"Can't Keep a Grumblemon Down"

Sorry for the long wait. Warning, Daisuke is going to have a breakdown and I hope I made things fit to the plot and sound accurate. Please enjoy and review!

"Are you sure we couldn't have told them where we were going? They're just going to follow us you know." Daisuke pointed out.

Koji and Daisuke had left early in the morning before the others woke up and Koji had left a rude note telling the others that they had left to get some things done alone.

"That doesn't matter. I need to find my Beast Spirit and figure out what that woman meant." Koji frowned.

"I wonder what your Beast Spirit would be like." Daisuke mused as she crossed her arms in thought.

She was ignored which made her pout at the Warrior of Light, but she shrugged it off as they walked out of the thick trees and found a pond by a field of tall grass.

They walked over to the pond and sat down, Daisuke shedding her sweater to cool off and she cupped some water in her hands, splashing it into her face, smiling at the cool liquid.

Koji sat down and cupped water into his hands and started drinking the water before he then pulled out his D-Tector, staring at the face of Lobomon curiously.

"Are you still trying to figure out what that woman said?" Daisuke asked after she took a drink and was wiping the water off her chin with her wrist.

He glanced over at her to see her staring at him.

"Wouldn't you be going crazy to try and figure this out?" He asked looking away.

"Yeah, I would. I'm still trying to figure out why I'm the Warrior of Hope, but I just figured that the answer would come to me later on." The girl crossed her arms and shrugged.

The sound of elastic snapping and someone yelping made the duo turn around to find Bokomon glaring at Neemon up on a hill beside a tree.

Neemon was bouncing around as he held his waist making it known that the sound was caused by Bokomon snapping his pants yet again.

"Do I jiggle around when I dance?" Neemon asked.

Bokomon and Neemon then looked down at the two 13 year olds, noticing that they had made too much noise and had been found out.

"Stop following me." Koji called as he stood up and ran into the tall grass.

"Koji, wait up!" Daisuke said as she chased after him, her sweater in her hands.

"Quickly now, follow them!" Bokomon said as he dragged Neemon with him.

As the two humans ran, they came out of the grass and gasped as they nearly went over the edge of a cliff that was ten feet high.

Daisuke almost went over, but Koji grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into his arms and she grabbed onto his shoulders, clinging to him so she didn't fall.

Once they stumbled a few steps back, they let out a sigh of relief before they then noticed how close their faces were causing them to blush at the position they were in.

"I don't see them." Neemon's voice snapped them out of their staring and they looked behind them as the grass rustled.

"Oh, for Pete's sake, your eyes are closed!" Bokomon complained.

Just then, the two Digimon jumped through the grass and clung to Koji and Daisuke making them stumble around on the cliff as they teetered off the edge.

"Let go of me!" Koji yelled.

"Oh man!" Daisuke screamed.

The four then fell over the cliff, all of them yelling as they fell onto the ground, Bokomon clinging to Koji while Neemon was cradled in Daisuke's arms.

As they hit the ground, they seemed to bounce and roll on the ground, then rolled up a hill and landed on a rock styled Digimon.

They all groaned and then Koji was staring into the Digimon's large yellow eyes before they then yelped and jumped back as Daisuke stood up beside Koji, still holding Neemon while Bokomon was perched on Koji's shoulder.

"What is that?" Neemon asked.

"A Gotsumon. They're living rocks, but they're basically kids and can be real troublemakers, let me tell you." Bokomon explained.

"What do you want?" Koji asked turning his body to the side as he frowned at Gotsumon from the corner of his eye.

"Nothing, so what do you guys want?" Gotsumon retorted as he copied the boy's stance.

"Nothing, why do you care?" Koji asked turning to the side.

It was then silent as Koji and Gotsumon had a stare down while Bokomon, Neemon and Daisuke glanced between the two stubborn males while Bokomon gave an exasperated look.

"Well, if you're not going to ask, I will. Can you tell us how to get Forest Terminal?" Bokomon asked the rock creature.

"Yeah, I could tell ya, but I'm not gonna." Gotsumon chuckled as he ran off making the group gap in disbelief at him.

"Follow him, come on now. Chop chop." Bokomon told Koji who frowned at him.

"Don't tell me what to do." Koji said as he started chasing after Gotsumon.

"But he knows something." Bokomon whined.

"Oh boy, are we playing tag?" Neemon asked cheerfully.

"More like hide and seek." Daisuke commented as she ran off after the raven.

They found a boulder in the middle of the grassy field and saw that Gotsumon climbed up onto it and then he disappeared which made them look around curiously.

"Come on." Koji said leading the group over.

"He couldn't have gone far." He said as they looked around the boulder.

"Look, we know you're here." Bokomon stated.

"Kinda." Neemon said since he was unsure.

"Look kid, we're not going anywhere, okay? Just come out!" Koji called.

Beside them, Gotsumon turned off his cloaking power and returned to normal as he looked at the group.

"Oh, okay, I'm still not gonna tell ya anything." He said.

"You are just a little brat. I don't think I've ever seen such a disrespectful Digimon." Bokomon frowned.

"Yeah, so what if I am?" Gotsumon asked.

"Ah, geez, you guys are the worst." Daisuke groaned.

Suddenly, the earth rumbled catching their attention as Gotsumon climbed up to stand on top of the boulder as they saw the mountains far off from them beginning to crumble and have their data get sucked up by something.

As a crowd of Gotsumon started running after their homes were destroyed, Grumblemon walked out of the debris and laughed.

"Where is Spirit?" He demanded.

"It's Grumblemon!" Koji exclaimed.

"Not again!" Daisuke gasped.

"No!" Gotsumon yelled as he jumped down and started to run off to help.

"Hey, just where do you think you're going?" Koji questioned.

"He can't get away with this. I won't let him." Gotsumon sniffled as he tried not to show his tears to the group.

"You crazy? You can't fight that guy. Leave him to me." Koji said.

"To you?" Gotsumon asked turning to Koji with tears in his yellow eyes.

Koji climbed up on top of the boulder as he held his D-Tector while Bokomon jumped off of him and stood beside him.

"Yeah, just watch this." Koji grinned as his D-Tector beeped and the mark of Light glowed.

"Execute: Spirit Evolution!"


Lobomon stood there on the boulder, the sunlight shining down on him as his scarf blew in the wind making everyone stare in awe at him before he jumped off over to where Grumblemon was to battle him.

"Show off." Daisuke scoffed as she placed Neemon on the boulder.

"Daisuke, aren't you going to help?" Bokomon asked.

Nodding, the girl pulled her D-Tector out as Gotsumon watched, awe already in his eyes from watching Lobomon, but he was curious to see if this girl could digivolve as well.

"Execute: Spirit Evolution!"


The wind blew the Warrior's long pink hair back as it shined in the sunlight and she jumped off after her partner to help him fight Gigasmon since the battle had already started.

"They turned into Digimon. And not just any Digimon; the Legendary Warriors! Maybe's there's hope yet." Gotsumon smiled.

Gigasmon had turned back into Grumblemon when Lobomon arrived and landed behind him as the evil Digimon absorbed more data.

"Grumblemon!" Lobomon cried making the Warrior of Earth turn to face him.

"It you. That good. I have been looking for you." Grumblemon smirked as he rubbed his nose.

"So what?" Lobomon asked.

"You get away once before, but if I defeat and get Spirit, Cherubimon be much grateful to Grumblemon." Grumblemon said as he was covered in data.

"Slide Evolution: Gigasmon!"

Gigasmon jumped up as Lobomon pulled out his Lobo Kendos to fight and spun them around as Gigasmon came down and slammed down onto the weapon.

A huge impact was created from the two attacks blinding Lobamon as she looked around for Lobomon and spotted him lying on the ground.

Different parts of the ground had lifted up or sunk down as it opened up as the girl looked around for Gigasmon.

"Where you at?" Gigasmon called.

He turned and spotted Lobamon as Gotsumon ran over to Lobomon and leaned over him, his camouflage turning himself into the ground to hide Lobomon.

"There you are!" Gigasmon then charged at Lobamon.

Quickly, Lobamon fired her Arrow of Hope at Gigasmon, stunning him as she jumped out of the way.

"Catch me if you can." She taunted as she ran off.

"You no hide, wolf girl!" Gigasmon chased after her.

Running down the forested area with Gigasmon on her tail and slamming his fists into the ground shaking the earth, Lobamon jumped into the trees and started traveling that way.

Looking behind her, she found Gigasmon had disappeared and she grew tense as she looked around her and landed on the ground quietly.

"Now where is he?" She asked herself softly.

Suddenly, two hands burst from underneath her and grabbed her ankles making her cry out as Gigasmon appeared and hung her upside down.

"Me caught little wolf. Now get Spirit in name of Cherubimon!" He laughed.

Glaring at him, Lobamon went to kick him, but was beaten to it when someone cried out 'Fist of the Beast King!' and a lion shaped orange beam of light hit Gigasmon in the hand.

He growled as he dropped Lobamon and she landed in a crouch on her feet, then did a cartwheel away from the Beast of Earth.

"Who do that?" Gigasmon demanded.

A large orange lion dressed in leather pants and had a thick mane of yellow hair around his head walked out of the treeline making Lobamon's eyes go wide.

"I did. I cannot allow harm to come to the Digidestineds." The lion said.

Gigasmon then pointed and laughed at the lion.

"Big kitty think he defeat me? Me no go easy on you." Gigasmon threatened.

Spinning his body around, he aimed his Quagmire Twister on the lion, but he simply jumped out of the way of the attack and then aimed his Fist of the Beast King on two trees.

They fell down on Gigasmon, trapping him under them as the lion walked over to Lobamon.

"Come, we need to leave." He told her.

"Right." She nodded.

He then started running into the forest and Lobamon took off after him, Gigasmon's angry shouts could be heard from behind them.

Once they were far enough away from Gigasmon, Lobamon returned to her human form, the girl looking up at the lion as he led to a tree.

"We should be safe here for now." He said.

"You… You're Leomon, aren't you?" Daisuke asked him.

Leomon looked over at her and nodded his head with a small smile.

"It took me a while, but I was finally able to be reborn. Hopefully I won't have to worry about that happening again too soon. Although, if Cherubimon keeps up on his war path, I'm afraid the Digital World will be doomed." He said with narrowed navy blue eyes.

Daisuke looked down sadly at that, then looked up at the lion as he opened a hidden hatch to the tree and walked inside.

Stopping, he turned to the girl and gestured for her to follow.

"Come along. This is a shortcut back to the Gotsumon village." Leomon informed.

"Right. Man, I hope Koji isn't freaking out." Daisuke groaned as she walked inside.

Truthfully, she was hoping that he was at least a little bit worried about her because he cared for her and not just for necessity.

She wanted to have a real friend for once, a human one and someone who wouldn't leave her so soon.

"I'm sure he is worried about you. You are teammates after all." Leomon assured.

He then noticed that the word 'teammates' seemed to make her go tense and he was confused as to why she would react this way.

"What's wrong young one?" He asked.

She looked up at him, her chocolate colored eyes looking aged from the battles she had, both physical and internal.

"Just because someone is your teammate, it doesn't mean they're your friend and can depend on them. Sometimes they can just be using you for your power and drop you when you become useless." She said.

Leomon was stunned by this as the girl walked down the stairs, passing him as he wondered what had happened to her to make her doubt her teammates.

The lion then walked down the stairs after her until they reached a tunnel that had lanterns lit along the walls and he took the lead, the girl following silently from behind.

He looked back at the girl as she walked with her face downcast, her bangs hiding her eyes from view so he didn't see the storm of emotions inside them.

"Daisuke." He said making her look up in surprise.

"How did you know my name?" She asked.

"WarGreymon told me about you. He said you were Tai's successor and rightfully so." Leomon smiled.

"Sometimes I doubt that." Daisuke said as she looked to the side.

"Why? You have led your team through many battles and won them. You should feel proud of yourself." He said.

"Oh, so I should be proud that I'm an impulsive idiot who let my partner be killed?!" She yelled with tears streaming down her face.

Leomon's eyes went wide at that and his face softened as he kneeled down in front of her.

"It was an accident. It couldn't be helped. V-Mon died a warrior's death." He told her.

"That's not what they said." Daisuke cried.

"Now who said?" Leomon asked.

Unknown to them, a figure was creeping around the corner to look for an exit out of the tunnels with a Gotsumon, but stopped when he heard Daisuke's voice.

"Koji, what's wrong?" Bokomon asked the boy.

Koji glared down at the white Digimon and held a finger to his lips as she shushed him as Bokomon, Neemon and the Gotsumon with them looked over to see Leomon and Daisuke.

"Yolei, Kari, TK and Cody. They said I was impulsive, stupid and a terrible leader. That I never should have become a Digidestined. Ken was just quiet, but he didn't defend me, so he must believe it too. I don't even know why Tai chose me as the new leader or why I have the Spirit of Hope. I'm just so useless!" Daisuke sobbed.

Neemon's ears flattened against his head as Bokomon held a hand over his beak in surprise and tears pooled his eyes at the confession.

Koji on the other hand was furious, his sapphire eyes narrowed as they flashed scarlet and his teeth grit in his rage.

How dare the other Digidestineds do this to her?

Leomon was greatly disappointed in TK, the original boy of Hope, for hurting this girl before him and he lifted his large hand and placed it on her head.

"You are not useless. You are the child of Courage, Friendship and Miracles. These powers chose you because they suited you best and knew you deserved their powers. And the Spirit of Hope chose you because there is a strength inside of you that I can see." He said.

Moving her hands away from her face, Leomon smiled gently at the girl as he dried her tears with his large fingers.

She stared up at him in hope shining in her chocolate orbs.

"You-You mean it?" She sniffled.

The lion smiled down at her and used his bandana to tie her bangs back out of her face to the left side of her head and then braided the mahogany locks.

It was tied off with his bandana, the red bow making her look younger and more feminine in the large dark sweater she wore.

"I would never lie. A warrior tells nothing but the truth, even to his or her enemies. Now, tell me, do you believe you let V-Mon die?" He asked.

"No, but I wish I could have done something to stop her from dying. She didn't deserve it and it broke Stingmon's heart when she died. He loved her." She sighed sadly.

"Compassion and kindness is also something that a warrior has. I also see a love that burns brightly inside of you, one you had for your friends and partner. Even after what they said and did, you still care for them." Leomon said.

Her eyes shifted to the side as a blush burned her cheeks which made him smile since he saw she wasn't used to getting true compliments.

It was true, she did care for the others even after the heartbreak she had because of them.

"Your heart is true and pure. Never doubt yourself, young one. You are the Warrior of Hope for a reason and that will become clear to you as you continue your journey." Leomon advised.

Tears fell from her eyes as she smiled up at him and she laughed as she tried to wipe them away.

"Sorry, I can't seem to stop crying. I'm such a baby." She laughed.

Leomon laughed kindly, a fatherly kind of laugh that warmed her as she looked up at him.

"Tears of joy and happiness are quite welcomed. It's a nice change from the tears of pain and sorrow that I've seen. I don't think I've ever seen someone cry because they were happy." He said.

Knowing she would be fine, Koji walked off, the three Digimon running after him to find another way out of the tunnel.

He felt guilty for listening in on such a private moment between the two, but he couldn't help it.

A part of him cared for Daisuke because she had become his first true friend and seeing her distressed made him feel pathetic because he couldn't do anything to help her.

"Thanks, Leomon. I haven't had anyone to talk to like this for a while. I guess I just needed someone who wouldn't judge me for personal reasons." Daisuke said as she dried her tears away.

"It was my pleasure. Now, come. Your team will need you. Gigasmon won't give up so easily. He's persistent. Also, you need to be careful of the other four Warriors who have been tainted by Cherubimon." Leomon warned as they continued walking.

"There are more? Great." Daisuke groaned making him chuckle.

After twenty minutes of walking, they walked up a staircase and Leomon opened the door that came out of the mountain and they both walked out to see the sunlight and clear blue sky.

"Here we are. Good luck, young one." Leomon said.

"Oh, here." She said reaching to untie the bow.

"No, keep it. Let it remind you that you have a friend who has nothing but faith in you." He held his hand up with a smile.

She let her hands drop and smiled, but then gasped as the ground quaked and she turned to see the Gotsumon running as the mountains began to crumble.

"Gigasmon." She narrowed her eyes.

"Go. Help the others. I'll keep the Gotsumon safe." Leomon pushed her forward.

Nodding at him, Daisuke pulled out her D-Tector and started running while Leomon watched her, a confident gleam in his eyes.

"Become one with your inner warrior, Daisuke." He closed his eyes and bowed his head in respect before he then went alert and ran over to the Gotsumon.

Running over to the cliff, Daisuke spotted three tall monuments that looked like cylinders with one eye each and a nose.

Koji was rammed into the side of one of them, his Spirit showing as Gigasmon went to grab for it.

"Execute: Spirit Evolution!"


Jumping up, Lobamon kicked Gigasmon in the face sending him back as Koji's Spirit faded and he looked at the Warrior of Hope as she stood below him, her aqua eyes glaring at the Beast of Earth.

"Daisuke…" He called lightly.

The Gotsumon he had an argument with ran over and threw the red jewel in his hands up at Koji, who caught it.

"Quickly, place the third jewel in the eye! It'll release the Spirit!" Gotsumon called.

Nodding, Koji started climbing as Neemon and Bokomon watched in worry.

"Me get the Spirit." Gigasmon growled.

"Not gonna happen." Lobamon called out her Arrow of Hope and fired it at Gigasmon who jumped out of the way.

"You know no more tricks? It all the same. You not very good." Gigasmon taunted.

"You think I care what you say? Get real you poor excuse for a garden gnome." Lobamon glared as she charged at Gigasmon and delivered a roundhouse kick to his face sending him flying back.

Takuya, Zoe, JP, Tommy, Leomon and the Gotsumon all watched from the safety of the trees as they watched Lobamon distract Gigasmon while Koji raised the red jewel to the eye.

Gigasmon then used Quagmire Twister and hit Lobamon making her cry out as she hit the ground, everyone calling out in worry for her as Bokomon, Neemon and Gotsumon ran over to the pink haired wolf girl.

"Ah, Lobamon! My dear, are you injured?" Bokomon asked.

"I'm fine. Where are the others?" She asked lifting her head up.
"There." Neemon pointed.

"Good, they're safe." Gotsumon sighed in relief.

"But you not be. Say bye-bye!" Gigamson laughed as he raised his fists above his head.

They cried out just as Koji inserted the jewel.

Once the jewel was inside, the ground started to shake making everyone look around in confusion as a pillar of light shot up from the top of the statues.

"I hope this is something good." Bokomon said.

"Don't we all." Neemon commented.

The statues then turned towards the Beast of Earth while Daisuke returned to normal, then she, Gotsumon, Neemon and Bokomon ran over to Koji.

"That not good!" Gigasmon yelped.

The jewels that were made as the statues' eyes then glowed as they shot out red beams that hit Gigasmon and then the ground under him.

"Koji!" Takuya called.

Some of the other Gotsumon ran over to see the ground crack and open up to reveal a white wolf totem that looked to be sitting and howling at the sky.

"Spirit." Koji spoke as his D-Tector glowed with the same light.

"Koji, your D-Tector." Bokomon called.

"Oh boy." Neemon said.

"It's… It's your Beast Spirit." Bokomon gasped.

Koji stood up as he stared in awe at the Beast Spirit, its eyes glowing with a white fog that also filled Koji's eyes.

"Beast Spirit!" Koji called as he held out his D-Tector.

"Me not afraid of Beast Spirit." Gigasmon smirked.

He then gasped as the Beast Spirit floated over to Koji.

"I did it!" Gotsumon smiled at finding the Beast Spirit.

As the Beast Spirit went inside of Koji's D-Tector, a transparent image of the large metal wolf pouncing at him appeared before it faded when the totem was downloaded.

"Execute: Beast Spirit Evolution!"


Light shone around the wolf as he howled to the sky, his gold metal wings shining from the light as his blue stripes stood out against his white body.

"Amazing!" Daisuke's eyes went wide in awe at the sight of the Beast of Light.

"KendoGarurumon: the Beast of Light." Bokomon showed off the picture in his Book.

"KendoGaruwho?" Neemon asked clueless.

"Garurumon!" Bokomon frowned as he reached over and snapped the bunny's pants.

Everyone, human and Digimon, exclaimed in awe at the wolf as he just stood there with his gold eyes looking them over.

"Why'd he find his first?" Takuya asked.

"I could've done that." JP said.

"Hey there. Nice doggy. Sit." Gigasmon said as the wolf stared him down, his eyes clouded over by a white fog.

"I hope he can beat Gigasmon." Gotsumon said as the light show died down.

KendoGarurumon then roared as the wheels attached to his ankles lowered to the ground and started skidding on the ground as his wings extended and he continued to roar.

To everyone's surprise, he then rammed into the side of a statue.

"Ouchie!" Neemon winced.

"Oh no. Koji can't control the Beast Spirit yet." Bokomon realized.

KendoGarurumon continued to roar and ram into the statues that were around him as he tried to fight the primal instincts that were kicking in from the Beast's power.

"Look like things not so bad for me after all." Gigasmon smirked as he ran at KendoGarurumon who saw him.

"You should know not take what not control." Gigasmon said.

Roaring in outrage at him, KendoGarurumon then ran at Gigasmon while everyone watched in worry, the Gotsumon ducking down for cover from the large blast that would come from the impact of the two Beasts.

"Now this will be big." Bokomon said as he stuffed his Book in his band and then grabbed Neemon's pants, tugging him away as he ran.

"Really big!" Daisuke chased after them, Gotsumon quick to follow the human.

Then, the two Beasts struck each other making a large blast erupt around them and the cliff where they were fighting started to crumble, the statues falling into the ocean below.

"Koji!" Takuya called.

Gigasmon was crying out as he fell down with the rocks and debris into the ocean, but the Digidestineds couldn't see their friend.

"KOJI!" Tommy cried out.

Thankfully, a golden clawed paw appeared over the ledge of the cliff and KendoGarurumon lifted himself up, roaring in victory before he was covered in data and became an exhausted Koji.

"That Spirit…sure takes…a lot out of a guy." He sighed before he started to fall back into the ocean below.

Before he did though, Gotsumon grabbed his hand making him look up at the Rookie.

"I guess to be a hero, I needed your help after all. And you needed mine to be one too. Maybe asking for help is what makes you a hero. Of course, having a Beast Spirit doesn't hurt either." Gotsumon said making Koji smile.

"Can I come up now?" He asked.

"Oh, right, sorry." Gotsumon chuckled as he pulled Koji back up onto the cliff.

"No problem. You gotta work on your hero skills. Rescue first, talk later." Koji joked.

The others all smiled in relief at this, glad that the Warrior of Light was safe.

Koji looked up when he saw Daisuke walk over to him and she smiled as she ran over, dropped to her knees and hugged him.

It stunned the boy, but he slowly wrapped his arms around his first friend and hugged her back as everyone watched, Leomon smiling while Zoe was gushing.

"I'm glad you're okay." Daisuke told him.

"Thanks, but you had nothing to worry about. You can't get rid of me that easy." Koji joked making her laugh.

JP looked them over curious as he scratched at his chin in thought.

"You ever get the feeling you missed something?" the Warrior of Thunder asked.

"Mm-hmm." Tommy nodded with a grin.

To be continued…