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"Please do the telling of me, friend Raven. Why did you stop our friends and myself from fighting when we first met?"

The Titans, save for Starfire and Raven, were all thinking the exact same thing.

'She didn't bring up the mall?'

Before their thoughts could go any further, however, Raven spoke.

"I stopped you from fighting because I could sense how terrified you were. You had just crash landed on an alien planet, had tried to remove your restraints, and had been attacked by a strange boy whos attire consisted of tights and a traffic light theme."

Robin looked down sheepishly at the mention of the attack, and glanced at Raven with annoyance when she mentioned his clothes. Beast Boy and Cyborg both looked like they were about to laugh, but Raven continued, her dry monotone the only noise in the otherwise silent tower.

"I also stopped you from fighting because of what I sensed from everyone else. Cyborg was carrying great anger that night, and Beast Boy was carrying great grief. Robin was giving off the same signals as a lovesick puppy."

At the moment, Robin's scowl looked as though it had been carved in stone. On either side of him, Cyborg and Beast Boy were both staring into space, laughter forgotten, thinking about that night.

'That was a few weeks after the accident. I can still remember that. BB was the first person apart from my grandmother who didn't either run screaming or call me a freak. I never did tell him or any of them how happy I am that I met them all that night.'

'I can still remember how terrified I was of Star that night. I had just lost the Doom Patrol, and I had been living in boxes in the alleys for weeks. Then at that point I saw Robin and totally fan-boyed. Oh man, I was a dork. I'm glad I found the Titans that night, though. I never really told them that.'

Seeing the small smiles spread across Beast Boy and Cyborg's faces, Starfire's beaming grin returned full force.

"Well, friends, I have asked my question. Which one of you would like to go next?"

Both of their heads sprang up. Beast Boy, however, was just that slightest bit quicker than Cyborg.


"Oh nuh uh Green Bean, I got next one."

"I called dibs, dude! You can't override dibs power!"

"I can and I just did. Your question is probably stupid anyhows. Now, tell me Rae-"

Cyborg was interrupted by a large glob of mucus mixed with saliva hitting him in the face. Stopping dead, he slowly turned his head to the side, finally stopping at the appropriate angle to glare at the green llama from. The llama gave a sound that was unmistakably a laugh, before shrinking down into a human. Said human looked at Cyborg and spoke rather calmly.

"I called dibs, I get dibs."

Cyborg was furious. How could he not be? What did he want to do to Beast Boy earlier? Thank him? Hurt him? Kill him? Yeah, that one sounded about right. Cyborg got ready to lunge, but an idea hit him like a bolt of lightning. He slowly got back down from his pouncing position, smirking at the changeling.

"Oh, I'll get you back for that. Later."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever dude. Now shut up and let me talk."

Cyborg reclined fully, and Beast Boy carefully chose the wording to his question. He knew that he was about to surprise the other Titans, and he wanted it to be perfect. Finally getting the words together, Beast Boy sat down directly in front of Raven. When he spoke, his voice was small, almost pleading. Almost all bravado had vanished from it.

"Tell me Rae, why didn't you tell anyone about Trigon until it was almost too late?"

The other Titans were shocked yet again. Beast Boy had not only asked a smart question, it was sensible and everyone else would want to know the answer. Cyborg opened his mouth to comment, but Raven cut him off.

"I was born for a single purpose. To bring all life in this universe to an end. I had no problem with that at first, because I had nothing to live for. But then, an alien girl crashed to Earth, and just like that I got a proper home. I got friends. I got a family. I never had that in Azerath. I thought that, if any of you knew, you would abandon me. I kept silent because you're all so important to me. I didn't want to lose any more people that I loved, especially you, Beast Boy. But I never thought that you would all rise to the occasion and that the prophesy would be proven wrong."

Beast Boy was speechless. He had stopped listening after 'Boy'. But he had heard it a little differently.

'-People that I loved, especially you, Beast Boy.'

'-I loved, especially you, Beast Boy.'

'I love you, Beast Boy.'

Behind him, everyone was equally speechless. They never knew that life for Raven had been so hard before she came to Earth. Beast Boy, Robin and Starfire all opened their mouths to say something, but they were cut off by Cyborg.

"As heart-warming as that is I want to have my turn so here we go. Beast Boy, I'll just let you know now that payback is not something that I enjoy, Ok that's a lie but sometimes it is necessary."

Beast Boy froze. 'Payback? What's he... Uh oh.'

Cyborg smirked evilly, then diverted his attention to Raven.

"Tell me Raven, what is the one thing that you want to do to Beast Boy the most? In fact" He added as she opened her mouth to answer, "don't bother telling us, just go and do it."

Raven closed her mouth and stood up, starting to walk slowly towards Beast Boy. Now completely snapped out of his thoughts, Beast Boy slowly started to back away. Despite the late night outside, coupled with the storm and the power outage, Beast Boy's face was easy to make out, as was Raven's. The pale and green moved slowly in the shadowy room, never getting closer nor further apart.

Robin was a bit apprehensive about Cyborg's plan. "Uh, Cyborg? What are you going to do if she ends up sending him to another dimension?"

"We'll wait for Rae to wake up and she can get him back."

"What if she takes too long?"

"Then, I'll just call Herald and we can start dimensional fishing. It'll be alright man, quit worrying!"

Robin was about to respond, but was cut off by a dull 'THUNK'. That noise was Beast Boy's back hitting the wall on the far side of the room. Hardly daring to breathe, Beast Boy was more pale then anyone had ever seen him. Raven kept walking until she was only a foot away from Beast Boy, then simply stopped. Beast Boy winced slightly, squeezing his eyes shut, waiting for either the pain or the coldness from teleportation, but nothing came. He slowly opened his eyes, to see Raven standing well within his personal space, her amethyst eyes staring deep into his emerald ones.

They stood in silence for a second or two, before Beast Boy broke it. "Uh, Rae? What are yo-" he stopped talking as Raven reached out for him, draping her arms across his shoulders. Then, she quickly yanked him towards her and, to the shock of Robin, Starfire and Cyborg, pulled Beast Boy in to a deep kiss.

Everything in the common room stopped. Robin, Starfire and Cyborg all looked on, feeling utterly shocked and slightly uncomfortable as Raven locked lips with Beast Boy. Beast Boy somehow looked paler than he did seconds ago. Raven was kissing him ferociously and passionately, almost wrapping her legs around his waist. He came to his senses enough to realise that the other Titans were all in the room, and as soon as he did his face shone so red that he could have been used as a beacon. Every attempt at removing Raven from his person only resulted in her gripping tighter, eventually moving her hand to his hair and grabbing a fist full. His face was so red that it would have been easy to see through the darkness in the middle of a storm. Speaking of which...


The storm had only gotten worse in the next couple of minutes, and the large boat was suffering. It had taken on way too much water, and they weren't going to make it to Jump. From the main deck, the captain sighed dejectedly. It looked like Mother Nature would take this one.

"Sir, my faith seems to be failing us! Should I faith harder?"

The captain turned. As he suspected, it was Twatt.

"I'm afraid only a miracle can save us now, my boy."

Twatt looked down dejectedly. He didn't want to die! Not like this! He had never opened up like he did with the captain for anyone before, and he didn't want to sink before they made it to Jump. It all seemed too cruel. They were so close. Twatt looked like he was about to say something when a strange light appeared in front of the ship.

"Sir! What is that light?"

The captain turned around and gasped. A bright red light with a green outline, which kept getting brighter and brighter, had appeared in the air. The captain stared at it for close to ten seconds before he made a decision. It was a long shot, but it was the best chance they had.

"Full power to engines! To the light right in front of us!"

"Are you sure, sir?"

"As I said Twatt, we need to have faith."

Twatt flew off to convey the orders, and the ship started moving rather quickly towards where the light was. It was getting closer and closer, until the ship finally hit ground. The impact shook the entire tiny island, though somehow the residents of the strange tower where the light had originated from barely spared a thought for the quakes. They were all a bit preoccupied.

A unanimous cheer erupted from the entire crew, hats and anchors being thrown in the air. Then they realised that they made a horrible mistake when anchors started falling from the sky on top of them. Dodging around the small holes that were littered around the deck, the captain and Twatt made their way off the ship, giving the crew orders to get the water off the ship and fix the holes that had just appeared. Getting off the ship, Twatt turned to the captain.

"Sir, what are we doing exactly?"

The captain turned to Twatt, then turned back to the T shaped tower, which was outlined by the rain. A smile broke out across his face as he spoke.

"I need to thank the one that just saved our lives, Twatt."


The Titans were starting to get anxious. Raven had managed to pull Beast Boy to the ground and currently had him pinned down underneath her, still kissing him. Beast Boy knew he should have been enjoying this, but between the thoughts of 'holy crap she's kissing me.' And 'this is the one thing she wanted to do to me the most?' he didn't have much room for pleasure. He was just too surprised.

Cyborg would have been laughing so hard he was running the risk of puking if he wasn't more surprised than Beast Boy. He had expected Raven to open a portal straight to hell or pull off a limb or throw Beast Boy half way around the world, not pull him to the ground, straddle him and refuse to pull her lips away. He could see that Beast Boy was as surprised as the rest of them, and Cyborg finally managed to speak from the corner of his mouth to Robin.

"Dude, what the hell is going on?"

Robin jumped, startled. He had honestly forgotten that there were other people in the room. For the first time, he actually studied what was going on in front of him.

"Well, here's what we know. Raven is currently acting out her greatest desire towards Beast Boy, and she has had him in this kiss for close to three minutes," Starfire was listening at this point, pulled out of her continuous thoughts of 'ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod'. Robin continued, "and at this point it's beginning to get scary. It also looks like Beast Boy isn't kissing back."

Cyborg cut in at that point. "Yeah, man. Look at his face. He's more surprised than anyone. He's been trying to push her away for a while. I think he's lost some hair."

Silence reigned supreme, before Starfire hesitantly dethroned it.

"Friends... would this possibly mean... that Raven indeed reciprocates Beast Boy's feeling for her?"

The Titans were silent once again, the only noise in the room being the rain hammering against the window and the disturbing, almost slurping sound coming from the wall where Beast Boy was trapped. Before any of them could speak, laugh, scoff etc, a resounding crash shook the island.

The entire tower shook with the unknown blow, the force of it enough to wobble the foundations of the T shaped headquarters. The three Titans who were still capable of coherent thought all had different things on their mind.

'Are we under attack?'

'Whichever asshole did that better not have hurt mah tower!'

'New friends?'

All three of them were pulled from their thoughts, however, when a large smacking sound echoed through the room. Turning around, they saw that Raven had finally pulled away from Beast Boy, their lips making the slightly revolting sound as they separated.

Raven stood up straight, looking down at Beast Boy. He almost looked asleep, except his eyes were wide and his face was deathly pale. Turning her head, she looked at the other Titans, all of whom were looking at her with expectant expressions. Robin spoke first.

"Raven? Are you awake?"

"I've been awake since before the first question."

The Titans (except for Beast Boy, who was still out of it) all gaped at Raven. She had answered their questions, bared her heart for them all to see, kissed Beast Boy? All willingly?

"Nuh uh. No way Rae."

"Yes way."

"No way."

"Yes way."

"No way."



Robin broke into their intellectual debate.

"Raven, I'll believe that you were awake for all of that, but why?"

Raven considered his question. She would admit freely that she had wanted to know how her friends would react around her if they thought that she was hypnotised, but she would never admit freely that she had lost control of her emotions for a split second and, in that time, Brave had taken over. She had pretty much blown it after she responded to Cyborg, until the Titans gave her an excuse. She had then kept her eyes closed to hide the fact that she still had her irises instead of annoying headache inducing swirls.

"I wanted to see what would happen." Raven shrugged, turning back to Beast Boy. He was completely gone, staring into space. Raven was afraid that she might have overdone it. The split second when Raven had reached Beast Boy at the wall, her emotions were all battling for dominance. Luckily for Beast Boy, Affection had won over Rage, and the rest was history. Even though Raven had regained control right before pinning Beast Boy to the ground...

Cyborg cleared his throat, gesturing at Beast Boy. "And what was that?"

Raven sighed. This was going to be a long story...


"Put your hips into it, Twatt!"

"I'm trying sir, but its so hard!"

"You need to work on your endurance, I could do this at least twice more."

"I'm sure you could, but I'm just not used to having things in there..."

The captain and Twatt had been climbing the cliff, going from boulder to boulder. Half way up, Twatt had gotten quite a bad wedgie. He couldn't pull it out, and so had traversed the rest of the way severely handicapped. They had made their way to the front door, stopping right in front of the massive button that they had assumed was the doorbell.

"Shall you do the honours or shall I, sir?"

"Why don't we both do it?"

"Alright sir."

Both the captain and Twatt reached for the button, pressing down on it simultaneously. Immediately, a huge electrical charge passed through their bodies, knocking them both out. They had accidentally triggered one of Beast Boy's pranks, and as a result they had both passed out in front of the door.


The other Titans all listened to Raven tell her story. By the time she was finished they had managed to summarise the most important parts. She had started having feelings for Beast Boy after the Malchior incident, and those feeling had gotten stronger the more time that they spent together. She had sensed that he had felt the same way for a while, and had taken the initiative when Cyborg had given her the command. That was at least what she told them. She didn't want to admit to her lack of control, even though no one was hurt.

"... And now I'm telling all of you. Oh yeah, Beast Boy is still gone."

Turning to Beast Boy, Raven called out to him.

"Beast Boy?" Beast Boy's face twitched, his eyes focusing slightly. He seemed to be close enough to listening, so Raven continued. Cyborg walked back into the room as Raven started talking. He had gone to investigate an alarm that had gone off at the front door, only to find some unconscious citizens. He had moved them down to the med bay, where they were now lying almost as comatose as Beast Boy.

"Tomorrow night, 7? Dinner and a movie."

Silence, then a slow smile spread across Beast Boy's face. He nodded slowly and Raven gave a small smile, standing up and walking out.

The Titans sat down in silence. They had not seen this coming. Cyborg started laughing at the same time as Starfire started grinning. Had her friends just discovered the romantic feelings for one another, similar to herself and Robin? Giggling, she rocketed out of her seat and flew right for Raven's room. She wanted details, Damn it!

Beast Boy had recovered by this point, though he was still staring at the door. He had been since Raven had left. A large smile was on his face, which had finally returned to its regular colour. Cyborg stopped his laughter enough to address his green teammate.

"You lucky green son of a bitch."

That being said, he got up to start walking out as well, but stopped and turned back.

"I don't suppose either of you knows why we have some random guy who looks likes he's swam an ocean and a parrot wearing a ridiculous suit in the med bay?"

Robin and Beast Boy both shook their heads. They didn't know anything anymore. Not after what had happened. Cyborg sighed and turned again, this time the door closing behind him.

Robin turned to say something to Beast Boy, but he was interrupted by Cyborg, his voice booming out from the corridor.

"Don't forget that I still owe you some payback, String Bean!"

Beast Boy chuckled. Even though he didn't know what had happened, he didn't care. No matter what Cyborg did, nothing could bring his spirits down. Tomorrow would definitely be a good day. He turned to Robin, who had started laughing when Cyborg had called out. He wore an evil smirk as he spoke.

"Laugh now dude, how long do you think it'll take Star to start asking us to double date?"

Laughing himself at the look on Robin's face, Beast Boy stood to leave the room. Robin slumped back on to the couch, his mind a whirlwind of emotions and different words. Eventually, he found the perfect word.



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