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A/N- I know I said I'd do a party fic next and I am writing one. However this just appealed to me. I love English rock. ^_^

It was a beautiful day at Bayville High, and most of the students were sitting in their varying groups about the front of the school. Most of the cheerleaders were sunbathing, stretching out like so many cats in the warm sunshine. Others sat and laughed as they ate their lunches, or played various games that are well known in a school yard but never quite make it to professional sport. In short, all was peaceful, until:

"PIETRO! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!?!" Mindy screamed, flicking water out of her eyes, her face scarlet as she turned an angry demeanor towards the New Yorker.

"Thought you needed to cool down a bit Mindy," Pietro grinned wickedly, bouncing the second water bomb on his palm. He made a hissing sound and mimed putting out a flame on his butt.

A few more protesting shrieks could be heard as another group of cheerleaders and preps were doused with water by the other members of the Brotherhood.

"God!" Jean growled, storming over to the 5 culprits, her eyes dark, "why do you guys always have to be like this!?!"

"Like what?" Lance asked innocently.

"Immature!" Jean and Mindy yelled at once.

"I'm not sure," Pietro placed a finger on his chin and mimed thinking.

" 'Cause we're the boyz!" Todd grinned, hopping up and down.

"Yeah!" Freddy whooped, "we're the Brotherhood Boyz!"

"What?" Jean and Mindy frowned.

The Brotherhood grinned and began to sing, acquiring English accents as they did so.

Todd: "We are the boyz, and we are class, at getting trashed, so make some noize! We are the boyz!"

Lance: "We are the lads, we sleep with the slags, we nick their fags, we got no choice! We are the boyz!"

All: "Oh we are the boyz! We don't ask why, because we're alive! We are the boyz!"

Pietro: "We are the boyz, we're in the place so shut yer face, you got no choice! We are the boyz!"

Freddy: "We are the guys, we're getting high while you're getting by, so just make some noize! 'Cos we are the boyz!"

All: "Oh we are the boyz, and we don't ask why, 'cos we're always right, because we're alive! Oh we are the boyz!"

Toby: "We are the boyz, and don't look now 'cos we're coming down. Don't make no noize, 'cos we are the boyz!"

Pietro: "Now we are the men, and that was then- (Mindy and Jean begin to advance, looking angry) -It won't happen again!"

Todd: "But we had no choice, 'cos we're the boyz- (Mindy gets closer) -but we're not anymore!"

Lance: "Not now we're so mature, now we've got insured, because we're not so sure...."

Freddy: "No we're not so sure, oh no we're not so sure, not so sure, not so sure as we were, when we were the boyz." (Pietro gets hoisted off his feet by an angry Jean)

Pietro: "We were the boyz, oh we were the boyz- (Toby chucks a water bomb at Jean and it splashes on her and Mindy. They shriek and rush off. Brotherhood grin)

All: "C'mon we're still the boyz! We're still the boyz! Oh we're still the boyz, oh c'mon we are the boyz! We are the boyz! OH WE ARE THE BOYZ!"

- - -

That amused me. *goes of humming the tune to herself* "We are the boyz....."