The wind blew lazily around the incredibly unmotivated ninja. He didn't know why, but lately he had the feeling that someone was watching him. He shrugged it off and stood, fully intending to just walk home. Suddenly an ANBU appeared right frucking beside him and he nearly jumped out of his skin.

"Hokage has summoned you for a mission," the stealthy ANBU announces.

"Okay Okay. Yeash," Shikamaru sighed and made his way quickly to Tsunade. A he was walking into the very cluttered room he sighed knowing this mission was going to be a long and hard one. He mumbled under his breath then came to stand next to non e other than Neji Hyuga.

"Alright, this mission is of high importance. B-Rank if you're curious. Your job will to be to protect a very high noble in one of the village neighboring the Star Village. The village isn't on many maps for its size but you'll know it when you see it. The young girl that you will be protecting has been targeted for her very unique abilities. It is said she can control other chakra, basically like controlling the other's brain . she can make someone do whatever she wants but she doesn't have full control of her powers yet so it kind of like a hit and miss if she's able to pull it off," Shikamaru inwardly groans. This was going to be troublesome.

"Furthermore you all need to get there as quickly as you can," Tsunade barks at the jounin gathered in the room. Shikamaru finally gets home and packs a bag and prepare for his mission. /they will of course leave at sunset because most of the ninja in this village seem to be nocturnal. The young Nara unfortunately doesn't even have time for a nap before he has to meet Neji, Kiba, and Hinata at the large main gates. He leaves the house that he loves mainly because he gets to be alone, and slowly makes his way to the start of his new ever troublesome mission.


The long haired boy scoffed at his snoopy cousin.

"Hinata why must you ask me so many questions?" Neji asked the somewhat smaller girl.

"Because! I saw you when he came in! You got so nervous all of a sudden!" Hinata gave him a large grin. "Beides if anyone knows what a crush looks like it is most definitely me. Don't deny it cause I could see you blushing too!" she giggled and left Neji's room to get some things of her own. Neji let out the breath he had been holding. Hinata was the only person who knew. She was the only one he had ever even trusted to tell. He loved his cousin and all but sometimes she was a little to persistent. It wasn't a lie though. Neji did have a crush. A crush on the laziest ninja in the whole village. He didn't however think that Shikamaru thought of boys that way or that anyone would be very accepting of a boy and boy relationship besides Hinata. He gave a small sigh and packed what little things he needed then went off to find his cousin. They would go to the gates together and be early as per Neji's usual. He waited casually outside Hinata's room. The girl finally emerged and they made good pace to meet up with their teammates.

"Neji?" Hinata asked silently.

"Yes?" He asked back, a little wary of his cousin.

"Why don't you ask him out?"

"Because it's absurd to think he would even like me Hinata"

"You should still ask, because you don't know if he does or not. You could do it during the mission!"

"No that is crazy talk."

"I can help!"

"I don't want your help Hinata"

The small girl pouted her bottom lip at Neji. "Neji please? I want to see you happy… I mean you always seem kind of lonely and all… you're family and I want to help."

A small sigh escapes Neji's lips, "Fine, you can assist me. And I'll ask hime out if that makes you happy."Hinata literally jumped at the words and hugged Neji tightly.

"Thank you!" she plastered a large grin on her face.

"One stipulation though Hinata. You have to ask Naruto out when we get back from the mission," Neji gave the girl and evil grin.

"WHAT?!" she exclaimed and nearly fainted as Neji chuckled. As Hinata was still blushing miserably they arrived and of course had to wait for all the other slowpoke ninja.

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