"A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon"

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"Isn't it nice to have a moment of peace and quiet?" Bokomon asked.

"Let's have some fun and play charades." Neemon suggested.

"I thought you said fun." Bokomon rolled his eyes.

The group were all sitting down in the forest to rest up and figure out a plan from what had happened the other day.

Three Tanemon popped out of the ground near them giggling gleefully.

"I've always wanted to try that thing where I'm trapped in an imaginary box." Neemon said, then smiled as a Tanemon hopped over to him so he started bouncing her up and down on his hand.

"If only the box were real." Bokomon groaned.

"Oh man, I really messed up." Tommy looked down sadly as he thought back to how Zoe had to save him and got her Spirit taken away.

"It's okay, Tommy. What happened wasn't your fault." Zoe smiled over at the boy.

"Well, the next time I see that guy, I'll get your Spirit back even if I have to do it by myself." JP said determined.

"Why would you want to do something like that?" Neemon asked as he bounced the Tanemon on his hand.

"Based on your last encounter, I don't think that'd be very wise." Bokomon pointed out.

JP then slammed his hand on the ground making the three Digimon jump at the sound and yelp at how close he was to hitting them while Tanemon ran off.

"So what? It sure beats sitting around here doing nothing. She needs my help." JP insisted.

"You have a one track mind, buddy. We can't just run out and fight. We have to get to the Forest Terminal." Takuya stood up.

"So what? Then we just let him win?" JP asked as he stood up too.

"I can't just sit back and let Grumblemon run around with Zoe's Spirit." He said.

"It's okay, JP." Zoe sighed sadly as she held out her D-Tector.

The three Tanemon hopped over to her hoping to play, but then they hopped away laughing, leaving the group to continue their discusion.

"No, it's really not okay, Zoe. The Spirit of Wind is yours and you were destined to find it, so we're gonna get it back for you." JP bent down beside her.

"Nice sentiment, but we have more important things to do than fight a battle we can't win." Koji said as he leaned against a tree near Takuya and Daisuke.

"What is your problem, Koji? You'd be going crazy if your Spirit was stolen." JP turned on him.

Koji scoffed as he looked over at the heavy set male.

"But hey, I understand if you're afraid. Even the great Koji has no chance against Grumblemon." JP mocked.

"What?" Koji asked angered.

"Who cares if you have your Beast Spirit? You can't even control it." JP said.

"Hey, stop it." Tommy cried as he held his hands out in front of Koji.

"Knock it off, JP." Takuya said holding his hands up in front of JP to get him to back off.

JP then stuck his nose in the air with his arms crossed.

"I guess I'm the only one who wants to help Zoe." He said.

"Would you knock it off? We all want to help Zoe. You're just acting like a jerk right now." Daisuke stood up.

"Guys, forget it. Let's just go to the Forest Terminal." Zoe said as she walked over, having enough of the arguing.

"Don't you start talking crazy too." JP exclaimed as he looked over at her.

"All right, that's it. I've had enough. I think it's time to do something more productive then stand here and argue." Bokomon said as he ran over to the group.

He then cleared his throat as the Tanemon giggled and hopped by them.

"My friends, I believe the time has finally come." He said cryptically.

"The time has come for what?" JP asked.

"What do you mean?" Zoe questioned.

"Time to show you the path of wisdom." Bokomon said in what he assumed was a sagely way.

"Well, there's a change." Zoe quipped.

"Yeah, no kidding." JP muttered.

"Wisdom is a path which is not easily walked." Bokomon started to lecture as he turned and walked off as the others watched.

"You must think about every choice, consider every option and know where each step will lead." He went on.

Then, he tripped and he fell face first on the ground as the Tanemon in front of him squealed playfully as they ran off.

"Oh, dear. It seems that wisdom has landed me in a mud puddle." Bokomon groaned as he stood up and showed off the mud on his face.

This made Daisuke giggle quietly at the sight and Takuya smirked.

(Later on…)

Walking down the forest path, Bokomon led the way to what appeared to be an area filled with tents.

"So what's your wise solution?" JP asked.

"Fortune telling." Bokomon answered.

"Fortune telling?" The others asked quizzically.

"Shamanmon is the wisest Digimon of them all." Bokomon explained.

"If I had said that, you'd had told me I was crazy." Neemon said.

"You are crazy, but that's beside the point." Bokomon waved him off.

The group walked into the crowd of colorful tents as different Digimon were all getting told their fortunes or buying talismans for good luck.

Looking around curiously, Daisuke spotted many familiar looking Digimon that she had seen before and wondered if any of them she knew personally from the past.

"Wow, I never had my fortune told before." Tommy said as he looked around.

"I had my palm red once. It took a week to get the paint off." Neemon said.

"Come on, do you actually think any of these weirdoes can tell the future?" JP asked with his hands on his hips.

A Vadermon then walked over to him, moaning as if he was having some sort of vision.

"Oh, yes, round one. It's all so clear." Vadermon stuck his face close to JP and grabbed at the boy's arm and he looked disturbed and tried to pull away.

"I don't really believe in any of this mumbo jumbo." JP said pulling his arm away.

"There is a girl in your life who thinks you're quite special." Vadermon winked.

"I'm, uh, special?" JP asked bashfully as he blushed.

"Oh, you were meant for each other." Vadermon exclaimed.

"Really?" JP asked.

He then slipped off into a fantasy world as he giggled and hugged himself while everyone stared at him in confusion.

"JP, what are you doing?" Takuya asked.

"We're leaving now." Zoe drawled making JP snap out of his fantasy with a nervous laugh as he ran over.

"My dear, we must get our fortunes told. It'll finally prove that we belong together." A familiar male voice spoke.

Turning around, Daisuke spotted two figures she recognized and gasped in shock at the sight of a man with gray skin dressed in a blue top hat and a matching floor length coat.

Beside him was a woman with long bluish white hair dressed in a red hat and dress while she wore purple sunglasses.

"Will you stop this already? I didn't love you in our first life, and I won't in this life!" The woman placed her hands on her hips.

The man looked down sadly making the woman's glare lighten and she sighed guiltily.

"But I suppose it wouldn't kill me to go with you." She relented and smiled when she saw her companion perk up.

"Mummymon? Arukenimon?" Daisuke asked as she watched them hold hands and walk into a tent.

"Who were they?" Zoe asked as she walked over to the girl.

"They were my team's enemies. Or, at least, our enemy's minions. MaloMyotismon used and manipulated them and then killed them to absorb their data to become stronger. He was a monster." Daisuke said as her eyes narrowed.

Zoe blinked at that as horror consumed her as she realized that Cherubimon could be just as deadly and cruel as this MaloMyotismon.

"That's awful." Zoe said as she looked over.

"Not really. Arukenimon and Mummymon are now living happy lives it seems." The mahogany haired girl smiled softly.

At the sight of the girl's smile, it made Zoe smile as well since it was one of the few true smiles she had seen on the usually quiet and depressed girl.

"Come on, come on. You can ask me anything, short stuff." A Gekomon said as he tried to drag Bokomon off somewhere.

"Okay, how do you polish that tuba?" Neemon asked making Gekomon let go off the white chicken who was relieved.

"Wait a second. Let me guess. You're rather new to this fortune telling stuff aren't cha?" Gekomon asked.

"Just ignore him. What do ya got?" Bokomon crossed his arms.

"I shall conjure up a potion made from wart's juice and earwax which I will place in a hat and then drink while standing on one leg." Gekomon said as he raised one leg into the air.

Unimpressed, Neemon and Bokomon turned and left the crazy frog behind.

"The result will be inspiring my friends. Don't knock it until you've tried it." Gekomon said as the humans watched him curiously as they walked by him.

"Over here." An ape looking Digimon wearing a large colorful African mask waved his hand to catch the Chosen Children's attention.

"Check it out. So what's your deal, masked dude?" Takuya asked as the group stopped in front of him.

"Carry-Wood method." Sepikmon answered.

"Um, okay, what exactly is the Carry-Wood method?" Zoe asked.

"I give you these heavy wooden sticks and give to you to carry them one at a time." Sepikmon explained.

"And what exactly would that tell you about our future?" The curious blonde questioned.

"That in the future, you will be stronger. The more wood you carry, the stronger you get. Carry wood, get it?" He laughed and then hit himself over the head.

Everyone sweat dropped at that as they then snuck off while the monkey was laughing at himself.

Bokomon then led the group up to a building that was overlooking the village, the humans and Digimon going up the stairs to the ancient stone building.

"Why are we here, Bokomon? All these fortune tellers are fake." JP complained.

"Like my Grandmamon's teeth." Neemon chimed in.

"Have a little faith, please. I do know what I'm doing. Shamanmon is the real thing." Bokomon assured.

When they reached the doors of the temple, JP and Koji pushed the doors open and the group walked inside the darkened room.

"Shamanmon, I call upon your wisdom, your insight and basically we're asking for two cents worth of advice." Bokomon announced.

He was speaking to the dark green skinned Digimon who had his back to the group, everyone staring at him.

"Who calls upon Shamanmon?" The Digimon asked.

"Weary travelers in need of guidance from the universe." Bokomon answered.

"Oh, you'll get guidance all right." Shamanmon laughed as he turned around to face the group.

Takuya, Zoe, JP and Tommy gasped in shock while Bokomon grew nervous, Neemon was neutral and finally Daisuke and Koji were confused by the sudden changes in everyone.

"Wait a minute, I remember you." Takuya pointed at him.

"You're one of those nasty Goblimon from the wind factory." Zoe glared.

"Come on guys, let's get him." Tommy clenched his fists.

"No, no, no, no! Shamanmon's one of the good guys." Bokomon insisted as he waved his arms around urgently.

"Shamanmon is a medium. This all seeing Digimon does a ceremonial dance with his magical club to see into the future." He informed.

Shamanmon then started to hop from one foot to the other and waved his hands in the form of a dance.

"You should be very careful. Ahead you face much danger. You will come up against a foe you have faced before, but this foe has a friend and in meeting him you will find a friend is your foe." He prophesized.

"I don't buy it." Takuya stated as Tommy nodded at him.

"Then listen to this!" Shamanmon yelled as he jumped in front of the two brunettes, Tommy clinging to Takuya as the Digimon pointed his club at them.

"Beware! The greatest test will be faced by you two. This test has the power to destroy you all if you are not careful." Shamanmon warned and then scoffed as he turned away.

"Hey, come back!" Tommy called.

"Yeah, we don't wanna get destroyed!" Takuya cried.

"Then remember who you are and trust in each other and your friendship." Shamanmon told them as he continued to dance.

The earth shook making everyone gasp while the dancing Digimon fell down in his shock.

"Right, run for it!" JP cried out.

Everyone ran outside to see what was causing the quaking and saw a large stone Digimon who wore a metal mask and had Grumblemon on his shoulder.

"Old foe, big friend." Takuya said.

"It's Golemon!" Bokomon exclaimed.

"Grumblemon bring big angry surprise for little Spirit Kids." Grumblemon smirked.

"One of these days I'm gonna beat this jerk for good." Koji glared.

"When are you gonna learn? How about working with the rest of us, huh?" Zoe retorted.

"Oh, save me!" Neemon whimpered as he held onto Bokomon.

"Just give me a minute." Takuya said.

Golemon then jumped up and slammed his fist into the ground making it erupt as they were blasted back from the force of the attack.

"Right, minute's over!" Takuya pulled his D-Tector out as JP, Daisuke and Tommy did the same.

"Execute: Spirit Evolution!"





"Now for the Beast!" Koji said pulling his D-Tector out.

"Execute: Beast Spirit-"

"Me no think so." Grumblemon taunted.

He then pulled out a vial and threw out the contents which were pink sparkles that hit the raven haired boy making them gasp as the gravity suddenly held them down in place, the raven haired boy dropping to his knees as red ruins glowed under them.

"What's going on? I can't move." Koji grunted.

"Sorry, KendoGarurumon no play today. You no move till Grumblemon say so." The Warrior of Earth sniggered.

Kumamon then jumped up and used Crystal Freeze on Golemon as the Digimon jumped out of the way and Grumblemon took off.

Golemon then punched Kumamon, sending him to the ground.

"Kumamon!" Beetlemon called, then started sparking as he flew over to him and used his Thunder Fist on Golemon's head.

"Uh oh." Beetlemon said as Golemon chuckled making the Warrior of Thunder back off and landed beside Kumamon.

"Guys, watch out for the Sulfur Plume!" Lobamon called.

Just as she said this, Golemon released his Sulfur Plume on the Warriors of Thunder and Ice, blasting them back into the pillars and boulders behind them.

"Please not to tell me that best you can do." Grumblemon laughed as he watched the beating.

"My turn." Agunimon said as he jumped in and blasted Golemon with his Pyro Tornado, sending the rock head back.

Golemon recovered quickly and used his Sulfur Plume on Agunimon making Lobamon gasp as she watched him go flying back.

Bokomon and Neemon were clinging to Zoe's legs as they watched the beating going on.

"You can do it. Just work together." Zoe encouraged them on.

"Enough. You finished. You surrender Spirits now or be destroyed big time." Grumblemon demanded.

"Boy would I like to shut that guy up." Beetlemon growled as he, Agunimon and Kumamon stood up.

"Yeah, me too." Koji growled and then slammed his fist into the ground.

"There's gotta be something I can do. Anybody got any suggestions?" He asked.

Golemon then slammed his fist into the ground making it erupt and Kumamon jumped back before he fell into the crater.

"Work together. Hit him hard." Agunimon charged forward.

"Just make sure he doesn't hit you." Lobamon advised as she ran after Agunimon.

"Right." Beetlemon agreed as he followed.

"I'll chill him out." Kumamon said as he used Blizzard Blaster to stun Golemon as Lobamon distracted him with an Arrow of Hope and Beetlemon came in with Lightning Blitz and finally Agunimon ended it with Pyro Tornado.

They watched as Golemon went flying, crashing into the ground as Grumblemon glared in anger.

"NO!" He snarled and then jumped up.

"Don't let him get away!" Agunimon cried out.

"Execute: Slide Evolution!"


"Now myself me fix you." Gigasmon said.

Kumamon used Blizzard Blaster, but it was countered by Quagmire Twister and the force sucked the little polar bear inside.

"Tommy!" Agunimon called as he ran to help, only to get hit by the twister.

Kumamon was then falling from the twister, his Code showing as Gigasmon went after him.

"Tommy!" Lobamon yelled.

"Wake up!" Zoe cried.

It was too late as Gigasmon gobbled up the Spirit of Ice as Tommy fell to the ground.

"Eat yummy bear. Me have two now." Gigasmon taunted.

"Get out of there you guys!" Zoe screamed as Gigasmon jumped up and used his Tectonic Slam on the ground making the ground quake.

Suddenly from the temple, lights shined as a large beast that looked like a half phoenix/lizard creature flew out and punched Gigasmon back.

The Beast then let out a loud roar which made Tommy whimper as he ran over to Zoe.

"What is that thing?" Agunimon asked.

"You mean other than bad news?" Beetlemon quipped.

"Now just hold on, that thing may be on our side." Bokomon said.

"Okay, but somehow I don't think so." Agunimon spoke up.

"Whoever he is, he seems very upset. Maybe not." Neemon commented.

The ground under the Beast broke as two large hands grabbed his ankles and started pulling the Beast down.

"You go bye now." Gigasmon said.

Roaring, the Beast flapped his wings and started flying up with Golemon holding onto his ankles.

"That thing is deadly." Lobamon blinked as she stared at the enraged Beast.

"Quick, let's get out of here!" Beetlemon yelled.

The yellow spikes on the Beast's arms then turned into lasers that started firing at Golemon making him cry out as he fell down and explode into data, his helmet hitting the ground.

The Beast then stomped on it, destroying it as Gigasmon stared at him in fear.

"I go bye now!" Gigasmon cried as he dived to the ground, digging to safety when the Beast tried to attack him.

Underneath Koji, the ruins disappeared and gravity returned to normal as they stood up and then ran over to Tommy, Zoe, Bokomon and Neemon.

"Aw man." Agunimon said.

"He's really strong." Tommy whimpered.

"Too strong." Koji stated as he ran up to them.

"If he comes after us, there's no way we can beat him." Zoe looked at him in worry.

"Right, time to go." Bokomon started gesturing them the humans off.

"All right Agunimon, come on." Beetlemon turned.

"Right." Agunimon nodded.

"Help me!" the Beast cried out making Agunimon pause.

"I'm possessed by the Beast Spirit!" He sobbed.

"Shamanmon?" Agunimon asked turning back to the hybrid Digimon.

"Please rescue me!" He sobbed as he started to shake and fight off the power.

"I was in the temple when the Beast Spirit was revealed. The instant I touched it, I was possessed. Please, help me!" Shamanmon begged.

Agunimon then walked over as the others watched him in confusion.

"Agunimon, what're you doing?" Beetlemon asked.

"Don't worry, Shamanmon, I can help you." Agunimon assured.

The Beast then attacked with flames making Agunimon jump back.

"Agunimon!" Bokomon cried out.

"Takuya, watch out!" Lobamon called.

Flames and lasers started getting blasted around, Agunimon getting hit worse by the attack as the Beast flew over to him and stomped on his side, pushing him down.

Lobamon went to go help him out, but Beetlemon caught the Warrior of Hope around the waist to hold her back as she watched with worried eyes.

The Beast had Agunimon under his foot keeping him down as he pointed his laser in the Warrior of Flame's face.

"What is he waiting for?" Koji asked.

"Strike now! NOW!" Shamanmon yelled as he regained control, then Agunimon kicked him back.

Agunimon then started blasting his flames at the Beast, sending him back.

"Now to free Shamanmon. My D-Tector should release him. Fractal Code: Digitize!" Agunimon called as he scanned the Code.

Shamanmon was returned to normal, though he was weak from the possession as he fell down.

Staring at the Beast Spirit totem, Agunimon cried out in pain as it possessed him and he transformed into the Beast of Flame.

"Something's wrong!" Beetlemon gasped.

"Holy sock!" Neemon shrieked.

"For once, I completely agree with you." Bokomon whimpered.

Roarng loudly, the Beast threw his head as flames sparked around his body.

"Oh no, Takuya. No!" Zoe yelled.

"It seems that the Beast Spirit has possessed him." Bokomon said.

"No duh!" Lobamon quipped.

"Run everyone!" Bokomon cried as the Beast started beating up Beetlemon who was the closest to him making Lobamon gasp as she fired off an arrow making the Beast of Flame throw Beetlemon to the ground.

"Takuya, that's JP!" Koji called.

Growling, the Beast flew over to Koji who gritted his teeth and stepped back.

"Fine." He said as he pulled out his D-Tector.

"Execute: Beast Spirit Evolution!"


The wolf gave a howl before he then charged off at the Beast, Bokomon pulling out his Book and started flipping through the pages to find the crazed Beast.

"You guys, this is crazy. Think about what you're doing." Beetlemon said to the Beasts of Light and Flame who were growling at each other.

"Koji, Takuya, stop his!" Beetlemon begged.

"Takuya! Koji!" Lobamon called as she ran up beside the Warrior of Thunder.

Through her memories, she saw MetalGreymon and Garurumon in the place of the two Beasts and she shook her head to clear it of those images.

To be continued…