The Digisenshi


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---_____P.O.V--- changes to someone's point of view

(Author's Notes)

---Hikari's P.O.V.---

            "He's late again!  This is like the fourth time this week!"  Yolie's pacing around the computer room looking like she's about to explode… and I can't say that I blame her.  We've been waiting for over half an hour for Davis to get here so we could go to the Digiworld, and still he hasn't shown up.

            "Sometimes I really wonder how he became a Digidestined."  TK said as he leaned against the wall near the windows.

            "It's not polite to talk about people behind their backs."  Cody stated matter-of-factly.

            "It's also not polite to be late to important meetings!"  I said, more than a little annoyed and Davis' absence. 

            "He probably got caught up in soccer practice, I'm sure he'll be here soon."

            "Cody, that's not the point.  Ken's probably already in the Digiworld waiting for us, and we're here waiting for that slacker!  TK's right, I think someone made a huge mistake when they let Davis become a Digidestined.  All he does is gloat when he happens to do something right, and normally he's messing everything up!"  Why can't Cody see this?  TK and Yolie are nodding their heads in agreement with me, but Cody just looks questioningly, like he can't believe I said that.

            "What about all the times he's helped us?  Like when he saved you from Monochromon?  He's messed up a couple of times, but we all have."

            "Oh come on Cody!  TK and Tai were both there!  If Davis wasn't there they would've handled it!"  Yolie said as she glanced at the clock again.  I followed her line of vision.  It was now 45 minutes since Davis should've been here.

            "That does it!  I'm going to go down to that soccer field and drag his late ass up here!"  I said angrily as I went to the door.  I opened it up, and gasped. 

            There was Davis.  His eyes were watering, and his hand looked like it was just about to grab the door handle.  He suddenly spun around, and took off down the hallway, before any of us can even call out to him.

            "Well!  I hope you're happy!"  Cody.

            "What do you mean?"  Yolie asked, still shocked by what just happened.

            "You sat here all comfortable insulting your friend, thinking he'd never hear it.  Well, now he has!  Did you see the look on his face?  He was crying you idiots!  How often do you see Davis cry?!"  Cody's voice rose to the point where it was almost a scream.  "I don't know about you guys but I'm going to go apologize to him!"  And with that, Cody ran out of the room.  I just sat there, dumbfounded by what just took place, when TK holds his Digivice towards the computer screen.

            "What are you doing?"  I asked

            "Going to the Digiworld.  We can handle things without Davis.  Like you said, he's really not that much help at all.  DIGIPORT OPEN!"  And with that, TK disappeared into the computer, followed by Yolie.  I took another glance at the open door, and then sighed.  I pointed my Digivice to the computer, and was enveloped in light as I was sent to the Digiworld.

---Davis' P.O.V.---

            I can't believe that's how the others think of me!  I mean, I know I'm obnoxious at times, but I didn't think they actually felt like that.

            "Davis?"   Cody came around the corner, and sat down next to me.  I can see the concerned look in his eyes, but I turn around… I don't want him to see me crying.

            "I'm sorry about what the other's said Davis.  It was rude."  Cody said, letting a little bit of concern come through that normally emotionless tone he always uses.

            "I-it's not your fault Cody…" Kari… Kari said I messed things up… TK said I shouldn't be a Digidestined…  "Hey Cody?"

            "Yeah Davis?"

            "Tell me… am I really that bad?  Do I mess everything up like they said?  Do you think I deserve to be a Digidestined?"  I tried to make it sound like I didn't care, but my voice came out strained.

            "Davis, of course you should be a Digidestined.  It was you who got Ken to join us.  You've done so many wonderful things.  Granted, you have messed up, but we all have.  The others were probably just mad because you were late."

            "But that's not it.  They don't respect me.  Hell, most of the time they barley even treat me like I'm human!  Maybe… maybe I should just quit being a Digidestined, go back to living a normal life…"

            "Davis!  I'm surprised to hear you even consider that!  You've never quit before, why start now?  And besides, you can't just give up being a Digidestined.  You have an obligation."  Cody's voice was stern, and I immediately realized he was right.

            "You're right Cody… but I can't face them right now.  Especially now, knowing how they really feel.  Go ahead and go on without me.  I think I'll skip going to the Digiworld today."

            "Alright Davis, I'll see you tomorrow?"  He said, concern still showing in his voice.  I just shrug, and continue walking.


            Once I get home I immediately begin to think about what I should do.  Yeah, I know everyone says thinking is not my strong suit, but I still do it every once in a while.  I can't just quit on the Digiworld, there's still all those control spires, not to mention Arukerimon.  But, how can I go there day after day now?  Now that I know they think I'm a screw up?  My thinking is taken off track as I hear struggling coming from my backpack.  I unzip it and Demiveemon quickly jumps out.

            "Geez Davish, do you always have to pack all your books in there, I felt like I was being squashed by a Mammothmon!"  How can he be so serious, yet still have that cute little voice?

            "Sorry pal.  I just had a lot on my mind I guess…"

            "Hey, how come we're not in the Digiworld?"

            "We're not going…"  I begin to tell my partner about the incident in the computer lab.  He looks shocked, and his small face contorts in confusion.

            "But… they probably didn't mean it Davish!  I mean, they're your friends…"

            "Thanks Demiveemon, but I'm pretty sure they meant every word.  But Cody brought up a good point, I can't just abandon the Digiworld.  What do I do?"

            "Well… you could always do what Ken did."  He's snuggling up on my pillow right now, the little guys probably really tired.


            "Remember, when Ken quit being the Digimon Emperor, he struck out on his own before you got him to join the team.  I guess you could do something like that right?"

            "I could…"  For the first time since school ended I can feel my spirits lifting, but that's quickly crushed when I realize yet another problem, "But how will I get to the Digiworld?  Ken had a Digiport on his computer, that's why he was able to do it.  The only one I know of is the one in the school computer lab.  I can't go in there every day, it would be just as bad as if I was still going to the Digiworld with them!"

            "Well, I'm sure Ken or Izzy could tell you how to make one on your computer…"  Demiveemon stifles a yawn, but soon closes his eyes.  I swear, he is the best thing that ever happened to me.

            "You're right pal."  I say quietly, not wanting to wake him.  I slowly creep out of my room and grab the wireless phone, and the phone book.  After a few minutes of searching, I find Izzy's phone number, and dial it.  The phone rings twice, before I hear a click on the other end.

            "Moshi Moshi.  Izumi residence." 


            "Yes, who is this?" 

            "It's me, Davis."

            "Oh, Davis.  What can I do for you?"  He says questioningly.  I don't really call Izzy that often, so I'm guessing he's a little confused.

            "Not much, could you just tell me how to set up a Digiport on my computer?"

            "Sure Davis, but why?"  His confusion hasn't gone away yet.

            "So… so I can access the Digiworld from home in emergencies.  If I can't get to school for whatever reason."  I hate having to lie, but I don't want the others to know, and Izzy would have to tell them.

            "Oh, okay.  It's really easy, are you at your computer?"

            "Yeah, just a second."  I say as I make my way to my computer.  It boots up, and Izzy quietly leads me through the process, and soon I've got the Digiport all set up on my computer.  I thank Izzy, and wish him a good night.  I then sit back and think of tomorrow.  It will be the first test of my Digiport.  And my new life… alone…

(Next Day)

            Trying to avoid the others all day has been one of the hardest things I've ever had to pull off.  Heck, I could probably go ten rounds straight with an evil Digimon and have an easier time.  It seems that every time I think I'm safe, another one rounds the corner, and heads my way.  Each time one of them even begins to open their mouth, I make some excuse and head in the opposite direction.  Now, the hard part.  Last period of the day, and I have it with both TK and Kari.   I came in late on purpose to avoid having to talk with them, but I sit right next to them!  They both keep looking at me, trying to get my attention… Kari even tossed a note onto my desk, but I just brushed it off.  I watch the clock intently as the teacher drones on and on about angles and equations.  If I want to be able to avoid any questioning, I'll have to leave right as the bell rings.  I still have a half hour left in the class… I can do this, I'm sooo close…

            "Okay class, now we're going to start work on our mathematician project with our partners.  I made a random list here, when I finish reading the names go to your partner, and I will assign you a mathematician to work on…." 

            Okay, this isn't that bad.  Actually, it's kinda good.  TK and Kari are always paired up together, and I'll get someone who's at least farther from the two of them than I am right now…  I wish he'd hurry up and call my name.

            "Motomiya Daisuke, you're with Kamiya Hikari, Ta…"  NO!  NO DAMNIT!  I HATE YOU!  I HATE YOU SO VERY MUCH!  WHY ARE YOU SO EVIL YOU VILE DEMONIC THING!  HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!!!

            "Okay, go to your partners and I'll be around in just a minute to give you your packet for your mathematician."  Stupid fricking math teacher… hate you soo much right now.

            Kari turns her desk so that it's facing mine, and she's smiling.  Oh yeah, I bet you're really happy huh?  Another chance to watch me screw everything up right?

            "Cool huh?  Now we can talk."

            "Screw you…" I mutter.



            "Listen Davis"

            I interrupt her.  "It's Daisuke, only my friends call me Davis."  She looks slight taken aback, but doesn't miss a beat.

            "But Davis, I am your friend!"


            "Davis, please, just listen" She starts but I don't give her time to finish.  I suddenly grab my stomach and start groaning loudly.

            "Mr. Kosuke, may I please see the nurse, I've got a horrible stomach ache!"  I say.

            "Why of course Daisuke.  Take the hall pass." 

            I stand up and Kari looks at me shocked.  As I start walking away she grabs my hand and turns me to face her.  "I'll talk to you when we go to the Digiworld today."  She says.

            "Like hell you will."  I say, making sure she hears me clearly.  I wrench my hand out of her grasp and leave the classroom, Kari staring blankly at me as I leave.


            The nurse sent me home, since there was only about twenty minutes left in the class period.  I was fairly relieved, because I was sure the others would all try and talk to me after school was over.

            "Davis!  What are you doing out so early?"

            I look ahead of me and see Cody, probably making his way towards the school to go to the Digiworld with the others today.

            "Nurse sent me home, I'm not feeling well."

            "Really, you look fine… Oh, I understand.  The others tried talking to you didn't they?"

            "You're too damn smart for someone your age…" I grumble as I continue walking towards my apartment.

            "But what about the Digiworld?  I thought you agreed you couldn't just"

            "I'm going to the Digiworld Cody, don't worry, I'm just not going through the school."

            "What?  How are you getting there then?"

            I sigh.  I really shouldn't tell him, he'll probably end up telling the others anyways, but he was the only one who stood up for me.  And he's always been honest and straightforward with me..

            "Listen Cody, if I tell you, will you promise not to tell the others?"  He looks at me uncertainly, but finally he gives a slight nod.  "I had Izzy help me set up a Digiport on my computer.  From now on I'm going through that."


            "I-I can't be with them anymore.  So, I'm going to the Digiworld, but on my own.  Like what Ken did.  Veemon and I are going to do our part to protect the Digiworld, but on our own."

            "Are you sure that's a good idea Davis?"

            "It's the best one I could come up with.  I owe it to the Digital World to keep it safe, but I can't to it around them."

            "Well, I respect your decision Davis.  But if you get in trouble or need help, you better damn well contact me."  He sounds serious, so I quickly nod and smile.  He says goodbye and turns to leave but I stop him, suddenly thinking of something.

            "Here Cody, I want you to have these.  Either keep them yourself or give them to whomever you think should be the leader of the Digidestined.  I know I can trust your judgment."  I say as I take the goggles of my head and place them in his hand.

            "But Davis… I can't, these belong to you."

            "No, they belong to the leader of the Digidestined.  I'm not part of the Digidestined anymore.  Please just do this for my Cody."

            "A-alright.  Thank you for trusting me with this Davis."

            I nod, and turn.  I look back over my shoulder to see Cody still standing there, looking at the goggles in his hands.  I shrug, and make my way to my house.  When I open the door, I immediately throw my stuff on my bed, barley missing Demiveemon.

            "Come on pal, we're going to the Digiworld!"  I say as I shake him slightly, trying to wake him up from his post lunch-pre snack- 8th afternoon nap.

            "Dai?  Yay!  We're going to the Digiworld!"  He gets a little too excited sometimes.  I load up the Digiport on my computer, and look at the places I can go.  I want to be somewhere where I can take down some control spires, while staying away from the others, but there's also something else I have to do… I find the perfect spot, and enter the coordinates.  I hold my D3 up to my computer, and say "Digiport Open!"  Luckily, my computer doesn't explode.  I'm surrounded by that strange white light, and sucked into the Digital World.

            We arrive in a forested area, in the middle of a clearing.  Demiveemon had digivolved to Veemon, and is looking around our surroundings.

            "So Davis, what do we do first?"  Veemon asked me curiously.

            "Well, I wanted to talk to you about that Veemon.  The way I see it, with the two of us, we're lacking a lot of power.  You can only go up to Champion level, and if we meet up with something like Arukerimon, we'll be in deep shit.  So, I was thinking… We should try training."


            "We should try and get you strong enough so that you can digivolve to an Ultimate, and then keep training until you're even stronger, maybe even to the Mega level."

            "But Davis, I thought you needed a crest to go Ultimate."

            "Lots of other Digimon do it without crests.  It may take a while, but I'm sure we can do it!  And, at the same time, we'll be taking down control spires.  What do you say?" 

            Veemon looks at me dubiously for a moment, but then grins and nods his head.  "Alright Davis, let's get to work!"  I smile at my partner, as he digivolves to XVmon.  I just hope I know what I'm doing…


Next Time:  Cody tells the others about Davis' decision (leaving out the fact that he's still coming to the Digiworld) while Ken becomes furious that they would tread Davis like that.  Ken and Cody also leave the Digidestined, and go to join Davis.  Meanwhile Davis and Veemon's training is interrupted when a powerful Digimon comes across their training area… will Veemon's training prove to be enough to save Davis' life?  And what's wrong with Kari?  All this and more in the next chapter!