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PenName - SincerelyEdward

Name of Fic - New Beginnings


Summary - Working as a slave all your life can be tough, but when you are faced with the Slave Market for the first time it can be terrifying. Bella Swan is being sold off to a new Master but will she gain more than just a new Master and find a friend, confidante and even a lover in this new beginning? Richward/Servantella.

POV - Bella's (for the whole story).

~ Chapter 1 ~


"Bella!" A harsh voice hissed, a hand on my shoulder roughly jostling me from my slumber. I opened my eyes a fraction to see my fellow worker, Jessica, glaring down at me from my mattress on the floor. "The coach leaves in ten minutes!"

She pushed off of me with one last irritable glance and flounced out of the servant's quarters. I stifled a sob as I remembered I was being shipped off to auction today as my current Master and Mistress were cutting their staff due to financial difficulty.

I was devastated when they handed me my notice, a sympathetic look on their grave faces as tears filled my eyes and I mumbled my apologies.

This had been my home since I was a babe, my mother had worked here most of her life and had given birth to me one September, eighteen years ago. Being born into slavery did not make me feel any lower than my status as we were all treated with fair kindness here at the Denali House.

As much as I did not care for my Master and Mistress' daughter - Ms Tanya - she had seemed to taken a liking to me as we had grown up together and she had liked to involve me in all her parties, events and tutoring. If not for her, I would not have known the pleasures of reading a novel or reciting a beautiful piece of poetry from the ever-expanding library in the West Wing.

My work was hard, my hours long, but all the servants, housemaids and cooks were given plentiful meals, a decent bed, soft, comfortable clothing and the necessary toiletries that both genders needed. We were always welcome to use the Bath House at least twice a week and were inspected for lice and ticks every month.

To say my life as a servant here was luxurious for a person of my status, was a fair statement.

My mother had passed away from pneumonia when I was fifteen, from working in the gardens in the harsh Winters for long hours. She tolled laboriously to ensure the gardens and grounds were of high standards all year round but it eventually took it's toll on her herself.

Although I was not alone when Mother passed, I surely felt it in my heart and with each new day, the grand gardens seemed to lose a bit more of their previous youth and grace than when my mother had patrolled them.

I got myself up as quickly as I could, deciding to dwell on my memories later.

I pulled out the small black suitcase that had been my seventeenth birthday present from my co-workers, and after combing out the snarls and tangles from my hair I added my fine-toothed comb to the carefully packed case and snapped it shut. I had packed the night before, so I would not have to rush this morning.

I splashed some water onto my sleep-deprived face to liven it a little and rinsed my eyes of grit. I pulled on my undergarments and slid on my ugly, brown eiderdown dress. It was not a fanciful sight, but it was comfortable. After attaching my starched-white pinafore, I buttoned up my work boots, hating how they were so heavy and worn.

The Master and Mistress hadn't had the time, nor the money, to don us new outfits this year so the old one would need to do. I said a silent prayer to their family, kneeling in front of the communal wash basin where the small paper painting of Jesus was pinned.

I wished them well on finding new accommodation before the harsh Winter struck and hoped they would have better, more fortunate times ahead.

I walked out of the servants quarters, my head held high as my neatly tied bun at the back of my head threatened to come loose.

Several of the remaining staff wished me well and I lost count of how many brief farewell embraces I received on the way to the courtyard. There was a bitter frost in the air that made me wrap my shawl tighter around me, blocking out the chill. The last thing I needed was a cold, or worse; the flu.

I crunched my way along the gravel path in my horrendous boots, noticing that Tanya, her mother and father - our masters - were waiting on the grand front steps, a small carriage standing at the foot of them.

About two other servants stood near the carriage, fumbling with their cases and holding onto each other for comfort. As I drew nearer, I recognized the face of a younger housemaid named Angela and her little sister, Emily.

"Oh Bella, this is most terrible!" Angela wailed, throwing her arms around my neck when I reached them. I patted her back soothingly, trying to hold back my own tears that had yet to be shed.

"Don not fret so, there will be better times ahead of us I am sure of it," I said reassuringly, although my insides were in turmoil.

"Bella!" Tanya's hoarse cry came from the steps and I looked up to see her waving frantically. "Don not forget me Bella, we will always be dear friends," She sobbed delicately, dabbing her eyes with her silken handkerchief as her mother patted her shoulder.

I remembered all our games as children and could not help waving back and smiling encouragingly. Master and Mistress gave a solemn nod both to us and the coachman, who gestured for us to mount the cart.

It was then after we had been seated that we all three fell apart, stifling our sobs into our hands and wondering what the dark future held.


Okay, so I know this chapter might have been a bit of a bore, but believe me this is only the start and I needed to fill in background details and get the atmosphere going.

This is set in the 1800's, in case anyone was questioning the time period. Yes, slavery was still active in this time and was not abolished until the late 1800's, although I think that was only for black people, correct me if I am wrong.

We will be going to the Slave Market next, so please be prepared for some brutality, but only a little.