Mistake Rewritten

Summary: They just wished to find their mother. Harry just wanted to make sure they wouldn't get hurt. But the issue was... they weren't even supposed to birth yet

Spoilers: If you don't know the Harry Potter books or movies, go read and watch them!

Plot: dianadenisa

Beta: spinkavampire

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Warnings in this chapter: Character death, time travel

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Time change/date of time


July, 2010

It all started with murder, the murder of their Father. They didn't really remembered him, he had died before they had even been born… but people kept sneering at them and made sure they knew how much a monster of a father they had. That's what you get when you are the children of a known Dark Lord who ends up dead before he can even hide you. That's what you get when the Light Lord decides that you should get your Father's surname instead of hiding you away. That's what you get when instead of letting you live with your mother… they don't even tell the children the Mother's name.

So yes, it all started with the murder of their Father.

They weren't neglected, it's not that. Godmother Luna was great… she really was. They just couldn't handle the weight of it all. They were children after all!

"Ah, Stanley and Miley Riddle." A hissing voice said, making the two twins jump and turn to the old man in the wand shop. "I've been waiting you two for a long time."

Yeah, their lives suck. Not only did they have to be heirs of a known mass murderer in a world where everyone knew almost everyone. But they would have to live with that for the rest of their lives without the possibility of doing something about it.

"Ley, release that!" the male twin hissed to his sister as the old man moved to the back of the store to get some wand for them. "Ley!" he repeated when she didn't seem to be listening to him.

"Calm down, will ya? He won't find out unless you keep hissing my name like that." The female twin argued amused and took the wooden box that she'd found in the desk closer to her face. "There's some funny words in here."

"Runes, maybe?" Stanley said, going to check on the old man.

"No." Miley shook her head. "Not runes, I would have recognized them from Godmother's books."

Stanley tensed when he peeked at his sister only to realize she was about to open it. He approached at once and put a hand over the box.

"Don't do that. You can't even read it and who knows what is inside!"

"You are no fun, Stan." Miley hissed and she moved the box again to the desk but as she did it Stan's hand got stuck and, by accident, the box opened. "Uh oh…" she mumbled before they were emerged by a huge dark fume.


July, 1995

Harry woke up with a pain in his chest. This was different. He had dreamed of Cedric and death before but this? This was something else… it had been blank. Empty. Why did it hurt so much?

He sighed and stood, going to the window and looking outside in silence. It was still night. 'What could have happened to make me feel like this? What…' Harry took a deep breath and opened the window, letting the fresh air enter the room. Harry looked down to the backward. It was so dark down there… he could really swear that there was a cloud in there, a dark one.

Harry's eyes grew when the 'cloud' actually disappeared leaving two children in its place and letting the moon light illuminate the whole backyard. Harry tensed and turned around, running down the stairs and going to the kitchen, he left through the backdoor in the kitchen and approached the two kids at once. They were passed out on the ground, but seemed alive and well. 'What in hell could have happened to them? Could they be the reason of my pain a while ago?'

The two black haired children started to stir before Harry could even attempt to start to get them inside. Harry tensed when twin emerald eyes opened and looked at him. 'What the…'

"Are you two all right?" he asked.

The boy nodded, probably still not quite sure where he was. The girl that was closer to Harry suddenly seemed wide awake and moved closer to the boy, that Harry was certain was her brother.

"I'm Harry. Who are you?" Harry asked, trying to sound calm and at the same time to show that he wouldn't hurt them.

The girl opened her mouth, Harry was certain she was about to badmouth him but the boy immediately put an arm around her and a hand appeared on her mouth, shutting her up.

"I'm Stanley and this is my twin Miley. I'm afraid we're lost, Harry."

Harry smiled at Stanley as his twin glared at him.

"Can I call your parents?" he asked, maybe he could do it before his uncles would wake up.

Stanley shook his head.

"Father's dead." The two shared looks before the boy continued. "We don't have a Mother."

"Well… where do you live then?" Harry asked instead.

"Why do you care?" the girl managed to hiss.

Harry smiled and sat before them on the grass.

"Like I said, I'm Harry and you two just appeared from a dark cloud in my uncles' backyard… I don't think you came here willingly and I'm trying to help you. So Miley, I don't want anything in return. Just to help."

The two twins looked at each other and they seemed actually surprised by the answer. Harry looked at the two, he could swear he had seen those facial features somewhere else…

"Little Hangleton." Miley finally answered.

Harry frowned, 'of all the places on earth I had to find two twins from that village? Seriously?'

"It's not a problem, is it?" the girl added with a scowl in place.

Harry shook his head at once.

"No… I just have bad memories of that place. You two can… what am I saying? Of course I'm not leaving you two alone in a bus. Come on, enter, but be quiet, if my family hear us they'll kill me. I must have some old clothes that will suit you. You can sleep in my bed and we'll leave as soon as my Uncle and cousin leave the house."

The two nodded and entered quietly, climbing the stairs after Harry, the twins went into his bedroom. After they entered Harry waited to make sure his Uncle hadn't woken up, only after hearing his snore did he enter. He went to his trunk and took out two old pjs that were already too small for him but would still suit the two twins. The two each picked a pj without an argument and after Harry turned, they changed. Before Harry could even ask if they were proper he heard them enter the bed and lay under the covers. Harry turned, looking at the two twins in his bed and then approached the window, sitting on a chair looking outside. Those two were wizards, the robes had given them away, but they still knew what muggle clothes were and how to put them on. Not many magical families could have taught them that…

Harry took a long look at them and wondered what the hell he was putting himself into. How the hell would he get them to Little Hangleton? And how would he do that without anyone catching any of them? And which wizard family lived in that hell of a town? He should just send the twins away alone but… - Harry looked at the two sleeping kids - he just wasn't able to. There was something, something strong that was telling him that he should protect these two. No matter the causes. They were his to protect… until he found their family, that is.



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