Another year of Hogwarts was over, and Harry Potter was dreading going home. It wasn't that he would miss Hogwarts, it was that his parents would be fawning over his brother, Micheal. And completly ignore him. But Harry was used to it. Ever since You-Know-Who had attacked Micheal and him when they were babies, their parents had always favored Micheal more. They treated Harry like he was a burden. It was rare that Harry ever got anything of his own that wasn't secondhand from his brother. But it was okay, Harry was used to it by now. As expected, Gryffindor won the House Cup for the fourth time in a row, when it should have gone to another House instead. This had always happened since Micheal and Harry had started Hogwarts. Micheal was the Gryffindor Golden Boy, while Harry was the dispicible Slimy Slytherin Snake.

During first year, Micheal and Harry both made it onto their House Quidditch team. Micheal got a new Nimbus 2000 while Harry got one of the school brooms, a Cleansweep 7. At the end of the year, Micheal and his three friends broke at least fifty school rules and got 60 points a peice for "defeating" Lord Voldemort and saving the Philosophers Stone. Second year, Muggleborns were getting Petrified and the entire school believed that Harry was doing it because he was a Parslemouth and could speak to snakes. Micheal and Weasly went down to the Chamber of Secrets-after Harry had opened it and gone down himself-and saved Weasly's sister from a teenage Voldemort. Harry destroyed the Basilisk that was Petrifying the students but lost 200 points for Slytherin, gained a months detention, and was given extra homework assignments. Micheal and Weasel both got 200 points a peice and special awards for services to the school. During third year, Micheal and Weasel went out on the night of a full moon and nearly got killed by Remus Lupin, who at the time was a werewolf. They were supposedly trying to capture Peter Pettagrew but Pettagrew ended up getting away. Again, nothing happened to them. Dumbledore gave both of them 50 points for "doing a good deed." But then, it wasn't them who got attacked by the Dementors, or fought the Basilisk, or Voldemort. It was Harry, but nobody ever figured it out. And nobody ever would.

This year was by far the worse though. The Ministry of Magic had decided to restart the Tri-Wizard Tournoment. Three schools were competing: Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and Beauxbatons. At first everything went well. Hogwarts got Cedric Diggory as champion, Durmstrang got Viktor Krum as champion, and Beauxbatons got Fleur Delacour as champion. Then as Dumbledore was explaining about the tournoment, the Cup lit up twice more. Both Micheal and Harry's names came out of the cup. That was when things really started to go wrong. Our parents came and accused me of trying to outshine Micheal and take his fame. Of course, that was the farthest thing from the truth. Harry spat at them saying that if there was a way for him to get out of this tournoment, then he would take it because he didn't plan on dying anytime soon. That shut them up fast. So Micheal and Harry participated in the events, with Harry being much more successive than Micheal.

The biggest suprise came when the Tri-Wizard Cup turned out to be a Portkey, touched by all three Hogwarts champions at the same time, and transported them to a graveyard. Harry had his head smashed into a gravestone, rendering him sensless for a bit. That was why he didn't see what was happening to Cedric or Micheal. He heard a loud voice shout something and saw flash of bright green light. Then Harry heard his brother's scream. Opening his eyes, Harry saw Micheal jump toward the Cup just before both the Cup and Micheal dissappeared.

Harry was then forced by Voldemort to a duel, in which their wands connected. While that was happening, the surrounding Death Eaters began firing off spells which Harry couldn't block. As the spells hit, Harry lost conciousness and knew no more. Two weeks later, he woke up in the Hospital Wing, alone.