"All Aboard"

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After the final battle with MaloMyotismon, Daemon returned a year later, swearing vengeance on the Digidestineds as he attacked them when they were relaxing in the Digital World.

Everyone was gravely injured, but Daisuke and V-Mon both fought him off even with their injuries and sadly V-Mon had to die along with Daemon which broke Daisuke's heart.

A few weeks later she was walking to the computer lab to meet up with the others because the gate to the Digital World wouldn't let them in and they were trying to figure out why.

She stopped in front of the door and raised her hand to open it up.

"I bet it's all Daisuke's fault." Yolei's annoyed voice said.

Pulling her hand back, Daisuke listened in on what her friends were saying about her.

"What is?" Cody asked.

"That we can't get into the Digital World. I bet it was because she let V-Mon get killed that it shut out any other Digidestineds because of it." Yolei accused.

At the mention of V-Mon it made the mahogany haired girl's heart pound painfully in her chest.

How could Yolei say that she just let V-Mon get killed?

The happy-go-lucky dragon was her first ever friend who accepted her for all of her faults and she loved her for it, why would she just let someone like that die?

"Yolei, that's a terrible thing to say!" Sora scolded in shock.

"Well… I hate to say this, but Daisuke did almost let V-Mon get killed by MetalGreymon once." TK spoke up.

"TK!" Tai gasped at the accusation.

The girl was scared and confused, but she wouldn't have really let anything happen to her partner.

"Maybe V-Mon died because it was meant to be. Like it was some sort of sign that Daisuke isn't meant to be a Digidestined." Kari said sadly.

"That can't be it." Joe denied, stunned that the children of Hope and Light were turning on their friend so easily.

"Maybe it is. Daisuke was always impulsive, so it would make sense that one day she would have to pay the consequences." Cody reminded.

"Right, this is all her fault and she had it coming, but now it's affecting us." Yolei frowned with her hands on her hips.

"All of you stop that right now." Izzy scolded growing mad.

"This isn't right. You shouldn't be turning on her like this or saying such horrible things." Mimi said feeling ashamed for once viewing Yolei as her sister.

"Mimi, this might sound bad, but we're only stating what we know from watching her. She's led us into many dangerous situations without caring about her or our own safety." TK stated making Matt's eyes go wide at how fast his brother was to throw the girl under a bus.

"Yeah! Why did you even make her the leader, Tai? TK or Kari would've been a way better choice." Yolei said and Ken looked down sadly with conflict in his eyes, not joining in on the insults, but also not defending his DNA partner.

Their conversation was cut off when a choked sob was heard and they all turned to the door curiously.

Ken walked over and opened the door to see Daisuke was standing there with tears falling down her cheeks, heartbreak clear on her red face.

Izzy, Tai, Joe, Mimi, Matt, Yolei, Cody, Kari, Sora, TK and Yolei all stared at her in horror when they realized that she had overheard them talking and that it had made her cry.

"H-How could you say that?" she gasped out.

"Daisuke…" Ken said as he reached out for her, but was hurt when she backed off as if he had some type of disease.

"I-I thought we w-were…friends. What kinds of friends say stuff like that?" she sobbed.

No one said a single word as they stared at the girl who had her entire world crash down around her harshly as she was betrayed by those she called friends.

"Daisuke, just listen." Kari said as she walked forward.

She was stopped when Daisuke tore the goggles off of her head, strands of her hair getting caught and being torn out, and threw them right at Kari, sadly missing the child of Light who jumped out of the way.

"Don't ever come near me! I lost someone I love and you all turn on me! How could you ever say…or even think that?" Daisuke demanded as she glared at them, but the tears were still falling.

Backing away from them all, she turned and ran off, ignoring the calls of her former friends and teammates as she just needed to escape them all.

About a month had gone by since that day, the group each trying to talk to her, but she just ran from them each time and didn't even bother to listen to them, not even Ken.

When they visited or called her, Daisuke told her parents and sister to tell them that she wasn't home or was feeling sick.

This confused the Motomiya family, but they ignored it as they did as the youngest member wanted since she seemed so hurt and broken.

As for the Digidestineds, they haven't been able to find out why they couldn't enter the Digital World, which confused them as Izzy wasn't able to get a hold of Gennai to see if he knew why this was happening.

Finally, school had let out for summer break, and Daisuke was walking down the street alone with a blank expression on her face while she was clad in black and white shoes, jean shorts, a dark gray hoodie, a black tank top and had a gold chain around her neck.

As for her hair, which used to go down her back, had been chopped off so only her bangs and two thick fringes hung around her face while the back was very short that it spiked up making her look a bit like a boy especially since she wasn't wearing very feminine clothing.

She had gotten accustomed to dressing in depressing colors since she didn't feel like her real self anymore and decided to let the world know it so it would leave her alone.

Pausing in her steps, she looked off to the side to see the park where she used to play with V-Mon and felt her heart break even more.

"We used to have some fun times together didn't we, V-Mon?" Daisuke asked with a small smile.

Suddenly, her cell phone started to beep, so she pulled it out and saw that she had a strange new message on her phone.

"'Do you want to start?' What is this?" She muttered.

Looking at the Yes and No boxes on her phone's screen, she just shrugged and pressed on 'Yes' since she was curious and had no other plans.

"Anything is better than being bored." she said.

"Daisuke Motomiya, it is time for you to start your new destiny." A woman's voice spoke from the phone.

"Take the 5:00 pm train to Shibuya and then transfer to the 5:45 pm west bound train to Shinjuku." The woman instructed.

"And people call me rude." Daisuke mumbled.

She then took off running to her apartment since it was only 3:34 pm and she could get some money and food to eat before she had to leave.

When she had gotten her food and money, she left for the train station at 4:46 pm, ready to get there.

On her way as she turned a corner, she almost ran into the Teenage Wolves and their lead singer whom she had no desire to see.

"Daisuke." Matt said in surprise.

This was the first he had seen of her in a month and the shock of her clothing style made him go silent as he also eyed her once loved long hair that was now in spikes in the back.

She had truly changed from the beautiful young teenage girl to looking like a pretty rebel teenage boy.

"Matt." Daisuke greeted with a small bite to her tone.

The three other members looked between the two curiously since they didn't know what had gone on between them.

"Look, we need to talk." Matt said.

"And you need to back off. I made it clear I want nothing to do with you or your jerk of a brother. Just leave me alone." Daisuke glared.

She then ran around the band, going for the train station while the blond watched her go with a frustrated look, but he couldn't blame her for how she felt.

Honestly, he would have reacted the same way if he had lost Gabumon and then had his friends all bad talk him behind his back like that and accuse him of allowing his best friend to die.

Even though their Digimon were stuck in the Digital World, at least they were still alive and had each other while Daisuke had no one now.

"What was that about?" One of the band mates asked.

"Nothing. Let's keep moving." Matt shook his head as he turned and walked off with the boys.

Running, Daisuke made it to the station and paid for her ticket and then ran onto the train to Shibuya, sitting down in a huff as she tried to catch her breath.

"Man, I just had to run into Matt. He and the others better not follow me." she said bitterly.

Call her an immature brat for holding a grudge, but she was a young girl who was very sensitive and was hurt by far too many events in her life.

Finally, she made it to Shibuya and transferred trains, sitting down in another seat while a boy with long raven hair stood beside her as a boy wearing goggles ran onto the train, everyone staring at him as he slumped down panting.

At the sight of the goggles, Daisuke's bitterness returned as they made her think back to Tai which made her think of Kari, the pathetic child of Light.

Just then, everyone on the train cell phones started to ring, but only she, the raven wearing the bandana and the goggle head actually had real messages while everyone else was confused as to the strange phenomenon.

"Transfer to the 6:00 pm west bound train from Shibuya station." The woman said.

Daisuke and the bandana boy sighed at this, while goggle boy yelled as he stood up clutching his head.

"Give me a break! I'm doing the best I can!" he yelled as everyone stared at him strangely.

After all of that nonsense, the final stop came and Daisuke was walking around to try and find where she should be going and just went for the elevators where bandana boy was while goggle boy ran behind her.

As soon as she walked on, the brunette dove inside just as the doors closed behind him as he hit his head on the wall while the doors closed on another boy who was trying to get on.

This made the mahogany haired girl wonder if that boy had gotten the message also, but shrugged it off.

"Okay, that hurt." The goggle head groaned and then looked up at the other two people around him that held their own cell phones.

"Hey, did you get the message, too?" goggle head asked the boy.

The boy didn't answer; he just turned away from him.

"You could answer me, at least!" the goggle head said.

Growling in annoyance, he then turned to the girl, whom he thought was a boy, who had a blank expression just like bandana boy did.

"What about you?" he asked.

"Sorry, but I don't talk to goggle heads." She said turning her back on him.

He exclaimed in outrage and confusion while Koji glanced at her, curious by what she had meant by that.

"Excuse me, what do my goggles have anything to do with talking to me?" the brunette asked as he stood up.

He was ignored which annoyed him, but then the lights went off in the elevator and it started to move at a fast pace downwards making the three groan as it finally came to a rough stop, the goggle head falling down while Daisuke and bandana boy held onto the sides of the car.

But just as the car hit the bottom, bandana boy and Daisuke gasped when they both felt something dark and strange appear before it then faded away.

"Man, I really gotta stop landing on my head." goggle head groaned as the doors opened.

The three saw an underground train station with different colored trains and kids of all ages boarding them.

"So weird." Goggle boy whispered.

"It's up to you now. Which one will you choose?" the woman asked the three of them.

Bandana boy nodded as he took off out of the elevator to start looking for hi own train to board.

"Hey, which one are you choosing?" Takuya asked as the boy ran out.

"Gee, my phone talks more than that guy." He sighed.

Groaning at this, Daisuke walked out on her own and started to look for a train while the goggle head followed her which made her frown and turn to him.

"Would you leave me alone?" she demanded.

"Hey, I'm just trying to figure out what's going on here. You don't have to bite my head off." He said.

"Did you ever stop to think that there might be a reason why I am the way I am?" she asked.

He kept quiet as he seemed to be thinking over her words.

"Just use your head and leave me alone. I'm not in the mood to make any friends." She stated before she turned her back on him and walked off.

She found a teal colored train and got on, sitting down on a seat as she waited for the ride to be over with.

There was something strange going on, but she didn't know what it was, though she had a feeling the Digital World may be involved.

As she sat down in her seat, crossing her arms and legs, she rested her head back as the train started up and moved down the tracks.

The sound of the door opening made her open one eye to see that the bandana boy had chosen the same train as her and glanced at her before he sat down in the seat across the aisle from her.

Silence fell on them as they enjoyed the ride, the train going through a dark tunnel as they held their cell phones.

After a few minutes, the raven looked over at the person he assumed to be a pretty looking boy who seemed to be sleeping in his seat.

"So, who are you?" he asked making the tanned teen open their eyes, chocolate meeting sapphire.

"Daisuke Motomiya and you?" she asked.

"Koji Minamoto." The raven answered.

They both then were quiet as they waited the ride out when suddenly the lights in the train went off and the train seemed to have hit a rough track making the two young teenagers fall out of their seats, clinging to them for safety.

"What is this?" Koji muttered.

Just then, their phones both started to shine and gave off a high pitched whine that Daisuke recognized from a Digivice and almost cursed her luck when she saw her phone transform into a new style of Digivice.

Hers had a white body much like Koji's, only it had pink grips while his was dark blue while the buttons and the outline of the screen were silver and Daisuke's were a darker shade of pink.

"Welcome to the Digital World, Koji Minamoto. Daisuke Motomiya, welcome back. You will find that there have been some changes done. The timeline has sped back up in the Digital World and there has been many battles fought and won. Sadly, there is a new one going on that requires the assistance of the Chosen Children. Please help us once again, child of Miracles. Use the D-Tectors to lead you." The woman's voice said.

"I don't see why I should bother. I lost V-Mon and my friends because of the Digital World. Why would I set myself up for that kind of pain again?" Daisuke demanded.

Koji looked over curiously at the 'boy' then gasped as he saw the image of a woman with animal attributes formed over 'his' body and didn't notice the same thing happening to him, only it was a man with a wolf styled armour.

"Hello, I asked a question!" Daisuke's voice snapped Koji out of his stupor as he saw the image fade away.

He then frowned as he thought over what the woman had said, eyes taking in the 'boy' across from him as he thought over what the woman meant.

"Why did that woman call you the child of Miracles?" Koji asked.

Groaning at this as the lights came back on and the train exited the tunnel, Daisuke stood up, eyes settling on him as she crossed her arms.

"I don't think that's any of your business." She retorted making him glare.

"It is if it can help me understand what to do here." Koji said as he stood up and walked up to the 'boy'.

Sapphire and chocolate eyes were glaring at each other, then flashed scarlet and aquamarine which made them gasp in surprise at the sudden change as they stepped back from each other.

Shaking her head, Daisuke turned to the window and looked out as she saw a flock of Poyomon float by and Koji looked over her head to see them too.

"What are those things?" he asked.

"Poyomon, they're baby Digimon. Digimon being short for digital monster. We're in the Digital World, a place that ruined my life." She answered with a far off look in her eyes.

Koji looked at 'him' curiously, then back out the window to see a village made of metal coming up as the tracks went up making the two teens gasp as they held their arms out to balance themselves.

They went over to the windows and opened them up, looking outside as the wind blew their hair back as they saw a swarm of data float around behind the metal train station and it transformed into a forest.

"What is…" Koji trailed off as he then narrowed his eyes.

"Looks like someone is already working on restoring the place." Daisuke commented.

"Then why do they need us?" Koji asked.

"Heck if I know. The last time I was here, this place was ruled by a giant talking dragon, not some bossy woman. This place has completely changed. It looks nothing like it used to. She was right about the timeline in this world speeding up." The girl said.

This then made her realize that this was why the Digidestineds haven't been able to enter the Digital World normally since the timeline was mixed up.

It wasn't Daisuke's fault at all and, sadly, they wouldn't believe her if she told them.

At least, the younger generation wouldn't.

"So now what do we do when we get off? Just walk around aimlessly? That's productive." Koji scoffed.

The train then pulled up to the station and the duo walked off, looking around as a group of Pagumon bounced over to them laughing, muttering things about playing with the humans.

"More humans."

"They look tougher."

"I bet they'll be more fun to play with."

"Let's hope they don't break too easy."

Koji grimaced mentally at the evil glint in their red and gold eyes while he scowled at them.

"Beat it!" Daisuke yelled kicking one of the Pagumon, sending him flying over the station.

The other Pagumon then screamed as they began to scatter while Koji looked at his companion, surprised at her sudden violence.

"Don't trust the Pagumon. They're liars and thieves." She advised.

"Thanks for the heads up." Koji muttered.

"Koji Minamoto, Daisuke Motomiya. Commence your search." The woman's voice said.

"Search? For what?" Koji asked as he pulled out his new device and he saw Daisuke do the same curious as to why 'his' was pink.

"The Spirits." The woman said.

"How do you know our names? Hmm?" Koji asked.

"Find the Spirits and you will find the answers to all your questions." She spoke.

"Not good enough. I'm not some lapdog you can just order around you know. What is this Spirit anyway? I mean, how do we know where to look for them?" Koji asked.

"Whoa, we?" Daisuke asked looking at him.

"Yeah, she said we were both looking for the Spirits. I don't like this, but I could use someone who has met Digimon before for some information." He said.

"Oh, so I'm a digi-analyzer then?" she asked with her hands on her hips.

Suddenly, Koji's D-Tector beeped as a sphere that was black and green appeared with yellow data stripes floating around it as it showed off an amethyst dot.

"What's this?" Koji asked.

"Maybe it's a map to the Spirit thing." Daisuke suggested.

"This gets weirder by the minute." Koji said.

"Da, you said it." the train said making Daisuke look over at him.

"There are train Digimon now?" She asked in surprise.

"Come on, we need to find these Spirits and fast." Koji said grabbing her wrist and started pulling her along.

He was surprised by how soft Daisuke's skin felt, but pushed it to the back of his mind as he followed the 3-D map he had.

Pulling her arm out of his hold, Daisuke walked alongside Koji as they walked along, going into the town with the metal buildings that was close to the forest.

She pulled out her D-Tector and grimaced at the color as it strangely reminded her of Kari and Angewomon.

"Ugh, why did I get a pink one?" She whined.

"Heck if it know." Koji shrugged.

"I mean, I'm not even a girly girl. This looks like it was meant for someone who wears skirts and giggles and stuff. This is so not me." The girl complained.

Thinking over her words, Koji paused and took Daisuke's wrist making her stop and look back at him.

"What's up?" She asked.

"What did you mean by saying you aren't a girly girl? Wouldn't you have just said you aren't a girl?" He asked narrowing his eyes.

"Huh? What do you mean? I am a girl." She blinked curiously at him.

Blinking a few times, Koji looked his companion over, seeing the feminine way she looked but he only assumed she was one of those pretty boys that he had seen before.

Her eyes had thick dark lashes and her lips were a nice plump while her frame was too thin to be a male's.

"Wait, you really couldn't tell that I'm a girl?" She demanded looking pissed off and he suddenly felt nervous.

It was strange considering no one had ever made him feel that way before and yet this girl was glaring at him or more like pouting and yet he felt a bit nervous about what she would do to him.

"Well, you're wearing a really baggy sweater and no make-up plus your hair is really short. It looks more like a boy's haircut." Koji admitted.

Lifting a fist up, Koji flinched back thinking the worst, but was surprised when she merely sighed and placed her fist down on her hip.

"Well, I guess that's my fault for hacking off my hair and wearing this sweater. But you're still dumb." She stated pointing at him.

"Now let's go find the Spirit." She turned on her heel and walked off with a sway to her hips.

Koji blinked at that and then followed after her deciding to try and not get on her bad side.

After all, who knew what this girl was capable of?

(Lobomon: Warrior of Light)

After walking around in the village, Koji and Daisuke heard laughter which made them look over to see a heavyset male a year older than them with spikey brown hair and brown eyes dressed in a yellow and blue jumpsuit.

The younger boy next to him had brown hair with green eyes, wearing a huge orange hat, a white shirt and yellow baggy pants.

"That's an accident waiting to happen. They really shouldn't be running around like that. Oh well, I'm not here to play babysitter." Koji shrugged.

"No, sadly, that's my job." Daisuke scoffed as she followed him as he read the map.

Walking into the forest, they looked around curiously when the map suddenly turned off.

"Ugh, this is getting old." Koji groaned.

"Come on, maybe the Spirit's over here." Daisuke said walking over to a cave.

He was wary, but followed her down the stairs of the cave, looking around curiously to see if anything was going to jump out at them.

"Normally I wouldn't go into creepy holes in the wall, but I didn't come here to play it safe." Koji sighed as he saw Daisuke walking down confidently.

"Anybody here?" Koji called as his voice echoed around them.

"Obviously not." Daisuke said.

"Do you have a comment for everything I say?" The raven haired male snapped.

"Please, if you have a sister like mine, you learn to snap back fast." She smirked at him.

He quirked a slim eyebrow at that, but rolled his eyes as he followed the girl down the strange cave, looking at the tunnel they walked down.

Nearing the end, they found there were metal bars and Koji walked over, pushing at them gently only for them to fall away and he stumbled slightly making Daisuke run over and grab his arm, righting him.

Down below them was a large, open spaced room that had other tunnels in the walls near the floor and above.

"What is this?" Koji asked.

"Help, somebody!" Someone yelled.

"I'm not a chocolate bar!" A younger voice yelled.

Curious, the duo watched as the two boys from before ran out of a tunnel with a horde of Pagumon chasing them, pouncing on them as they barred their fangs and tried to bite the two boys.

"Help! Anyone! Please!" the heavyset male wailed.

Daisuke then gave Koji a pointed look.

"Told ya not to trust them." She sang.

"Do they have any powers I should know about?" Koji asked.

"No, most In-Trainings are very weak. It's only the rare types that have powers. Why are you asking me?" Daisuke asked suspiciously.

Instead of answering her, Koji simply grabbed onto the pole in front of them and slid down it, giving out a battle cry as he did so while Daisuke watched him.

"Huh, he's more like me than I thought." She shrugged.

Once he landed, Koji gave the Pagumon a smirk as they then glared and charged at him as he broke the pole with a kick and started swinging the pole around, hitting them back.

"Maybe a little cooler." Daisuke shrugged as she sat down and watched him.

Koji was doing well when he did a hand stand on the pole and then kicked the swarm away before kicking back onto his feet.

"Who's that? Cool." The little boy smiled.

"That guy's serious." The heavyset male said.

Koji was swinging the pole around, revealing his martial arts skills and then held still as the swarm covered him, but he grinned as he then spun around, knocking the Pagumon off of him and they all hit the walls while the leader fell down in front of him.

Hearing a whistle of appreciation, Koji looked up to see Daisuke had done it and was even clapping which made him smirk smugly at the girl.

"Oh yeah, human? Don't smile yet!" the Pagumon yelled as he was covered in data.

Watching curiously, they saw Pagumon digivolve into Raremon which made everyone gasp.

"I'll eat you up!" he cried out making the two boys yell in terror.

"He skipped right into the Champion form!" Daisuke whispered with wide eyes.

Koji charged at Raremon which made her worry for him as Raremon then turned to the other boys, spitting his Acid Sludge at them and the little boy tripped, so Koji dropped his weapon and grabbed the boy, saving him.

Where they once stood was a gaping hole in the ground which made the boy stare in fear as he clung to Koji who then stood up and started running from the attacks being spat his way.

"Ew, it smells!" A blonde girl dressed in lavender whined as she and the goggle boy came in from another tunnel with two digimon.

"Spirit, wake up! I need you!" Goggle head said to his red and black D-Tector.

"Obviously the goggle head gets the Spirit first. Why am I not surprised?" Daisuke sighed as she tried to keep her worry at bay.

"Come on, I'm not kidding here." Goggle head started pushing the buttons.

"Hey Takuya, no pressure, but you might want to think about Spirit Evolving before stinky there turns your friends into goop." Bokomon advised.

"Going somewhere?" Raremon slurred as he backed Koji to a large hole that was filled with darkness.

"Come on, goggle head. Time to prove yourself." Daisuke's eyes narrowed as she was focused on Takuya and silently encouraged him.

"Come on, come on!" Takuya was sweating when the mark of his Spirit appeared, glowing orange on the screen.

Koji almost fell, but threw his body forward so he went down on his knees as he held the boy protectively, trying to shield him from the dangers.

"SPIRIT!" Takuya yelled making everyone turn to him as he was then covered in data.

"Execute: Spirit Evolution!"


Daisuke gasped as she saw the new black, white and red armoured digimon with long blonde hair and blue eyes was standing in Takuya's place, eyeing the horns and the dinosaur styled feet he had.

"He turned into a Digimon?" she asked in awe.

Agunimon then charged at Raremon, knocking him back into a wall and then he jumped back when the sewer monster began to spew out sludge that burned away holes in the ceiling.

"Now's your chance! Run!" Agunimon yelled at Koji as he let go of the boy and they both stood.

Just then, Agunimon was covered in data and transformed back into Takuya much to everyone's surprise, even the goggle head's.

"He can't even control it." Daisuke bit her lip in worry.

"What's going on? I turned back into me." Takuya said as light began to fill the room from the holes made.

"Still here." Raremon sang as he then shot out his sludge.

"Watch out!" Takuya cried as he knocked the boy to the ground, but accidentally pushed Koji back into the hole.

"NO!" Daisuke yelled as she almost fell when she saw Koji disappearing into the dark pit.

Raremon laughed as he spat acid at the wall, creating a hole that let in a beam of light that shone down the pit when suddenly bright light shot out of it making everyone stare in confusion.

"SPIRIT!" Koji's voice then cried out from the pit.

"Execute: Spirit Evolution!"


Slowly, a new silvery blue wolf armoured digimon came floating out of the hole, his long scarf having stripes on it and reminded Daisuke of Garurumon's fur while the new Digimon's eyes were scarlet like V-Mon's and his short hair was blond.

"Ah, wow." The heavyset male smiled.

"Man, did I look that cool?" Takuya chuckled.

"Mm-hm. Yeah, but different." The little boy nodded.

"That's the Legendary Warrior of Light; Lobomon." Bokomon read from the large green book he held.

At the name Light, Daisuke grew tense as an image of Kari flashed in her mind and the things the pink loving girl had said came back to the child of Miracles' mind.

Looking them over and seeing that they nearly fit her old group perfectly, Daisuke wondered if they would treat her the same way TK, Kari, Yolei, Ken and Cody had done.

"I've never seen anything more beautiful in my whole life." The blonde girl blinked.

"Me either." The heavyset male said.

"You can say that again." Takuya smiled.

Raremon then shot out his sludge, but Lobomon pulled out his Lobo Kendo and ran at Raremon, slicing the sludge and then jumped up, stabbing Raremon in the head as purple liquid spilled out of him.

Lobomon jumped away and pulled out his D-Tector as Raremon had data surround him.

"Now you talking trash heap, prepare to be recycled. Fractal Code: Digitize!" Lobomon scanned the data and Raremon turned into a digi egg that floated off.

"Molto bravisimo!" the blonde girl exclaimed in Italian.

Sighing in relief, Daisuke climbed down the cavern as Lobomon was covered in data and returned to normal, Koji being on his knees as he panted from his energy being drained.

Takuya and the little boy then ran over to him when Daisuke was safely on her feet and watched as the other two humans and the Digimon walked over, watching.

"Hey, you okay? Let me help you up." Takuya offered his hand.

"Don't touch me." Koji growled out.

"W-What?" Takuya gasped stepping back.

"I don't need your help or anyone else's." Koji panted.

Glancing over, he found Daisuke behind the others, staring at him blankly but he could see the small amount of hurt in her eyes that made him feel guilty.

"But I guess I should thank you for saving me. I always repay my depts." Koji stood up.

"I didn't do it so you'd owe me, you know." Takuya pointed out.

"My name's Koji Minamoto and you are?" he asked, but was met with silence.

"So, are you going to tell me? I can't repay you if I don't know your name." Koji said impatiently.

"I'm Takuya Kanbara." He answered.

"Takuya, huh? See ya. Come on, Daisuke." Koji called as he then turned.

Everyone then turned to find the 'boy' standing behind them, Takuya gasping at the sight as Daisuke walked pass them all.

"Hey, I thought you said you weren't interested in making friends." He accused feeling confused.

"I'm not." She said passing by him.

The blonde girl was watching the dark clad 'boy' carefully, seeing the slight sway to the hips and the dark eyelashes around the eyes and knew that the boy was really a girl.

"What are their deals?" The heavyset male asked crossing his arms behind his head.

"Come on guys, let's get out of here. This place smells like dead fish." The blonde said pleasantly as she crossed her arms behind her back.

Meanwhile, outside, Koji and Daisuke were sitting down as they leaned against a tree, watching as a flock of Poyomon floated by.

"I didn't mean it about you." Koji said suddenly.

"Mean what?" Daisuke asked.

"About not needing help. I just wanted to get away from those guys." He explained.

"I'm not gonna blame ya. They all seem way too much like my old friends. Being around them would drive me insane." She said.

Koji glanced over at her curiously, unsure of what she meant by that and also didn't know how to ask, so he just turned back to look at the sky.

It was a strange day and the child of Miracles knew that things were continue to become complicated and dangerous.

To be continued…