Digivolve into Ultimate! (Part 2)


Disclaimer: (sung to the tune of "If I Only Head A Brain" from Wizard of Oz) Life wouldn't be so fickle, and I wouldn't be in a pickle, for sooo very long.  I'd be deliriously happy and so very sappy if I only owned Digimon….

But I don't……


---_____P.O.V--- changes to someone's point of view

(Author's Notes)

Previously:  The others come up with a plan to reunite the new Digidestined, involving getting Davis so jealous of Kari and TK that he comes back to the team… stupid Izzy… The plan backfires, and a heartbroken Davis goes to the Digiworld, where he begins to attack the local foliage.  Meanwhile, Arukerimon's control on Black Wargreymon weakens, until it is finally gone.  Black Wargreymon attacks Arukerimon and Mummymon, and kills them both.  He uses a special kind of Terra Destroyer that absorbed their data and imbedded it into his DNA.  Giving him the ability to take a humanoid form.  It was in this form that he found a broken spirited Davis, alone.  Remembering the one who caused him pain, Black Wargreymon attacked, and without Veemon around, it looks like Davis is in trouble…

---Davis' P.O.V.---

            I jump to the side as soon as I see him take his stance, and it's a good thing too.  His mega type speed was so fast I couldn't even see what he was doing, but the claws that are currently stuck a foot into the ground show me that right now I'd be a Motomiya-kabob if I hadn't jumped at that time.  He roughly pulls his claws out of the ground, and turns to glare at me.

            "You won't be able to do that every time.  Sooner or later you'll get tired.  Why don't you just hold still, and I'll grant you a painless release."  He says in a very cool tone, you know, the kind your parents use right before they ground you for a year after breaking their favorite lamp.

            I actually consider it for a moment.  He's right… Now that Kari and TK are together, is there really anything left for me?

            'Snap out of it baka!  What about Ken and Cody?  What about the Digiworld?  What about your family?!  Do you think none of them would care if you died?  You knew Kari and TK would get together eventually, so quit feeling sorry for yourself.  Now then, remember what Cody said.  When people are about to attack, they subconsciously lean on certain parts of their bodies right before striking.  You won't know where he'll strike, you're not that good yet, but you will have a warning when he's about to strike… call for Veemon, then dodge until he gets here.'  That plan in mind, I scream out "VEEMON!"

            That seems to be the signal Black Wargreymon was waiting for, because as soon as I say it, he goes back into his stance.  I see him start to lean towards the left, so I jump and roll out of the way.  I hear a frustrated roar as I fling myself back to my feet, just in time to meet a backhand smack from the black shield around Black Wargreymon's arm.  It sends me flying, and I hit a tree.  I hear a crack coming from my chest… I probably just broke a few ribs.  The pain's too much… I can't even stand up.  I'm sorry everyone, I tried….

            "DAVIS!  VEE HEADBUT!"  I hear the voice of my partner scream out as he launches himself at the advancing Mega.  Black Wargreymon turns, and in one smooth motion, grabs Veemon by the neck.

            "So, you're here too.  Good, I will enjoy letting your partner witness your death before I kill him…"  Black Wargreymon says as he starts tightening his grip around Veemon's neck.  My eyes widen as I hear Veemon choke and gasp for air.  'I can't let him die…' I say to myself as I start crawling forward, ignoring the pain shooting through my body.  Black Wargreymon either doesn't see me, or ignores me, because he is still crushing Veemon's neck.  I'm right next to his foot… this will probably get me killed, but as long as Veemon's safe… I grab a rock, and bring it crashing down onto Black Wargreymon's Achilles tendon.  Black Wargreymon gasps in pain as he staggers forward, letting go of Veemon to grab at the rock that is sticking out of his ankle.

            "Veemon… run…" I choke out, as my partner gets to his feet.  He shakes his head, trying to reorientate himself, and then runs over to me.  "Get out of here Veemon… I can't move, save yourself."

            "No Davis, I'm your Digimon."

            "Damnit Veemon, forget that.  You're my friend, I don't want to see you die.  Get out of here, please."

            "Quit being so selfish Davis!  How do you think I would feel if you died?  What about the others?  How do you think Ken and Cody will feel?  What about Kari?  Tai?  What about Yolie and TK?"

            "Ken and Cody are strong enough without me.  They'll do fine.  Tai's my friend, but he'll get over it.  And Kari… she doesn't care, she never did…"

            "How can you think that?"  I hear a soft voice say behind me.  I turn to see Kari, standing over me.  Behind her are Tai, TK, Angemon, and Angewomon.  "How can you think I wouldn't care?"  My eyes must really be unfocused, because I could swear I could see tears standing in Kari's eyes.

            My attention is diverted as I hear a roar of pain.  I turn back and see Black Wargreymon holding a rock, a black liquid at dripping from the point.  He growls angrily as he tosses the rock to the side.

            "I was going to make your death quick and painless, but now I think I will drag it out… long, and hard…"

            "HAND OF FATE!"  Angemon shouts as a golden ray flies towards Black Wargreymon.  Black Wargreymon jumps back, but has to do it again as an arrow of light strikes near his feet.  The two angel Digimon continue their assault, while Kari stands over me.  She finally kneels down, and lifts me so that I'm in a sitting position.  I can't bring myself to look at her eyes, but she won't let me look away.  She raises my chin, and even through my blurry vision I can tell she's crying.

            "Dai-chan… I couldn't stand the thought of you dying.  You're my friend, you're on of the best things that's ever happened to me.  Please, don't go…"


            "Davis, listen.  I'm sorry, I'm sorry what I said in the computer lab.  I didn't mean it.  I was mad, but that doesn't excuse what I did.  I… I really care for you Davis, and I don't know what I'd do if I let anything happen to you…" With that, she pulls me into a tight hug.  Despite the pain I'm feeling, I can't help but feel a relaxed, happy feeling pass through my body, dispersing the pain that is shooting through my chest.  I put my arms around her, and return the hug.  'She does care about me… I can't let anything happen to her.  I have to stop Black Wargreymon…'

            As these thoughts echo through my mind, I hear my D3 screeching at my side.

            "Veemon digivolve to…. XVmon!"

            But my D3 doesn't stop screeching.  And then, I feel a burning sensation in my chest.  Kari pulls away, and gasps.  I look down, and I see the crests of courage and friendship glowing brightly on my chest, but soon, they begin to merge, until a familiar symbol sits where they stood… the crest of Miracles.  As the light glows from my chest, I feel stronger, like I could take on eight Black Wargreymons.

            "XVmon digivolve to… Cyberdramon!"

            I gasp as I stare at the creature standing before us.  "Veemon… he's an ultimate now."  Cyberdramon nods at me, and flies off towards Black Wargreymon.  "CYBER NAIL!"  He shouts as a pointed beam of energy flies from his claws, smacking into Black Wargreymon and sending him flying back into a tree.

            "Hand of Fate!"

            "Celestial Arrow!"  The two attacks strike Black Wargreymon and he cries out in pain.  He jumps into the air and flies off, knowing he can't take on two ultimates and a champion with an advantage against dark type Digimon.

            Cyberdramon is engulfed in a white light, and dedigivolves back into Demiveemon, while Angemon and Angewomon dedigivolves back to Patamon and Gatomon.  I run over to Demiveemon and pick him up, taking him into a rough bear hug.

            "You did it Veemon!  You digivolved into an Ultimate!"  I laugh as I twirl my partner around.  I feel a hand on my shoulder, and turn to see Tai.

            "Good job Davis, I knew you could do it."

            "That was awesome!"  TK says as he stands next to me.

            "Thanks… hey, my chest doesn't hurt anymore!"  I look down, and to my surprise the hand that I had bloodied earlier was also healed, not even a scar.

            "It must've been from when the Crest of Miracles was glowing on your chest.  The light probably healed you.  At least, that's the best theory I can come up with."  Tai says.

            "Davis, I owe you an apology.  I didn't realize how tough it was to be a leader.  And I was insensitive.  I shouldn't have said what I said in the computer lab…"

            "It's okay TJ…" I say, purposely messing up his name.

            "Ack!  For the last time, it's TK!"  He says, giving me a smile.  "Here."  He says as he hands me back my goggles.  I smile, and put them over my head.  It feels good to have them back.  "I didn't look very good in them anyways, I'll take my hat any day."  I laugh, but then become serious again.

            "We need to warn the others.  We caught Black Wargreymon off guard this time, but we might not be so lucky next time.  He's already killed Arukerimon and Mummymon, so we won't have to worry about them anymore.  But we're going to have to be on guard."  I say.  The others nod their heads in agreement, and we head towards the Digiport.  Tai and TK go first, disappearing in a flash of light.  I hold my D3 up to the TV, but stop, and turn around.

            "Hey Kari, a few minutes ago, when you said you really cared for me… what did you mean by that?"  Kari turns a bright red, and starts to stammer.

            "Um, well...it just meant...stuff…" It's so cute to see her nervous like that.

            "Well, I just want you to know...I really care for you, too.  Digiport Open!"  I shout, not giving her time to respond… I'm an evil little person sometimes!

The End of The Digisenshi!!!!

Author's Notes:  Yay!  I ended the Digisenshi!  Yes, I know, the Digisenshi didn't do much did they?  But, they weren't meant to.  I will be writing a continuation of this series, involving their fight against the new Black Wargreymon.  This Black Wargreymon has the ability to assume a human form like Arukerimon, and soon he will stumble across the plans for the Emperor's old base… hmmm…

            Creepy Announcer:  What will Black Wargreymon do with the plans to the Emperor's Base, a set of the Digimon Emperor's Clothes, and being made out of a Control Spire?

ssjgokillo:  Gee, I don't know… maybe…. Naw, he wouldn't… would he?  Yeah, he would…

Anyways, that last part was taken from the supposed Takari line in "His Master's Voice".  It didn't appear in the Japanese version, so I'm still wondering where the hell the American translators got it from, so I used it for myself. There was a little more Daikari in this story then I wanted, but what can you do.  So anyways, keep you eyes open for my next series, in which the Digidestined reunite, and face their biggest challenge yet… A SCHOOL DANCE!  What?  Oh, right….  Anyways, I'm out of here.  Ja' Ne!