"You know why I'm here, Twatt. My men brave the storm, so do I."

"I don't think we will be able to make it unless we find land soon. We are still five minutes away from Jump, but at most we can stay afloat for three more."

"You should trust in fate. You trust everything else, let faith guide you, Twatt. Open up a little more to the world."

The captain was right. Not beating around the bush, Twatt was the most trusting person around. It really didn't matter who, Twatt would just let people right in. This would get him into trouble, and there were some scares, but Twatt always got through. It wasn't like he didn't know when to pull out before there were any regrets.

"I hope you're right sir, for the sake of everyone."

"So do I, my boy. So do I."


"...And there you have it. We each get one question, and we follow the ground rules."

"Sounds good, I suppose."

"Alright, I'm in."

"Glorious! Who shall do the asking of the questions first, friends?"

The Titans all looked at one another, before Beast Boy looked pointedly at Robin.

"Leaders lead, dude."

Robin started. He had his question, but for some reason he didn't want to ask it. It followed the rules, but it seemed so... awkward. Noticing the others looking at him, Robin swallowed, and asked.

"Tell me Raven, when you went into my head that one time I was seeing Slade, did you... learn who I was?"

Raven answered without hesitation. "No, but I did see your parents falling and your vow to Batman. I was forced out before seeing anything like that, though."

Robin looked relieved. "Good. One day, when I'm ready, I'll tell you all. But not yet."

"It's alright, dude."

"No pressure, man."

"Yes, boyfriend Robin, we can all wait. May I ask friend Raven my question next?"

Not hearing any objections, Starfire turned to Raven, opening her mouth to speak.


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