And I call you my brother

warnings: english is not the authors first language, AU

disclaimer: Percy Jackson does not belong to me... shame that.

Chapter 1: In Which Percy makes a friend

The first time Percy met the guy who would be his best friend for the rest of his life, he was nine – nearly ten – years old and standing in front of a whole class full of children his age.

They were all staring at him, making him feel vaguely uncomfortable. Not that Percy could blame them he would probably stare as well if he was in a class that suddenly got a new student at the end of the of the school year.

It wasn't like Percy had gotten expelled on purpose, and neither was it his fault that the school all those kids, an now him, where attention claimed to be a good school for troubled kids. One of the few ones that accepted transfers during term.

The students should be used to it.

It was a thought, even if it wasn't a very comforting one, because they obviously weren't.

The teachers hand felt heavy on his shoulder and he fought the urge to shake it off. It wouldn't do to give a bad first impression – Percy knew himself well enough to know that he would need all the brownie points he could get.

„This is Percy Jackson, he will be joining our class as off today."

The teachers was introducing him and Percy wasn't quite sure what to do. He never was.

He had been in this situation before, quite a number of times really, since trouble seemed to follow him around and he had already changed school quite a number of times after he wasn't welcome at his old ones anymore.

Should he wave? They would probably think he was some kind of baby.

Give a cool nod? His first impression as a stuck up jerk would be cemented.

So he did what he had done the other times as well: He smiled.

It was the best he could do, even if Percy was quite sure that his smiled must have turned out vaguely constipated at best.

Someone snickered and Percy wished the teacher would allow him to sit down already. Never had he wanted a class to begin so badly.

The teachers hand remained firmly on his shoulder however and he continued to talk.

„Percy has ADHD and dyslexia, so I trust you will do your best to support him and help him keep up in class."

Forget about the class beginning. Percy wanted it to be over. He wanted to go home to his mum and tell her he wanted to go to another school.

The students muttered among themselves and Percy could see the teacher frown from the corner of his eye. Just as the man – Mr Simpson, Percy remembered he had introduced himself as Mr Simpson – opened his mouth to speak again one of his classmates spoke up.

„Why do we always get the loosers? First Valdez and now this guy..."

The last part was said quieter then the rest but it was still clearly understandable, even above the mutters of agreement from some of his classmates.

The boy who had spoken up was obviously one of the leaders of the class. Even while he was sitting Percy could tell that he was probably nearly a head taller then him and he was pretty good looking. Blond hair, that looked artfully tussled and he had a lucky face.

The kind of face that just looks right: nose, forehead, eyes – which were blue – chin... everything fit together. The one thing that ruined it – at least in Percy opinion – was the smirk – that one was nasty.

Percy felt a stirring of unease. He had met guys like that before and the last one that he met had been the reason Percy had gotten expelled from his last school.

The teachers cleared his throat clearly not happy with the classes reaction to his announcement. Percy wondered what kind of reaction the man had expected.


It took three more calls for the class to finally settle down again all while Percy was forced to stand in front of them next to the teachers whose hand on his shoulder did still keep him fixed in place.

Percy would rather be anywhere but there so to distract him he took a look at the other children that would be his classmates for the coming year – and hopefully longer.

There were quite a few more boys in the class this girls, but as far as Percy could tell none of them were paying him any attention. In the last row two of them were huddled together over something that seemed to be a magazine.

Another group of them sitting behind the boy who had spoken up and caused the uproar was admiring the boy and giggling among themselves.

In the front row there was girl that was frowning heavily, watching her classmates with disapproval clear on her face.

There were some others as well, but they were either busing themselves with other things or watching the happenings with clear amusement.

Most of the boys were waiting for something to happen, judging by the big grin on the blond haired boys face, their hopes would not be in vain.

One of the boys, a latino with curly black hair – and if Percys eyes weren't playing tricks on him then his ears really were pointed., who was sitting in the last row was fiddling with something that looked like a gameboy that had lost its cover and a screwdriver occasionally he would glance up to look out of the window or tap his fingers against his desk.

The seat next to him was empty and Percy was pretty sure it would be his as soon as the uproar died down a little and the teacher got the class under control again.

A seat in the last row, at the very back of the class, with his back to the wall and the window on his left. It seemed like a pretty cool place to sit and Percy could not help but wonder why no one had claimed that place. Sitting in the back was usually pretty popular after all. Percy liked sitting in the back just fine, but he also knew that it was a whole lot more difficult to pay attention when the teacher did not pay all that much attention to you.

Percy wouldn't bring it up though. Wanting to sit in the front row, especially if you went as far as to ask the teacher to place you there was the best way to make yourself the prime target of bullies.

It hadn't happened to Percy yet, but he had seen it happen.

And that was one kind of trouble he was capable of avoiding.

Mr Simpson had finally gotten the class under control again and Percy could pretty much see how his school year was going to turn out.

It was difficult enough to listen to halfway competent teachers, but listening to a teacher who took several minutes to get a class full of nine and ten years old under control?

That was going to be one hell of a challenge.

Normally Percy liked challenges just fine, at least as long as there was a possibility that he would actually be able to win them and this did not seem to be the case this time.

"Alright then."

The teacher glared at the class, especially the boy who had started the commotion. It did have absolutely no effect.

"Mr. Jackson."

He gestured towards the empty seat next to the Latino boy.

"If you would sit down next to Mr. Valdez."

Percy nodded and pushed all reservations about sitting in the back out of his mind. For now he was simply glad that he was finally allowed to sit down.

The boy, Valdez, did not look up from what he was doing as Percy made his way across the room towards his newly assigned seat.

He actually only seemed to notice Percy when he flopped down in the seat, which caused him to look up and look at Percy in surprise.

"I should have guessed they would put you here."

His voice was dry, but he seemed amused, Percy grinned trying to figure out how to handle this.

"Your a seer then? I mean with all the possibilities..."

The others boys grin got wider.

"Leo Valdez. Nice to meet you."

Percy nodded glad that the other boy was friendly and not a prat like the blond haired one whose name Percy still hadn't gotten.

"Nice to meet you too."

Leo was silent for a moment and when he spoke again he looked vaguely sheepish.

"So... What was your name again?"

Percy grinned at him, it seemed like his earlier assumption about the boys lack of attention was spot on.

"It's Percy Jackson."

He shook the outstretched hand and answered the boys grin with one of his own.


Leo seemed puzzled.

"You sure the teacher didn't say Jason?"

Percy blinked once, twice and then nodded slowly.

"Pretty sure yeah."


Now it was apparently Leos turn to blink.

"Sorry man, I wasn't really paying attention."

Percy grinned.

"No problem. I know the problem."

Leo nodded still looking at Percy but his hands were still working on the little screws on the gameboy unscrewing them with practical ease.

"The teacher said that as well I think. ADHD and Dyslexia yeah?"

Percy nodded wondering how the other boy was going to react.


Leo grinned. It was a big grin and very friendly. And very much not the reaction Percy usually got.

"That's cool man. I never met another one."

He put down his little screwdriver and held out his hand for Percy to shake.

"Welcome to the club."

Percy had reached out to shake the offered hand but then he froze.

"There is a club?"

Leo blinked at him his hand falling onto the tabletop.

"No. No I don't think so."

He looked Percy up and down carefully.

"That is unless you want to make one?"

Percy shook his head.

"No I'm good."

Leo seemed to nod in agreement and Percy remembered that he never came around to shaking the other boys hand. This time it was Percy who held out his hand.

Leo looked surprised for a moment before grinning and reaching out to shake his hand, the screwdriver that he had already picked up again in hand.

"Mr Jackson, Mr Valdez, if you could pay attention?"

Hands still linked their gazes snapped to the front of the room where the teacher was standing, looking vaguely amused.

"I would like to start the lesson now."

Both boys nodded perfectly synchronized and forced themselves to listen at least for a moment.

Even if neither of them knew it then, this was the start of a wonderful friendship and a whole lot of trouble.

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of my new story. As you might have guessed from the description and the chapter this story explores the possibility of a friendship between Percy and Leo. Those of you who paid close attention to the details in the books know that Leo is younger than Percy by almost two years – in this story that is obviously not the case.

The story will mainly be a retelling of the Percy Jackson books, some chapters might be quite familiar to you, but I will do my very best to make it interesting. The first two chapter will build up the setting – this one from Percy POV and the next one from Leos. "I call you my brother", which is a working title by the way, was my NaNoWriMo project, so I already have quite a bit of it typed out ( meaning 50.000+ words), but as the scenes don't exactly follow one after another updates ill still take some time.

If you find any mistakes please tell me I will do my bets to correct them!